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Complete Guide to using Handwritten Notes for Nonprofit Organizations

The nonprofit sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with more than 10 million nonprofit organizations worldwide. Despite this growth, nonprofits continue to face challenges in capturing the attention of potential contributors, retaining and stewarding existing donors, and effectively communicating the impact of their work.

In today's increasingly competitive digital landscape, nonprofits need to find new and innovative ways to engage their audience and secure future donations. This is where handwritten notes can play a critical role. Handwritten notes offer a unique and personalized approach to donor engagement that stands out in a world dominated by digital communication.

Studies have shown that direct mail campaigns, including handwritten notes, generate an average response rate of 4.4%, compared to just 0.12% for email campaigns. This is a compelling reason for nonprofits to explore the use of handwritten notes in their outreach efforts.

Handwritten notes provide a human touch that digital communication lacks, creating a personal connection between the nonprofit and its supporters. These notes can be used to attract new donors, thank existing ones, seek donations, promote initiatives, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the various ways nonprofit organizations can use handwritten notes to achieve their goals. We'll provide examples and templates to help you get started, along with practical tips for measuring and optimizing your handwritten note campaigns. With this guide, nonprofits can learn how to use this powerful tool to cut through the noise and connect with supporters in a meaningful way.

What are handwritten notes for nonprofits?

Why should you use handwritten notes for nonprofits?

How can nonprofits use handwritten notes?

Free handwritten note examples and templates for nonprofits  

Can nonprofit handwritten notes help you grow?

Getting started with handwritten notes for your nonprofit with IgnitePOST

Ready to leave a lasting impression with nonprofit handwritten notes?

Ready to leave a lasting impression with nonprofit handwritten notes? 

What are handwritten notes for nonprofits? 

Do you remember the joy of receiving a handwritten letter or card from a loved one? Well, handwritten notes can have the same effect on the recipients of nonprofit organizations.

Handwritten notes for nonprofits use traditional pen and paper to add a personal touch to the message being conveyed. It is a way of connecting with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries on a deeper level by demonstrating that their contributions are valued and appreciated. In the case of nonprofits, these notes can be used to express gratitude, share updates on the organization's progress, acknowledge significant milestones, or even as a way to simply say hello.

Why should you use handwritten notes for nonprofits?

Handwritten notes are a powerful tool that nonprofit organizations can use to create an authentic and personal connection with their supporters. Unlike digital communication, handwritten notes offer a tangible and lasting impression that can help nonprofits stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Handwritten notes for nonprofits create a lasting impression and can serve as a tangible reminder of the organization's cause, leading to increased engagement and support. It shows that the organization is willing to go above and beyond to create a personal connection with its supporters, which, in turn, can strengthen the relationship between the nonprofit and its stakeholders. 

Handwritten notes can be used for various purposes, including thanking donors, requesting donations, promoting initiatives, and sharing updates on the nonprofit's work. What sets handwritten notes apart is their ability to be tailored to each donor or supporter, allowing for a higher level of personalization. 

For example, nonprofits can reference the supporter's specific donation or add their name and a personalized message. This level of customization can help supporters feel appreciated and valued, leading to a stronger relationship between the nonprofit and the donor.

Here are six reasons why nonprofit organizations should consider sending handwritten notes: 

1. Stand Out from the digital noise

Handwritten notes can help nonprofit organizations cut through the noise and stand out among the various digital communication channels. This is especially true when soliciting donations or support for specific campaigns. 

A handwritten note can grab the attention of potential supporters, making them more likely to read and respond to the organization's message. We have found that handwritten notes perform up to 20X better than emails and 10X better than direct mail

2. Enhance donor stewardship

Donor stewardship is a critical element of a successful nonprofit organization. Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with donors is essential for retaining support and encouraging increased contributions over time. 

Handwritten notes are a highly effective way to enhance donor stewardship efforts, demonstrating appreciation for the donor's support and creating a personal connection that inspires continued generosity. By investing time and effort into personalized handwritten notes, nonprofits can differentiate themselves and build deeper trust and loyalty with their supporters, ultimately leading to increased engagement and support.

