We create magic moments with handwritten cards

IgnitePOST helps brands create magic moments for their customers.

Our real pen and ink handwritten notes cut through the digital noise to surprise and delight customers wherever they are in their shopping journeys.

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IgnitePOST helps brands break through the digital noise to create  magic moments.

These magic moments inspire customers to connect more deeply with brands, whether that’s by giving more positive reviews, more repeat business or becoming a loyal customer for a lifetime.


The most genuine way to connect with customers

IgnitePOST makes it possible for brands to use marketing automation to harness the power of real handwritten notes.

We designed our proprietary software with ease of use in mind so that marketers and non-technical users can handle campaign set up.

IgnitePOST quickly integrates with CRM systems, email marketing services, and eCommerce platforms.

We use robotics so we can work at massive scale, ensure consistency, and operate dynamically to meet our customers’ needs.

This software-hardware combination generates perfectly timed and crafted moments that compel consumers to engage with brands.

"IgnitePOST allows us to focus on customer growth without sacrificing that personal touch."
Joshua Shirazi, Founder - Morrisey Market

IgnitePOST team

Arian Radmand
CEO and President
Leo Kim
Director of Fulfillment
Anda Willett
Director of Partnerships
Jeremy Lesniak
Director of Marketing
Diane Hake
Creative Director
Cristi Duma
Senior Software Engineer
Victor Bender
Software Engineer
Jack Carroll
Director of Operations
Erin Ellis
Fulfillment Associate
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Our advisors

Steve Rubin
Executive Advisor
Paul Silva
Executive Advisor
Rick Plaut
Business Development Advisor
John Glover
Sales Advisor
Meghan Henshon
Marketing Advisor
John Chernin
Operations Advisor

Why brands love IgnitePOST

"IgnitePOST helped create a unique experience for our customers."
"IgnitePOST drives loyalty and community in a way we haven't been able to accomplish with email or SMS. Their hand-written mail solution is the best we have encountered!"
Deven Davis
Owner, Roma Designer Jewelry
"Creating personal outbound touch points for prospective clients as well as current clients. My staff really appreciates not have hand cramps every day now."
Nathan Butorac
CEO & Co-founder, Pinatagrams
"Our marketing needed a jumpstart in the COVID age. Our emails weren't seeing any lift, so we decided to try hand-written emails. We liked the attribution best!"
Brian Moseley
Go-to-Market Lead - SEMRush
"We were looking for creative outreach solutions for our B2B cold outreach. IgnitePost allowed us to reach customers in a different way, with really strong response rates."
Nicole Wolf
Director - Sales, ClassPass
"IgnitePost is helping us create a personalized customer experience that is unforgettable and creates a lasting impression. The team culture and their personality is what I like most."
Alexandria Goncalves
Owner, Cometeer.com
"Cutting through the clutter in cold outreaches was infuriating. IgnitePOST's personal "handwritten" notes have made tremendous impact generating record hit rates."
Andrew Kahn
Director, Elevate Women's Health
"Once I had IgnitePOST set up, I didn't have to touch it. My customers receive thank you notes, which are very well received. And I don't have to worry about writing them every time we make a sale."
Jeremy Lesniak
Consultant, Whistlekick
"We created an amazing experience for our VIP customers with IgnitePOST."
Amazing! Having that personal touch with the handwritten cards adds an element that our customers love. Very grateful for this app.
Chuckie Gregory
Founder, Clubearlybird.com
"IgnitePOST has been a game changer for our business in order to create a personal touch."
"We're in a business that no one would expect a hand written note, but doing so blows people away. And it's easy to integrate into our Klayvio account. So happy I found these guys."
Ian Blair
Founder, Laundrysauce.com

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