Physical Outreach vs. E-mail Outreach

What kind of marketing strategy has your business been using to grow sales? Has that strategy been working for you? Unless a business or individual has thousands of connections to prospective businesses, one of the most common forms of prospecting is cold outreach.

Most businesses use email and other forms of digital outreach instead of physical outreach since digital outreach is so convenient. There is nothing wrong with sending emails to thousands of prospects, however it can sometimes feel quite meaningless when those emails go unresponded to or unopened. According to the research from Mailchimp, the average click through rate of non-profit companies is 2.57%. This rate is significantly lower than IgnitePost’s physical outreach rate of 12%.

IgnitePost sent out cold physical outreach to top US based non-profit companies. Each physical outreach contained a personalized photo chosen from the organization’s social media accounts as well as a gift card with a short introduction to IgnitePost that included a link for more information where traffic could be tracked. There was a 12% click through rate to the url included in the custom message.

IgnitePost’s prospective clients not only received our direct mail, but they were interested enough in our product that they went to the effort to type out the url to visit our site for more information. The click through rate of IgnitePost’s highly personalized physical outreach was almost 5 times more successful than that of the average cold email outreach campaign.

IgnitePost is the easiest, most convenient, and most effective way to send physical outreach to any client, customer, or prospect. The best part of using IgnitePost is that your team doesn’t take on the workload. IgnitePost does all the work to make things as convenient as possible for you. If IgnitePost sounds right for your business, contact us here for more information.