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How it Works


1. Upload your contact list, set your preferences, and view your campaigns all under one dashboard.

2. IgnitePost writes out each personalized note on your behalf, saving you time. 100% accurate, no typos or illegible penmanship!


3. Each note is packed and shipped to your intended recipients without you having to lift a finger!

Use IgnitePost to increase sales & revenue, prospect new sales leads, deepen relationships with existing clients, and win-back previous customers.

  • Create Drip Campaigns with Ease. Using IgnitePost, you can easily create personalized, handwritten note drip campaigns that will run without you having to lift a finger. Just name your campaign, type your message, and select the date you want your notes sent. You can also upload your contact list as a CSV or Excel sheet from your favorite CRM. That’s it! Setup is easy and takes less than 3 mins!

  • Use Existing Assets. Choose from some of our existing card templates or upload your own images to use. No need to waste time or money on additional creatives… there are plenty of ways to use what you already have.

  • Track, Report & Improve. We provide a tracking and reporting dashboard so you know how your campaign is performing on an ongoing basis. See your entire campaign, get notifications when notes are shipped, and measure performance through the IgnitePost dashboard…all without you having to do a thing!

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Why IgnitePost?


Save Money

IgnitePost allows you to choose from default card templates or use your already-existing digital assets (social media, press kit, content blogs, case studies, testimonials, ...etc.), so there is no need to create additional resources.


Save Time

Setup takes less than 3 minutes. We offload 100% of the work by handling all of the writing, packing, and shipping for you. We then go a step farther and allow you to monitor and track campaign progress through the IgnitePost dashboard. Get notifications when campaigns are about to ship, and then use your dashboard to monitor, edit, track, and report on performance!


Increase RevenuE

Mail outreach is proven to be up to 30x more effective than digital outreach & email. With IgnitePost, sending highly personalized handwritten notes at scale is now possible! We provide all infrastructure needed to track & measure campaign performance to ensure you’re getting the best ROI possible!

Case Studies

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Development consultancy gets 10x ROI, 14% response rate, and multiple RFPs

“We had customers who hadn’t contacted us in years reach out and request a proposal! All without any work on our part. How can you get better results than that?!”
— Josh C., Managing Director

A software development consultancy used IgnitePost to execute a client win-back campaign. The result speaks for itself. No work was required on the part of the consultancy, yet they saw a 10x ROI and multiple inbound requests for proposal!

Who uses IgnitePost?


Sales Teams

Prospect new leads with personalized handwritten notes and targeted CTAs. Relationships are critical to sales. We create the meaningful connections that enable more sales.


Customer Success Teams

Create meaningful and timely outreach to customers. Relationships matter. Better relationships lead to happier customers and higher LTV.


Marketing Teams

Send personalized handwritten notes to current customers. Build brand awareness, keep clients engaged longer and increase LTV. Send outreach to previous clients to win-back past customers.