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PENmanship variation

Variations for authentic writing

Our robots introduce intentional penmanship variation into all handwriting. This makes the cards look authentic and truly handwritten.

Letters are written with clear standards, but not identical each time. Characters are ‘siblings’, not ‘twins’ and writing styles look naturally human to your customers.

Amplify your brand

Custom branding for more impact

Add your brand logo
Amplify your brand by adding your logo to the front of the cards.
Choose from our picture library
Choose from a variety of cool images from our photo library to align to your goals.
Upload your own images
Have something special to say? Upload custom images for printing on the front.
personalized messages

Realistic notes with a personal touch

Realistic handwritten notes add a personal touch to your outreach efforts.

With IgnitePOST, you can be sure that your message is personalized as well as typo and error-free.


12+ handwritingstyles available

IgnitePOST handwritten cards offer the distinct advantage of sending notes in a handwriting style that aligns closely with your brand and message.

Select from over 12 handwriting styles and make sure your customers feel the personal touch in your message.

How thoughtbot got 14% response rate and multiple RFPs with IgnitePOST
thoughtbot turned to IgnitePost’s personalized direct mail outreach service to boost the level of engagement and create more repeat business for it Fortune 500 design consultancy business.
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Large volume

Large volume?
No problem

We’re prepared to handle all of your personalized outreach needs. Bulk orders are easily processed by our robots and include everything you need for a winning campaign.

We also offer exclusive managed services to help you maximize the impact of your direct mail campaigns.

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