Frequently Asked Questions

How are your notes written?

IgnitePost uses cutting-edge technology to automate the handwriting process and bring you 100% accurate penmanship. We use a team of robots that hold pens and write out your messages in real pen & ink. This allows us to guarantee consistency and ensure your cards are free of typos and illegible script. Select handwriting styles are available.

How much does it cost?

Tiered pricing is available based on volume. The cost varies by volume, but prices start at $3.99, including postage.

Is there IgnitePost branding on the stationery?

No, we do not put “IgnitePost” on any of the cards or envelopes.

What type of stationery do you offer?

IgnitePost currently offers 5x7 folded cards and 8.5x5.5 oversized postcards. We use 80 lb, high quality, professional-level card stock. Please refer to these examples for more details.

How long do orders take to be written and mailed out?

Depending on the size, order fulfillment can vary. On average, IgnitePost aims to ship all orders within 3 business days. All notes are sent via USPS First Class postage, which usually takes about 3 days to arrive from the date of shipment.

What type of use cases are most common?

There are many different use cases for which InitePost can be used.

Sales Teams often use our services to reach prospects in a more personalized way.

Realtors have used IgnitePost to stay top of mind with their clients year-round. They have accomplished this by sending cards for important events, such as closing anniversaries and birthdays, and holiday cards without lifting a finger.

E-commerce businesses have found various usages for IgnitePost. Abandoned cart recovery is one common use case. We can send handwritten notes to help you recover high-value abandoned carts and target VIP members that have been unresponsive to emails. This approach has proven to be more personable and has a better response rate than cold outreach.

How do handwritten note campaigns compare to other forms of outreach?

Handwritten note campaigns have a response rate that is 7X to 10X higher than email campaigns. According to research from Mailchimp, the average email click through rate is 2.57%. In contrast, IgnitePost’s average response rate is 22%, with some customers seeing as high as a 31% response from cold outreach!

Why are handwritten note campaigns so effective?

According to Statista, almost 320 billion marketing emails are expecting to be sent daily by 2021. As a result, inboxes are being overflowed, making it increasingly difficult to get the attention of prospects & customers. Regular direct mail has also become ineffective, with 20% of direct mail being thrown away without being opened. However, handwritten notes have a high chance of reaching the recipient due to its personalization and unique touch.

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