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IgnitePOST Launches Official Zapier App & Results from Actual Users

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are officially launching the IgnitePOST Zapier App! This allows anyone to trigger personalized, real pen & ink handwritten cards from any application that integrates with Zapier (currently 2000+ and counting)! Zapier provides easy automation for busy people allowing you to automatically move information between web apps which otherwise may not be connected, and enables you to focus on your most important work.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are officially launching the IgnitePOST  Zapier App! This allows anyone to trigger personalized, real pen & ink handwritten cards from any application that integrates with Zapier (currently 2000+ and counting)!  Zapier provides easy automation for busy people allowing you to automatically move information between web apps which otherwise may not be connected, and enables you to focus on your most important work.

The official IgnitePOST Zapier App unlocks the powerful ability to create & send robotically handwritten cards at exactly the right time, directly from your CRM system, eCommerce Platform, or Marketing automation tool. For some of our most popular integrations, take a look at IgnitePOST's integrations page.


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We are living in a Relationship Centric Era. Customers, prospects, and users all expect personalized, white glove VIP treatment.  Brands that provide this experience will be rewarded with more customer loyalty, higher LTV, and faster growth.

The new Relationship Centric Era
The new Relationship Centric Era

IgnitePOST is proud to be on the forefront of this fundamental shift! We provide businesses with the ability to send extremely personalized, handwritten outreach at scale.


IgnitePOST's Zapier App has been integrated with several beta customers who have helped us learn exactly how powerful the tool can be! As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Well done is better than well said’.  Instead of explaining the various ways to use IgnitePOST to create deeper relationships with customers & prospects, we wanted to share actual results from our existing customers.

We have eCommerce stores using our Zapier App to increase the number of reviews they get on a regular basis, Sales teams using our service to prospect more effectively, Customer Success departments using our integration to create better relationships with users, and wellness bundles leveraging IgnitePOST to convey an authentic personal touch during the COVID-19 crisis.


How can your business leverage IgnitePOST? If you’re looking for some examples, a fantastic place to start is eCommerce! CJ Forse is the Co-Founder of The Feel Good Lab.  The Feel Good Lab makes better-for-you pain relief products for people in pain that don't want to compromise their health to get some pain relief.

Over the past several months, The Feel Good Lab has been using IgnitePOST and Zapier to send their repeat customers a thank you note from the founder. Customers who place a second order receive a personalized card in the mail that includes a coupon code for their next order.

We wanted to turn repeat customers into raving fans and we're definitely doing that. We've even sparked long email conversations with customers who wrote us to share how impressed they were when they received the card.

- CJ Forse, Co-Founder of The Feel Good Lab

When we asked CJ about using the IgnitePOST Zapier integration, he loved the fact that in less than 10 minutes they could include a handwritten touch point into their CRM flow. It's a tactic that feels so intimate for customers, yet can be done easily at scale!

The feedback we receive from our customers is incredible; we have customers writing us unprompted emails commending The Feel Good Lab on our customer care. This IgnitePOST integration is helping us create a pain relief brand like no one's ever experienced before. It's awesome.

- CJ Forse, Co-Founder of The Feel Good Lab

Sticking with eCommerce, another company seeing amazing results from the IgnitePOST Zapier App is Tru, Inc.  The company makes great tasting beverages to help people feel good and perform better. Whether your legs feel filled with cement at that morning fitness class or your eyelids are dancing midday at the office, they have your back. With a great tasting lineup of lifestyle beverages, Tru will help elevate every occasion.

We caught up with Jack McNamara, Founder and CEO at Tru who told us a bit more about how they have leveraged handwritten cards to propel their business forward!

Their initial goals were to thank customers for trying Tru and offer them a discount for their loyalty.  Specifically, the IgnitePOST integration has allowed Tru to not only engage customers in a more meaningful way, it’s helped provide feedback about their products, so they can continue to tailor their offerings to their customers needs.

As a small business looking to scale, it can be difficult to add a personal touch when reaching out to customers who have spent their hard earned cash to buy your product and support your vision. Using IgnitePOST, Tru is confident that they can continue to maintain the attention to detail which every customer deserves!

In a short time, we have already had customers reach out directly to thank us for the kind notes. In my opinion, success is dictated by a combination of a great quality product and even greater customer service. This helps us get there.

- Jack McNamara, Founder & CEO at Tru


Customer Success is another area where companies should leverage IgnitePOST's handwritten cards. Relationships drive almost everything in life. Specifically in business, meaningful connections lead to better relationships and more sales. Jillian Shiflett from HomeBinder.com has been using IgnitePOST to increase client success on the platform.

