IgnitePost & Shopify


Send handwritten notes to recover high-value abandoned carts


By connecting IgnitePost to your Shopify store, you can recover high value abandoned carts in the most effective way possible. Set a cart threshold and every time there is an abandoned cart on your shop above that threshold, we will deliver a personalized, handwritten postcard to the user with your message. The message contains an easy to follow short URL that takes the customer directly back to their cart on YOUR shop! Want to target other lists & segments besides abandoned carts? Take a look at how you can do so by using Klaviyo in conjunction with IgnitePost: IgnitePost & Klaviyo Integration.



Save Time - We offload the work for you and automate the process of both identifying high value abandoned carts AND personally handwriting a letter to invite them back to complete their purchase.

Save Money - By setting a threshold amount, you can be sure you’re targeting the highest value abandoned cart customers. By focusing on these high value customers, we’re able to help you recover the maximum amount of otherwise lost revenue.

Use the Most Effective Technique Available - We have case studies & testimonials showing IgnitePost is 5X more effective than email outreach. In fact, direct mail outreach can be up to 30X more effective than email.


Integration Overview

IgnitePost is plug and play with Shopify, which means you can install IgnitePost onto your Shopify store simply with one click, and start recovering lost sales immediately!

1.) Install the IgnitePost Shopify app for FREE with one click!

2.) Set an abandoned cart threshold amount on your IgnitePost dashboard. This amount will be used to determine who you consider ‘high value’ potential customers.

3.) Write a personalized message to be used when a high value customer abandons their cart (We provide examples, so feel free to just alter our messaging and make it your own).

That’s it! You’re done! Every time there is a high value abandoned cart on your shop with a cart total above your threshold amount, we will deliver a personalized, handwritten note to the user with your message.


Why it Works

As humans, we are wired to give high sentimental value to things we touch & hold (such as physical mail outreach).

If you’re a store owner, you should be giving your higher-value customers a better, more personalized experience… Think about it… If you owned a car dealership, would you treat a customer who was interested in buying a Ferrari the same way you would treat a customer interested in a Honda?

Of course not… the higher ticket value of the Ferrari means you can afford to give those potential customers a better, more personal experience.

We enable you to do the same exact thing for your customers! When a high value customer abandons their cart, why would you give them the same mediocre experience and bombard them with emails like everyone else? Instead, use IgnitePost to send personalized handwritten notes, and watch your sales soar!


About Shopify

Shopify is the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform for online businesses. Merchants can use the software to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.


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