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The Best Alternative to Addressable Mail - IgnitePOST

Learn why IgnitePOST is the best alternative to Addressable Mail for sending handwritten notes, thank you cards and direct mail campaigns.

If you relied on Addressable Mail for personalized handwritten notes and direct mail marketing campaigns, its shutdown may have left you seeking an effective alternative. If that's the case, let us introduce you to its best alternative - IgnitePOST

In this post, we help you discover how IgnitePOST steps in as the best alternative to Addressable Mail, ensuring your personalized outreach continues to run seamlessly. 

Recap: What was Addressable Mail?

Addressable Mail functioned as a marketing platform that used robotic technology to create and send personalized, handwritten cards directly through mail to boost sales. 

This involved robots using real ballpoint pens to craft handwritten messages on paper, ensuring an authentic touch rather than printed text. Apart from this, its comprehensive solution was tailored to prompt inquiries for listing appointments, providing an end-to-end strategy.

The solution was focused on serving the real estate industry for direct mail marketing. As of November 27, 2023, Addressable Mail has been reported as shut down. 

Meet the best alternative to Addressable Mail - IgnitePOST  

IgnitePOST is one of the best direct mail marketing platforms that enables businesses to create heartfelt handwritten notes for their customers. 

Similar to Addressable, IgnitePOST uses robotics and an automation system to help create these handwritten notes at scale. While the technology is based on robotics, the use of actual pen and paper is what makes the handwritten notes stand out. IgnitePOST handwritten notes and cards are written by custom robots with real ballpoint pens in 12+ handwriting styles.

The best part: The handwritten notes go beyond the paper and pen, and can be automated to reach customers at the right time in their journey with your brand. The perfectly timed handwritten notes are proven to get a better response for every campaign. 

Why is IgnitePOST the best alternative to Addressable Mail? 

Here is exactly why IgnitePOST stands out as the best alternative to Addressable Mail: 

1. Easy migration 

Moving to IgnitePOST is easy. While getting started on IgnitePOST is easy, there is also a customer support and success team to assist you in the process. We ensure that none of your campaigns or customer data gets lost as you make the shift. 

We also spend time on understanding your business goals as well as sharing our insights from working with 1,000+ brands so that as you transition from Addressable Mail to IgnitePOST, you see better numbers. 

2. Robust technology

IgnitePOST leverages custom handwriting robots, specially designed with state-of-the-art technology in addition to intelligent automation. 

The technology is built to help you scale your direct mail marketing campaigns with ease, whilst ensuring hyper-personalization and behavioral targeting. In fact, IgnitePOST has also been recognized by G2  as a High Performer for both the technology and the positive impact made on customers. 


3. Powerful integrations 

IgnitePOST comes with pre-built, powerful integrations that can help you use direct mail in tandem with marketing, sales and support campaigns. It offers integrations with the best CMS, CRM, marketing automation and other solutions to help you create connected experiences for your customers. This includes Act-on, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, Close and others. 

With out-of-the-box API options, Zapier connections to 1,500+ apps, and bespoke integrations with any platform, we know IgnitePOST is the best alternative to Addressable Mail. 

Explore all integrations here

4. Support and concierge services 

With two tiers of customer assistance, including personalized 1:1 onboarding for effortless setup and strategic campaign guidance, IgnitePOST ensures a smooth transition and enhanced campaign efficacy. 

Our full concierge service guarantees success by managing end-to-end aspects of handwritten mail campaigns for you. This comprehensive support grants access to a wealth of expertise gained from collaborating with numerous brands. 

IgnitePOST's commitment to unparalleled support, from onboarding to campaign analysis, ensures optimal utilization of its service, making it the best alternative to Addressable Mail.

5. More customizations

IgnitePOST emerges as the best alternative to Addressable Mail due to its extensive customization options. IgnitePOST offers unparalleled flexibility as it allows you to incorporate brand colors, logos,diverse handwriting styles, as well as a variety of stationery options. 

