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Marketing Using IgnitePOST to Thank Customers

At IgnitePOST, we believe you should make your customers feel truly appreciated. Enter the handwritten note. Its effectiveness is unparalleled, and nothing matches its ability to sound, look, and feel human.

In 2012, AT&T reached 2 million followers on Facebook.


To celebrate, they hired a house band. Yes, an actual band. They recorded and sent out personalized thank-you songs to over 2,000 lucky customers, skyrocketing loyalty and making thousands of people smile. Customer appreciation initiatives like the house band are imperative to great marketing. Unexpectedly delight your customers and they won’t forget it.

We all know how good it feels to be truly appreciated.


Most companies don’t properly thank their customers.

Some think they can save time or effort by neglecting their customers. This is a mistake. It’s 25 times easier to retain a customer than acquire one, and any time you ‘save’ will be spent recovering the 68% of your customers that will churn because they don’t think you care. Remember: It’s easy for you to neglect your customers, but it’s just as easy for your customers to neglect you. And easier still for an appreciative competitor like AT&T to steal your market share.


Even companies that put some effort into thanking customers can miss the mark. Sending out mass communication is not optimal if you wish to truly make customers feel valued. We’ve all gotten emails or a discount code after a purchase, but it just doesn’t feel the same as being thanked by a person. It’s artificial and comes across as ingenuine. The last thing your best customers need is email #147 of the day clogging up their inbox.

So, what should you do?


At IgnitePOST, we believe you should make your customers feel truly appreciated.


Enter the handwritten note. Its effectiveness is unparalleled, and nothing matches its ability to sound, look, and feel human. To feel real. Authenticity is everything in the new age of marketing.

But there’s more.

Reciprocity, or our inclination to return favors, is a human thumbscrew that marketers have been turning to for decades. It’s simple. Someone does something nice for us, we then want to do something nice for them. Take advantage of this. Display effort through handwritten notes and your customers will want to repay you.

Loyalty. Building trust makes customers 33 percent more likely to stay loyal. Handwritten notes build trust by making your customers feel special, nurturing loyalty like nothing else.

Tangibility. We’re wired to appreciate personalized, tangible objects. Unlike emails, handwritten notes are both personalized and tangible. They appeal to us on a deep level.

Honesty. A study found that people lie more often while writing emails than handwritten letters. This makes sense; emails are impersonal. In more personal communication, like a letter, you automatically appear more authentic.


Handwritten notes are amazing. IgnitePost is a whole new level.

Easily send personalized letters to thousands of people at once without a single misspelling, wrong address, or emptied pen. Full automation, with all the capabilities of digital marketing, in a medium that performs over 30x better.

Even an intern can follow our tutorials and start a campaign. Use our Shopify app, or Zapier, to connect thousands of apps and events to IgnitePost. We’ve also got a developer-friendly API, making custom integrations effortless. Save time, save money, and wow your customers.

Nothing has a better ROI. Nothing has a bigger effect on customer loyalty. Nothing is this easy to set up. Nothing has a more impressive CSR (customer smile rate). Nothing can do better for your business right now than IgnitePost.

Your customers are waiting.





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