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Why brands love IgnitePOST

"IgnitePOST helped create a unique experience for our customers."
"IgnitePOST drives loyalty and community in a way we haven't been able to accomplish with email or SMS. Their hand-written mail solution is the best we have encountered!"
Deven Davis
Owner, Roma Designer Jewelry
"Creating personal outbound touch points for prospective clients as well as current clients. My staff really appreciates not have hand cramps every day now."
Nathan Butorac
CEO & Co-founder, Pinatagrams
"Our marketing needed a jumpstart in the COVID age. Our emails weren't seeing any lift, so we decided to try hand-written emails. We liked the attribution best!"
Brian Moseley
Go-to-Market Lead - SEMRush
"We were looking for creative outreach solutions for our B2B cold outreach. IgnitePost allowed us to reach customers in a different way, with really strong response rates."
Nicole Wolf
Director - Sales, ClassPass
"IgnitePost is helping us create a personalized customer experience that is unforgettable and creates a lasting impression. The team culture and their personality is what I like most."
Alexandria Goncalves
"Cutting through the clutter in cold outreaches was infuriating. IgnitePOST's personal "handwritten" notes have made tremendous impact generating record hit rates."
Andrew Kahn
Director, Elevate Women's Health
"Once I had IgnitePOST set up, I didn't have to touch it. My customers receive thank you notes, which are very well received. And I don't have to worry about writing them every time we make a sale."
Jeremy Lesniak
Consultant, Whistlekick
"We created an amazing experience for our VIP customers with IgnitePOST."
Amazing! Having that personal touch with the handwritten cards adds an element that our customers love. Very grateful for this app.
Chuckie Gregory
"IgnitePOST has been a game changer for our business in order to create a personal touch."
"We're in a business that no one would expect a hand written note, but doing so blows people away. And it's easy to integrate into our Klayvio account. So happy I found these guys."
Ian Blair

Mail handwritten cards
as unique as your customers

More opens

Handwritten cards have a 99% open rate

No one ignores a handwritten card that shows up on their doorstep.  

Handwritten notes have the highest chance of being opened and read compared to other channels.


Truly connect with customers to get that elusive response

Handwritten mail response rates are 20X higher than email response rates.

Give your brand the ability to connect with your customers in a truly personal way.


Get amazing returns on your investment

Customers use IgnitePOST to achieve dramatic ROI from their direct mail campaigns.

Read how PurePlates saw a 68% response rate and 11X return on investment!


We know mail. Get the support you need to be successful.

Want us to run your campaigns for you and crush your goals? Ask about our Managed Services.


Create meaningful connections in minutes

1. Add your message and brand
Create your message and add your own design (or choose from our library). Hyper personalize with merge variables and user data.
2. Connect an integration or import contacts
Use one of our integrations to connect to any marketing or sales platform, or upload a list of contacts on our dashboard.
3. The cards are written and sent automatically
Our robots will use real ballpoint pen and ink to create handwritten notes and automatically send them out based on the rules you create!

Inked by robots, written for humans

IgnitePOST handwritten notes and cards are written by custom robots with real ballpoint pens in 12+ handwriting styles.

The cards look and feel as if they were written with love by humans so you can create a real connect with your customers.

Brands ignited
> 99%
Open rate
More effective than email
Return on investment (and counting)
"During COVID, our emails weren't seeing any lift, so we decided to try handwritten cards. We liked their attribution best!"
Go-to-market Lead,
"IgnitePOST drives loyalty and community in a way we haven't been able to accomplish with email or SMS."
Deven Davis - Owner, Roma Designer Jewelry
"We've had so many customers respond and thank us for the kind personalized notes they received via IgnitePOST."
Jack McNamara
Founder & CEO, Tru
"We've even sparked long conversations with customers who wrote back saying how impressed they were when they received the card sent through IgnitePOST."
CJ Forse
Co-founder, Feel Good Lab
"Handwritten cards are a crucial touchpoint in thanking our heroes and IgnitePOST has made it so easy and efficient for us."
Sarah deSimas
Operation and Project Manager, S/O/S
"IgnitePOST has been a game changer for us. We're in a business where no one expects a handwritten note, but doing so really blows people away."
Ian Blair

Create customer value, impact your bottomline

Inspire customers to leave positive reviews

Positive reviews are assured when customers receive personalized, handwritten nudges.