HomeBinder is an online platform and app for seamlessly managing your most valuable asset—your home. It helps homeowners:

  • Gain peace of mind: Reduce the stress of remembering every home issue and time frame with helpful maintenance reminders.
  • Prevent costly repairs: Easily keep up with regular home maintenance, to avoid unexpected issues; spend a little time and money today to save $1000s later.
  • Be more efficient: With everything about your home stored in one secure place, you’ll never lose that warranty or instruction manual again.
  • Have immediate access to all your home info via iPad, desktop, or mobile. Rest easy knowing your info is safely stored and available when you need it.

HomeBinder set up an integration using Zapier to connect IgnitePOST and Salesforce.  When a new partner account (i.e inspector, realtor, lender or insurance provider) is marked as closed in Salesforce, it triggers a custom created handwritten card that is sent from IgnitePOST directly to the user. This greatly elevates the onboarding experience for new customers. The goal is to have more partners participate in the full onboarding process and therefore have more success with the HomeBinder platform.

HomeBinder is most excited to have our IgnitePOST communications sent out for precisely the right clients at precisely the right time and have it happen seamlessly through our integration. The connectivity between our marketing and our sales tracking is vital to understand what is resonating with our clients.

- Jillian Shiflett, VP Customer Success at HomeBinder


In addition to developing deeper relationships with existing customers, we also found IgnitePOST's handwritten cards extremely useful when it comes to sales prospecting. With everyone receiving over 120 emails and more than 5,000 digital ads every day, it’s easy to see why a handwritten card is one of the most impactful ways to reach a potential prospect.

One of IgnitePOST's customers, Josh Ovett from Mobile Pocket Office, helps clients improve their sales processes by using the IgnitePOST platform to implement personalized sales automation in a number of ways.  

At Mobile Pocket Office, their tag line is be human where it counts, otherwise automate!  The team uncovers repetitive processes currently done by a human, that could be optimized using personalized automation.  This frees up employees to build real relationships vs. doing boring repetitive activities.  Doing so enables small businesses to scale, medium businesses to reduce excess payroll costs, and large businesses to repurpose experienced and valuable talent to connect with customers.

Most people find getting a letter in the mail unique, and are blown away with a personalized handwritten note.  These days, people rarely get a real birthday card, just an email or a post on Facebook.  Using Zapier we can set up IgnitePOST with almost anyone’s online systems!

- Josh Ovett, Mobile Pocket Office

Mobile Pocket Office uses IgnitePOST in a variety of scenarios. First, they use the service themselves with their Ontraport CRM Sales and Marketing automation as part of a multi step customer experience process. This includes a personal handwritten thank you note to new customers when they make a payment.

Additionally, when customers order more products or services, or whenever the Mobile Pocket Office team feels the need to send a note after a heart-felt conversation, they utilize the Ontraport <> IgnitePOST integration via Zapier, to automatically send a handwritten note.  

When it comes to prospecting, the team also uses IgnitePOST to follow up on leads that have not respond to emails, texts or phone calls.  

Using IgnitePOST allows us to scale, doing the right things, at the right time, even when we don't have the time to do it. In less that 30 minutes we were set up and good to go. Trust me we have reviewed and tried four other similar services and this was crazy easy to make happen.  

- Josh Ovett, Mobile Pocket Office

When asked about effectiveness, we were super excited to hear how IgnitePOST was helping to move the needle for Mobile Pocket Office as well as their customers!

Our direct customer’s feedback: "That was so thoughtful of you to send that note". Referrals are up 15% since part of our note asks for them for an introduction and a reward for doing it.  

- Josh Ovett, Mobile Pocket Office


In fundraising, the volume at which frontline fundraisers can maintain high-touch personalized conversations with donors and supporters is a critical component to raising mission-critical revenue for organizations working to change our world. Gravyty empowers fundraisers to manage more relationships than ever thought possible before by using AI (artificial intelligence) to suggest relevant messages for donors.

Gravyty uses IgnitePOST to bring AI into the physical world through robotics… and to bring personalized communications to entirely new horizons!  Through IgnitePOST, Gravyty users can send handwritten letters -- crafted by AI, written by robots -- to donors and prospects to further inspire relationships that drive giving!

- Kevin Leahy, Director of Marketing at Gravyty

Customers love the ability to extend Gravyty's AI capabilities into the physical world. Many see overwhelming responses to their IgnitePOST campaigns through Gravyty and credit the personal touch of handwritten letters to increased giving from current donors and deeper relationships with donors!


