Amazing Ways Companies are using IgnitePost to Catapult their Business Forward

Article by Arian Radmand, CEO & President of IgnitePost

When I first started IgnitePost, our goal was simple and concise: to deliver joy to family and loved ones on a consistent basis, hassle free. One of the most pleasant surprises has been seeing the different ways people have used our service. Our product is so versatile and fun.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen an influx of companies using IgnitePost in a corporate setting. I wanted to take a quick minute to describe some of the ways businesses are applying our service to drive their companies forward.

Photo by  Taylor Franta

Photo by Taylor Franta

01. Create a Community For Your Clients

Curious about the easiest way to boost your workplace culture? Look no further than Mashpee Fitness Center, who is using IgnitePost to get a couple photos delivered to their club each month. The fitness center receives photos on a regular basis that show their trainers and members working together, as well as the various social events they have going on at the club. Each month, they put up fresh photos in the club and can even encourage members to take them home if they see a photo they like (or if they see a picture of themselves).

What better way to have members and employees feel connected with the company than to let them take home a piece of the office on a regular basis?! We love it! What a great idea!

amazing ways 2.jpeg

02. Enhance Your Company Culture Without Lifting a Finger

Another business using IgnitePost in the same way is daily fantasy sports company DRAFT. If you visit their offices in New York, you’ll find a variety of sports related memorabilia decorating the office. However, if you look closely at the photos in the kitchen and in the halls, you’ll find that they’re actually IgnitePosts pulled from DRAFT’s Instagram account showing company social events and meet ups. The life blood of any company is the people who work there and there is no better way to reflect that than to have updated photos of your friends and colleagues decorating the office each month!

03. Boost Client Retention + Referrals

Video Production company Chris Love Productions (CLP) has been using the IgnitePost service to retain their top clients as well as get referrals to new potential customers. If you haven’t heard of Chris Love Productions, they’re a full service video and media production company that specializes in the Sailing Industry.

CLP has been using our service to send IgnitePosts to their top clients each month. They include an awesome on-the-water photo as well as a short message for each client reminding them to book ahead if there are any upcoming events. So far, it’s worked out great! Their best clients get some amazing photos each month, and CLP doesn’t have to lift a finger. When you work with clients like U.S. Sailing, College Sailing, and cover events like the Volvo Ocean Race, it makes sense to always stay top of mind with your best customers. That leads to new business, brand building, and potential referrals.

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04. People Appreciate Authentic Gestures: Use IgnitePost to Activate Cold Sales Leads & Cut Through the Noise

When it comes to sales, it can be difficult to reach the decision-makers when everyone is trying to reach them. Enterprise field service management platform has started to implement IgnitePost to re-activate their cold sales leads. Dispatch believes that getting a recognizable photograph in the mail will stand out among the plethora of emails and phone calls. Plus, any message can be added to the back of a photo with a call-to-action.

By following this pattern, we believe sales teams will effectively re-engage their cold prospects and increase their overall revenue. The best part? It doesn’t take up any of your time at all. Cut through the noise and send your clients or your sales leads a physical piece of mail directly to them. It’ll be hard to miss (and ignore).

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IgnitePost helps businesses accelerate their sales and revenue without adding any workload to your existing team. By using personalized physical outreach on your behalf, we open conversations with your prospective clients, activate your sales leads, and drive referrals from current customers … all without requiring any work from you!

If we can help your company out in any way, leave a comment below or send us an email at