Close CRM Integration through Zapier

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Events in Close can now trigger actions in IgnitePost

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Event") and Actions (like "Create Event") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

Close trigger events can trigger on a new event for any metric:

  • New Email – triggers when a new incoming email is created or an outgoing email is sent

  • New or Updated Email Sequence Subscription – triggers when a contact is subscribed to an email sequence, when an email sequence subscription is paused, or when an email sequence subscription is finished

  • New Lead in Status – triggers when a lead enters a new status. Optionally trigger when a lead is created in a status

  • New Event – triggers when a new event is created

  • New Opportunity – triggers when a new opportunity is added

  • New Opportunity in Status – triggers when an opportunity enters a new status. Optionally trigger when an opportunity is created in a status

  • New Lead in Search Query/Smart View – triggers when a new lead is added to a search query or Smart View

  • New Task – triggers when a new task is created or completed

  • New Note – triggers when a new note is created

  • New Contact – triggers when a new contact is created

  • New Call – triggers when a new Call is created or completed

  • New Lead – triggers when a new lead is created

  • New SMS – triggers when a new inbound SMS is created or an outbound SMS is sent

  • New Call Recording – triggers when a new call recording or voicemail is added to Close

  • New Inbox Item – triggers when a new item appears in your Close inbox

  • New Export – triggers when a new export is created or completed

  • New Membership Added or Removed – triggers when a new membership is added to or removed from your Close organization

How could this help with IgnitePost?

As an example, anytime a new contact is created, you can send that contact a handwritten card welcoming them. As another example, anytime a new membership is removed, you could send a card asking why they decided to remove their membership and potentially offer them a discount to win them back.

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integrate with Close through Zapier

Step 1: To integrate IgnitePost with your Close account, simply use Zapier. Create a new “Zap”, with Close as the app. For this example, we are going to make the “Trigger Event” be when a New Contact is created.


Link your IgnitePost Account and Edit Your message

Step 2: Link your IgnitePost account and edit the message you want to send. From here, you can choose to completely customize this card by linking information to the message, or you can pull in an existing letter template you have already made on our site.


If you are having trouble linking your IgnitePost account and need more detailed instruction, visit the Zapier Integration page here.

about ignitepost

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IgnitePost is a handwritten mail & analytics service.  It is the easiest, most convenient, and most effective way to send personalized handwritten cards to any client, customer, or prospect. Relationships are critical to sales.  We create the meaningful connections that enable more sales.  We do this by providing the best, highly personalized mail outreach service available in a turnkey manner!

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