3. Show gratitude in a personal way

Sending a personalized thank-you note to donors is a powerful way to express appreciation for their contributions. A handwritten note demonstrates that the organization values and acknowledges each donor's support, making them feel more connected to the cause. A study found that 93% of donors would continue giving to an organization that wrote a personalized thank-you card.

4. Strengthen Relationships with donors

By sending handwritten notes, nonprofit organizations can build stronger connections with their donors. It's an opportunity to show that the organization values its support and sees them as more than just a source of funding. Handwritten notes can be used to thank donors for their contributions, update them on the impact of their giving, and keep them engaged in the organization's mission.

5. Establish Trust and Value

Handwritten notes are a great way to establish trust and value with donors. They demonstrate that the organization is willing to take the time and effort to create a personal connection with its supporters. This can be especially important for first-time donors who may not yet be fully invested inin the organization's mission.

6. Engage Creatively

Handwritten notes offer nonprofit organizations a creative and fun way to engage with their supporters. Organizations can use different types of stationery, add personal touches, or showcase their personality through their writing style to make each note unique. This can help create a lasting impression on donors and make them feel more connected to the organization's mission.

How can nonprofits use handwritten notes? 

Nonprofit organizations can leverage the power of handwritten notes in various ways. Here are some examples of how they can use this personal touch to build relationships with their volunteers and donors:

1. To invite new volunteers

Handwritten notes can be a great way to personalize the recruitment process for new volunteers. By writing a personal note, nonprofit organizations can create a sense of community and show that they value the potential volunteer's time and efforts. This can lead to a higher likelihood of recruitment success and increased volunteer retention.

2. To express your gratitude to volunteers and donors

A handwritten note is a more genuine and personal way to show appreciation than a formal letter or email. Donors and volunteers feel valued and connected to the organization, leading to recurring donations and volunteerism. By expressing gratitude, nonprofit organizations can ensure their supporters feel appreciated and encouraged to continue their contributions.

3. To seek donations

Handwritten notes can be a powerful tool for soliciting donations. By making a personal connection with donors, nonprofits can increase the chances of securing a donation. In addition, handwritten notes can be used to acknowledge previous donations and express gratitude to donors for their continued support.

4. To promote your new initiative and encourage participation

Handwritten notes can be used to generate excitement and encourage participation in new programs or campaigns. Nonprofits can use handwritten notes to inform supporters about the initiative, explain its importance, and encourage them to get involved. This can build a stronger connection with supporters and increase their engagement with the organization.

5. To boost fundraising

Handwritten notes are an effective way to solicit donations and support for fundraising campaigns. They are more personal and persuasive than digital communications, which can result in more significant donations. Handwritten notes can also be used to invite donors to special events or to thank them for attending a fundraising event.

6. To encourage donor advocacy

Handwritten notes can also encourage donors to become advocates for the organization. When donors feel appreciated and valued, they are more likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family, leading to increased support and donations. This can help the nonprofit organization expand its reach and impact.‍

Free handwritten note examples and templates for nonprofits

You need to be authentic and personal to write an effective handwritten note that will stand out. While we do recommend experimenting with your messages and letting your own personality come through, here are some handwritten note templates you can use to get started:

Template 1: Seeking Donation

Dear [first.name],

I hope you're doing well. I am reaching out personally to share the work we do at our nonprofit organization to help those in need. It's only possible because of generous donors like you who believe in our cause.

Your contribution will enable us to continue providing essential services to those who need them the most. 

Would you be able to make a donation today? You can visit our website to donate, or feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to learn more about our organization.

Thank you so much for considering our request. We appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Best regards,



Template 2: Seeking Donation

Dear [first.name],

I hope this message finds you well. I am requesting your help with our fundraising campaign for [cause]. We know times are tough, and we truly appreciate any support you can provide. Your donation, regardless of size, will significantly impact and help us reach our goal.

Your generosity can make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. If you can donate, please visit our website to contribute.

Thank you for your kind consideration and for joining our mission.




