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Marketing Jokes

Everyone needs a bit of humor in their lives. Here at IgnitePost we have created a list of the top ten marketing jokes for you to enjoy.

Everyone needs a bit of humor in their lives. Here at IgnitePost we have created a list of the top ten marketing jokes for you to enjoy.

1.    Where’s the best place to hide a body? Page 2 of Google.

Warning: not intended as actual advice
Warning: not intended as actual advice

Minimally checked by casual web surfers and investigators alike, page 2 of Google is a place only the truly desperate explore. Anyone looking for actual web traffic is anxious to escape it, making it the ideal place to hide anything you do not want to be found.

2.    I nicknamed my cat “The Vast Majority of Social Media,” because he doesn’t like me, follow me, or share anything.

Social media has become an increasingly important part of modern marketing. The number of likes, shares, and follows a company generates gives an important look into its ability to reach customers. This poor cat owner unfortunately seems to have a very limited following on social media and has a cat that has a similar disinterest in him.

3.    Why was the social media marketer out of the office? He went to a company-wide retweet.

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Maybe the marketer who retweeted his favorite pop star on the company account rather than attending the company retreat his boss insisted was mandatory.

4.    So a social media marketer lost his job and went to work on a farm. He worked hard, but had one weird quirk: every morning, he would do a belly flop into the hog trough! After a few days, the farmer had enough. “You city folks sure are strange,” the farmer said. “Why are you always floppin’ headfirst into the pig slop?” “Sorry, force of habit,” the social media marketer replied. “I’m trying to make an impression in your feed.”

Attempting to make a lasting impression on social media has become a widespread habit in today’s world. This marketer is certainly not exempt from said habit. However, he might need a bit of a reminder about the difference between a social media feed and pig feed. Though admittedly pig feed might be an easier thing to make an impression in.

5.    What do hippies and SEOs have in common? A love for anything organic.

While hippies are stereotypically interested in organic foods and other goods, SEOs have a slightly less well-known interest in organic search engine optimization.

6.    Why do SEO experts love driving during peak hours?  They appreciate the traffic.

While traffic is objectively not fun for the majority of people, Search Engine Optimization Experts will take the traffic wherever they can get it. However, they likely would much prefer website traffic that would help their bottom line.

Ring clip art.jpg

7.    Why did the marketer break up with her boyfriend? Lack of engagement.

Customer engagement is key in a marketing relationship. For this marketer, however, a more romantic engagement was also a critical feature in her personal relationships. Unfortunately, her boyfriend did not fulfill that goal and so he had to go.

8.    Why did the CEO hire a content marketing specialist? She was not content with her website traffic.

Without content that draws in customers, how can someone be content with their numbers?


9.    I hired an earthworm, a centipede and a millipede to do my email marketing. They’re really good at segmentation.

Market Segmentation is one of the most critical components of marketing. Figuring out the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral groups your potential customers belong to can determine whether your business will fail or thrive. Next time you are struggling to figure out your audience, you may want to consider hiring an animal already experienced in segmenting its own body into separate systems like the earthworm.

10. Why did the dad know his daughter would be a great marketer one day? Her first word was data.

With a first word like data, the daughter will clearly have the analytical skills necessary to become great at marketing. Even if her dad probably would have preferred her first word to be dadda.


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