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IgnitePost Shopify App

Our Shopify app enables store owners to recover high value abandon carts in the most effective way possible (via sending personalized handwritten notes directly to their door).  We’ve chosen this approach because we realize that customers are saturated with too much digital outreach and hate being bombarded with marketing emails and ads.  We’re also leveraging the fact that mail is 30x more effective than email and delivers much better results for shops.

As we develop our app, we want to work closely with store owners to make sure we’re building a product that will be of maximum value to you.

The goals of the thought leadership group are to:

1) Define what your biggest challenges are regarding growing your business and leaving less money on the table.

2) To understand your current approach for driving more sales and keeping your customers as happy as possible.

3) And finally, to help us get feedback on our current application, including recommendations for future improvements.

There's no cost at all to join this group.  The only requirement is

A.) To give us your feedback on what features and components would be most valuable to you and your shop

B.) Promise to install our app and tell us what your experience using it is (it is FREE for you to install).

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