Template 3: Showing Gratitude to Donors  

​​Dear [Donor’s Name],

I express my deepest gratitude for your generous donation to [nonprofit organization’s name]. Your contribution means a lot to us and will go a long way in helping us achieve our mission. Your kindness and support are essential in positively impacting the lives of those we serve.

Because of donors like you, we can continue our work and create a better world for everyone. We are fortunate to have your support and look forward to updating you on our progress. Once again, thank you for your generosity and for making a difference in our community.


[Your Name]

Template 4: Showing Gratitude to Donors 

Dear [Donor's Name],

We cannot thank you enough for your generous contribution to our nonprofit. Your donation is already hard at work, helping us achieve our mission and positively impact the community.

Your support means the world to us, and we are incredibly grateful for your commitment to our cause. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

We hope to continue to have your support in the future.


[Your Name]

Template 5: Seeking volunteers 

Dear [Volunteer's Name],

Our nonprofit is only as strong as the volunteers who support us. We are contacting you because your skills and experience would be an invaluable addition to our team.

We have various volunteer opportunities, from event planning to fundraising to direct service work. Whatever your interests, we can find a role that fits you best.

We hope that you will consider joining us as a volunteer. Your contributions will tremendously impact the lives of those we serve.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Your Name]

Template 6: Seeking volunteers 

Dear [Volunteer’s Name],

We are grateful for your interest in volunteering with us to impact the lives of those we serve positively. Our organization is powered by the passion and dedication of our volunteers, and we are always on the lookout for motivated individuals who share our vision.

As we continue our mission to [briefly describe the organization’s mission], we need enthusiastic and committed volunteers like you to help us achieve our goals. Your support will enable us to make a significant difference in the community, and we look forward to having you as a part of our team.

Thank you for being so willing to help us make a difference.


[Your Name]

Template 7: Show gratitude to volunteers

Dear [Volunteer Name],

I wanted to personally thank you for your time and dedication to [nonprofit Name]. Your contributions have significantly impacted our mission, and we are grateful for your support.

Your selflessness and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and we hope that your experience volunteering with us has been fulfilling and rewarding. Because of people like you, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Thank you again for your commitment to our cause. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and positively impacting our community.


[Your Name]

Template 8: Show gratitude to volunteers 

Dear [Volunteer's Name],

We cannot thank you enough for your incredible work as a volunteer with our nonprofit. Your contributions have tremendously impacted the lives of those we serve, and we are grateful for everything you have done. With volunteers like you, we can achieve our mission.

Thank you for your service and for making a difference in the lives of others. We hope to continue to work with you in the future.


[Your Name]

Can nonprofit handwritten notes help you grow?

In today's digital age, businesses are relying more and more on technology to grow their business. But what about the personal touch? Could handwritten notes be the key to growing your nonprofit business?

A case study by IgnitePOST suggests just that. 

In the case study, WVIA Media, a public television station in Pennsylvania, wanted to boost their fundraising efforts for their annual pledge drive. They turned to IgnitePOST to help them create a more personal and effective way to reach potential donors.

Using IgnitePOST's service, WVIA Media sent handwritten notes to cold prospects, inviting them to support their annual pledge drive. The notes were personalized, included the recipient's name, and were signed by a staff member. The results were astounding.

According to the case study, the response rate for the handwritten notes was 15.4%, compared to 4.4% for their traditional direct mail campaign. This translated to a 251% increase in the number of donors and a 195% increase in total donations received compared to the previous year's pledge drive.

The success of WVIA Media's campaign shows that handwritten notes can have a significant impact on nonprofit organizations. By providing a personal touch, businesses can stand out in a crowded digital marketplace, build trust and loyalty with members, and ultimately, grow their business.

Read the full WVIA case study here.

Getting started with handwritten notes for your nonprofit is easy with IgnitePOST

Getting started with handwritten notes for your nonprofit has never been easier, thanks to IgnitePOST. 

Whether you're looking to engage volunteers, raise funds, or simply show appreciation to your supporters, IgnitePOST can help you make a lasting impression.