This ensures your handwritten notes are not just personalized, but also stand out from other campaigns to help with higher brand recall.  

6. Hyper-Personalization

IgnitePOST's technology and automations help you go beyond the first name to personalize campaigns. You have the ability to tailor messages based on user attributes and campaign goals, making IgnitePOST the best alternative to Addressable Mail. 

We help you make the most of the data you own to hyper-personalize campaigns and make messages more relevant to the customer’s journey. For instance, you can trigger campaigns based on what the customer has previously purchased or given feedback on. 

7. Behavioral Targeting

Addressing specific shopper behaviors like cart status or past purchases, IgnitePOST strategically targets recipients. This precision ensures messages resonate, enhancing customer loyalty and re-engagement, leading to an increase in repeat purchases as well as the overall CLTV. 

Results you can expect when switching to IgnitePOST 

Over a thousand brands use IgnitePOST today and the results have been more than promising: 

>99% Open Rate

Experience an impressive open rate, ensuring a high level of engagement and visibility for your handwritten notes, leading to increased brand recognition.

30X More Effective Than Email

Enjoy an outstanding 30-fold increase in effectiveness compared to traditional email campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and interaction significantly.

11X Return on Investment (and counting)

Witness a substantial return on investment, showcasing profitability and success in generating revenue for businesses while continuously improving performance.

Handwritten notes and direct mail marketing case studies 

Let’s look into some of our success stories and what you can expect when you move to IgnitePOST: 

#1 Case Study: Point Broadband

About- Point Broadband is a leader in delivering fast, reliable fiber broadband to rural and suburban America.

Goal- Point Broadband needed customers to switch from legacy cable to fiber streaming service. For this, Point Broadband wanted to engage customers with a more reliable, personal and accessible medium of communication.

Solution- For PointBroadband, the IgnitePOST team developed the omnichannel engagement strategy split into two independent cohorts, designed the creatives, wrote the message copy, and set up the email follow-up sequence based on deep customer discovery conversations with the Point Broadband team.

IgnitePOST also managed all of the data gathering and KPI reporting to ensure that Point Broadband’s campaign ROI was improving all the time. 

Services provided by IgnitePOST to Point Broadband:

  • Customer discovery
  • Handwritten message creation
  • Card design
  • Email sequence creation
  • A / B testing strategy
  • Response tracking and analysis
  • Reporting KPI metrics for optimization

Result- Point Broadband was ultimately extremely satisfied with the results generated by IgnitePOST's handwritten cards and managed services. Point Broadband realized the following impact of the campaign + services:

‍Cohort 1: 47% conversion rate

‍Cohort 2: 80% conversion rate 

#2 Case Study: Thoughtbot 

About- Thoughtbot is a design and development consultancy that brings digital product ideas to life.

Goal- The goal with IgnitePOST was to grow sales and revenue by increasing repeat business from their existing client base using a personalized direct mail outreach campaign.  

Solution- IgnitePOST created a highly personalized, physical mail campaign that inspired past Thoughtbot clients to take the desired calls to action.

IgnitePOST handled all fulfillment, printing, and shipping on behalf of the Thoughtbot team.  The team received notifications from the IgnitePOST platform when letters were about to be delivered, and was able to view their campaign right from their IgnitePOST dashboard.

Result- After just three months of using IgnitePOST, Thoughtbot was seeing consistent inbound requests.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 14% of clients in the IgnitePOST campaign reached out and engaged Thoughtbot in open dialogue, resulting in conversations that led to multiple proposals
  • Clients who had not initiated contact for more than a year proactively responded to the IgnitePOST campaign about engaging Thoughtbot for a future project

Ready to switch to the best alternative to Addressable Mail? 

We know that handwritten notes and direct mail are on the rise. By stopping or pausing these campaigns, you’re losing out and setting yourself back. 

That’s why we want to help you move from Addressable Mail to IgnitePOST. Be it the campaigns that are already running or those that you intend to run in the time ahead, we’ll ensure you don’t miss any opportunity to connect with customers. 

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