Increase retention rates

Boost your retention rates by preventing churn and extending subscriptions with personalized cards.

Win-back lapsed customers

Effectively reactivate users who have stopped opening or responding to your marketing emails.

Communicate with discretion

Handwritten cards arrive in discrete and sealed envelopes, perfect for even sensitive products.

Create brand recall opportunities

Help your brand stand-out from the crowd with personalized, unique branded notes.

Rescue abandoned carts faster

Recapture the attention of shoppers who have left their purchase mid-way.

"Our customers feel a real connection when they receive real mail from us."
Josh Belinsky

Powered by smart automation

Works automatically
Cards and notes are created by robots and automatically mailed to shoppers
Integrates in minutes
Easy to use and integrates quickly with existing CRMs and marketing platforms
Easy to customize
Put your brand in the spotlight by including your colors, logo and more
Hyper personalization
Deep personalization based on user attributes and your campaign goals
Behavioral targeting
Target shoppers based on their cart status, past purchases, and much more
Managed services
We also offer expert services to help you maximize the impact of real mail

"IgnitePost is super effective and really helped us cut through the noise."

Read Story
Pure Plates

"IgnitePost helped us reach our VIP members in an authentic way with amazing results!"

Read Story
WVIA Media

"Personal notes made all the difference for cultivating donors and building relationships."

Read Story

Frequently Asked Questions

How are IgnitePOST notes and cards written?
IgnitePOST uses robots for the handwriting process ensuring 100% accurate penmanship. The robots hold real pens and write out your messages in real ink.

This guarantees consistency and typo-free, legible writing.

You can choose from over 12 handwriting styles or ask us to mimic your handwriting.
Do you add IgnitePOST branding to all cards?
No, we do not put “IgnitePOST” on any of the cards or envelopes.

You can choose to add your own brand on the cards or envelopes or send them without branding if you want discretional delivery.
How much does IgnitePOST cost?
We price our service two different ways depending on your needs:

Pay as you go pricing: Subscription based and includes a set number of cards each month.

Pre-paid tiered pricing: The cost varies by volume, but prices always include postage. See latest prices on our pricing page.
How can I check the quality of the cards and writing?
Easy, once you sign up for a new account you can send a FREE sample to yourself to get a taste of the notes and cards your customers will receive.

If you want to request more free samples to try out different styles and branding, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Does IgnitePOST use actual stamps on the cards?
Absolutely! We use real USPS First Class postage stamps on all of our letters to add to the authenticity.

Real stamps help your customers trust the letters leading to increased open rate and much higher conversion rates.
What type of uses cases are most common with IgnitePOST?
IgnitePOST is used by sales teams, marketing teams and ecommerce companies to communicate with their customers and prospects.

They use it for review requests, increasing LTV for subscriptions, sending VIP offers, abandoned cart recovery, and much more. To learn more, visit our examples and case study pages.
Why are handwritten note campaigns so effective?
According to Statista, almost 320 billion marketing emails were sent daily in 2021. As a result, inboxes are flooded, making it increasingly difficult to get the attention of prospects & customers.

Regular direct mail has also become ineffective, with 20% of direct mail being thrown away without being opened.

However, handwritten notes have a high chance of reaching the recipient due to its personal and unique touch. 
What type of cards, notes and envelopes can I choose from?
IgnitePOST offers 5x7 folded greeting cards as default. We use 100 lb, high quality, professional-level card stock.

You can also choose to customize the size and type of stationery. Just connect with one of our experts to get great advice on what kind of cards, notes or envelopes are a best fit for your campaigns.
How quickly are handwritten card orders processed and mailed out?
On average, IgnitePOST aims to ship all orders within 24-48 hours. However, larger orders can take more time.

All notes are sent via USPS First Class postage, which usually takes about 3 days to arrive from the date of shipment.
What type of cards, notes and envelopes can I choose from?
IgnitePOST offers 5x7 folded greeting cards as default. We use 100 lb, high quality, professional-level card stock.

You can also choose to customize the size and type of stationery. Just connect with one of our experts to get great advice on what kind of cards, notes or envelopes are a best fit for your campaigns.
Where are IgnitePOST cards postmarked from?
By default, IgnitePOST cards and notes are postmarked from Boston, MA, USA (our office location).

If you would like to have letters postmarked from your local Post Office to create a more authentic experience for your customers, we are happy to accommodate - we can bulk ship letters to you so that they contain your local postmark.

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