At IgnitePOST, we have robots that can create handwritten notes using real pen & ink and can customize your message to match your brand's voice. To ensure you get the most out of your handwritten notes, we recommend following these simple steps:

1. Be clear about your goal

First, set a clear objective for your campaign. What do you want to achieve with your handwritten notes? Do you want to thank your supporters, engage with inactive donors, or ask for feedback? Having a clear goal in mind will help you craft effective messages that resonate with your supporters.

2. Segment your donor lists

By dividing your donors into groups based on their interactions, donations, and interests, you can personalize your notes and ensure they resonate with each donor. 

Start with three lists: first-time donors, loyal donors, and VIP donors. You can group donors based on their donation history, donation amount, or engagement level. This will allow you to personalize your messages and make them more relevant to each donor.

PS. You can do the same for your volunteer lists as well. 

3. Choose the right technology

Once you have your lists, find the right technology to help you execute your campaign. IgnitePOST is a leading solution for handwritten notes, allowing you to create cards that are both personalized and on-brand. IgnitePOST's technology can generate handwritten notes at scale, customize them to match your branding, and help you send them to your donors in a timely manner.

4. Customize your design

Your handwritten notes should be visually appealing, easy to read, and consistent with your brand. Customize your design by using your organization's colors and logo. Don't forget to add scannable QR codes, promotional codes, and other elements that drive traffic to your website and other channels.


5. Choose your handwriting style

IgnitePOST offers a range of handwriting styles to choose from, so you can select the one that best represents your organization. You can also use a font that matches your brand or even use your own handwriting for a more personal touch.

6. Craft your messages

Your messages should be personal, heartfelt, and relevant to each donor. You can thank them for their support, let them know how their donation made a difference, or provide an update on your organization's activities. You can also include a call-to-action, such as inviting them to your upcoming event or encouraging them to donate again.

7. Send out your handwritten notes

Once you've finalized your messages and designs, you can let IgnitePOST take care of the rest. The robots will write, pack, and mail the handwritten notes to your donors, ensuring timely delivery.

8. Measure and optimize your campaign

As with any marketing campaign, it's important to measure the success of your handwritten note campaign. Keep track of the number of handwritten notes sent and delivered, as well as any increase in donations or engagement. This will help you optimize your campaign for better targeting and response in the future.

Ready to leave a lasting impression with nonprofit handwritten notes? 

Handwritten notes can be a game-changer for your nonprofit organization. 

Adding a personal touch to your communication strategy can foster deeper relationships with your supporters, donors, and volunteers. 

These handwritten cards are a great way to stimulate positive emotions, motivating people to support your cause.

However, manually writing and sending hundreds or thousands of cards is not feasible. That is where IgnitePOST comes in - an automated solution that offers customization, personalization, and scalability for your handwritten note campaigns. 

With IgnitePOST, you can easily create handwritten notes and customize them to match your branding and message. It is easy to set up, and once you integrate IgnitePOST with your donor database, the cards are automatically written, packed, and mailed to your recipients - ensuring timeliness.

So, if you want to take your nonprofit communication strategy to the next level, using IgnitePOST's handwritten notes is the way to go. 

We can integrate into any system to use to manage the operations and communication at your nonprofit. View some of our integrations and start sending personalized, handwritten notes to your supporters today! 

Frequently asked questions about handwritten notes for nonprofits

1. What is the power of a handwritten note?

A handwritten note can create a personal connection and emotional response, showing the recipient they are valued and appreciated. It can lead to increased loyalty and engagement with your nonprofit.

2. What app can I use to send handwritten notes? 

IgnitePOST is an app that can help nonprofits send customized, handwritten notes at scale, allowing you to quickly and efficiently connect with your supporters and donors.

3. Are handwritten notes better than digital notes?

Handwritten notes can be more impactful and memorable than digital notes because they show a personal touch and effort. However, doing them manually at scale is impossible. That is where leveraging technology, like IgnitePOST, can help nonprofits effectively incorporate handwritten notes into their outreach strategy.

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