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Marketing Using IgnitePOST to Ask for Referrals

Referrals are the handwritten notes of reviews. They’re personable, highly effective, and just one of them aimed at the right place is enough to close a sale.

Referrals are the handwritten notes of reviews. They’re personable, highly effective, and just one of them aimed at the right place is enough to close a sale.

For a high-ticket company, referrals are a necessity to see business. Your customers need more reassurance if they’re spending more money. It’s how people work. Fortunately, referrals closely mimic word-of-mouth recommendations and easily spur trust.


It’s easier than you’d think.


If your company takes care of its customers, most of the request is already sold. They will want to support you; all you have to do is ask. Ensure, however, that you ask in the right way.

A handwritten note makes your request stand out. It’s tangible, personalized, and communicates care in ways that no email can, boosting customer relationships and ensuring that your request is seen and heeded.

Let’s break down the magic behind IgnitePost.


The mass-produced, low-effort nature of an email or text tarnishes your message.

When customers get a handwritten note, it feels different. Hand-writing something shows that you’re investing time and effort into the request, so it makes customers feel important. IgnitePost’s handwriting is indistinguishable from human writing, meaning our cards create the same positive effect on customers that they’d have if you wrote them yourself.

A referral is an extremely personal ask. By using handwritten notes, you do something personal for your customers first and twist the thumbscrew of reciprocity.

Remember: The very nature of a handwritten note will do more to sway your customers than anything you can write inside of it. The action—the authenticity—speaks loudest.


If we had to outline the benefits of IgnitePost in one word, it would be this. Effective.

Effective at making your message heard. Making customers smile. Making them come back.

Clear, concise writing and personalization make IgnitePost cards 21x more effective at garnering a response than emails, at a 99% open rate. Your note will be opened, and it will be read. Statistics don’t lie.


Ever have trouble with writing too much?

With handwritten notes, you’re physically limited in how much you can write. This is a good thing; it prevents you from making too many requests. Remember that you’re writing for one purpose: asking for a referral. Do that well, do only that, and you will see success.

Do not overexplain; your customers will see through and dislike sugarcoating. You can, however, include a referral code that your customers can use. It makes everyone happy.



Personalized, friendly, concise, and extremely effective, the handwritten note is an invaluable tool for every marketer.

IgnitePost’s complete automation of this medium makes it even better. Upload contacts, write your message, pick a send date, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. It’s never been this easy to save time, money, and effort while still experiencing all of the benefits of handwritten notes.

With IgnitePost, asking for a referral extends far beyond your customer’s response. The medium alone shows that your business values its customers and garners you respect.

The feeling of knowing you are valued is priceless. IgnitePost has made it budget-friendly.

So, earn your customers’ respect, spread your message throughout the market, and get ready for the future of marketing as we know it. IgnitePost and handwritten notes are here to stay.



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