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Handwritten Cards for Nonprofits
Learn how nonprofit organizations automatically send handwritten notes to surprise and delight donors and others.
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Direct Mail marketing for Nonprofits
Learn how nonprofit organizations use direct mail marketing built on IgnitePOST handwritten cards to engage and convert donors.
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"We've had so many customers respond and thank us for the kind personalized notes they received via IgnitePOST."
Jack McNamara
Founder & CEO, Tru
"We've even sparked long conversations with customers who wrote back saying how impressed they were when they received the card sent through IgnitePOST."
CJ Forse
Co-founder, Feel Good Lab
"Handwritten cards are a crucial touchpoint in thanking our heroes and IgnitePOST has made it so easy and efficient for us."
Sarah deSimas
Operation and Project Manager, S/O/S
"IgnitePOST has been a game changer for us. We're in a business where no one expects a handwritten note, but doing so really blows people away."
Ian Blair

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