As we write this article, the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic are being felt around the world. As such, IgnitePOST has teamed up with several companies who are helping frontline healthcare workers fight the pandemic in a variety of ways.

One company, S/O/S, is a retail platform dedicated to innovating solutions for the modern woman. During COVID-19, they’ve launched #givesos - a campaign that delivers feminine care and wellness essentials directly to hospitals for the women that need them most right now - frontline female healthcare professionals.

Each #givesos Wellness Bundle is delivered to a healthcare professional and includes a handwritten note of support. To optimize this process, S/O/S connected Google Sheets and IgnitePOST using Zapier. Each time a new message is submitted by a customer, the zap is triggered and the message is instantly sent to IgnitePOST, where it's turned into a beautiful handwritten note.

According to Sarah deSimas from S/O/S, it saves a ton of time in their operations. S/O/S receives hundreds of notes a week and through the Zapier integration, they no longer have to spend time manually uploading each message to the platform -- now, it happens automatically.

We're thrilled to have IgnitePOST as a #givesos campaign partner. The handwritten cards are a crucial touchpoint in thanking our healthcare heroes, and IgnitePOST has made it easy and efficient for us to include the cards in our #givesos Wellness Bundles.

- Sarah deSimas, Operations & Project Manager at S/O/S

Another company helping during the COVID-19 Pandemic is Outpost. Their mission is to turn restaurants into Grocery Outposts, where neighborhood consumers can pickup grocery bundles sold directly from restaurant wholesalers.  This enables restaurants to fulfill their core mission: feeding their hyper-local, hyper-loyal, neighborhood — while getting a commission on every grocery order fulfilled through their location.

Outpost founder, Ethan Pierce, has been leveraging the IgnitePOST Zapier app to allow users to create a personal message on the Outpost site, which in turn triggers a handwritten note that is created by IgnitePOST.

As part of the #fillthefridge campaign, Outpost is enabling donors to send a basket of groceries to frontline workers.

We love that it enables us to send our critical frontline workers an extra-personal touch with their grocery bundles. The handwritten note feels so much more personal than one that's printed.

- Ethan Pierce, Founder at Outpost


The mortgage industry is another sector that can benefit from a personalized touch, designed to foster deeper relationships. Jeremy Leonard from Leonard Mortgage understands the intricacies and importance of our current Relationship Centric Era.

Leonard Mortgage is a local Georgia boutique mortgage lender & broker.  Jeremy has been in the industry for 10 years and has a heavy focus on First Time Home-Buyers.

The company uses Jungo & Salesforce for their loan flow.  Their goal is to include 3-4 touch points for each client and 1-2 touch points for Realtors & third parties involved in each process.

As an example, Jeremy set up an integration between IgnitePOST and Salesforce so when a new lead is created, a "Thank You for applying" card is automatically sent to the new client.

Similarly, when a lead is converted into a client and is labeled a "Loan In Process", a Congratulations card is sent out to the home-buyer, their agent, the attorney, the seller's agent, and even the seller!  This all happens automatically, without any human intervention… yet receiving a personalized handwritten card is one of the most human and personalized experiences you can give someone.

I am obsessed with automation and anything that makes the business run on its own. Plus, it is quite unique how the technology can copy your own handwriting!

- Jeremy Leonard, Leonard Mortgage


Lastly, we wanted to point out that IgnitePOST uses our own service as well!  We are proponents of Eating our own Dog Food , and look for every opportunity to utilize our own service.

Specifically, IgnitePOST uses our own Zapier app in the 'Request a Free Sample' flow on our website.  When someone visits IgnitePOST, they can fill out a form to request a free handwritten card sample.  The form populates a Google Sheet and then uses Zapier to automatically create a handwritten card order in IgnitePOST!  From there, we fulfill it alongside our other orders so our customers experience the product end to end!


Why is this so exciting? Because this allows us to fully connect the communication loop! We take advantage of the Webhook functionality offered by IgnitePOST as well as the Webhook Zapier app triggers. When a sample order is placed in the mail, IgnitePOST's Webhook triggers a delayed email, which is sent several days after the card is postmarked.  

It's a fantastic experience when the customer receives a handwritten card in the mail and then a perfectly timed follow-up email referencing that same card! The IgnitePOST Zapier app combined with the Webhook functionality on both platforms allows us to set up this powerful experience in just a couple of minutes with NO CODING necessary at all!

- Arian Radmand, CEO at IgnitePOST

Interested in learning more or having an integration created for your business? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you more. We’ll even do the legwork for you!

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