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When Email Marketing Goes Wrong

Email marketing is a highly effective form of digital marketing strategy – providing reliable communication between your brand and your customers. Here are some of the common email marketing mistakes your brand should avoid.

In today’s day and age run by innovative technology, email marketing is a highly effective form of digital marketing strategy – providing reliable communication between your brand and your customers. It allows you to consistently keep in touch with your audience – turning prospective customers into loyal ones and helps your business grow.

However, like any other business strategy, there is also a possibility that email marketing could go wrong in times when you least expect it. And here are some of the common email marketing mistakes your brand should avoid.


One of the best things about email marketing is your ability to make a direct sale, but you have to use it wisely for it to be effective. When sending emails to your customers, you must prioritize their wants more than your needs. As email burnout is very real, once your customers feel like your emails are repetitive, there is a chance that they will start to ignore your emails and eventually unsubscribe from your brand.

Try finding a way to balance between giving helpful content and promoting your products – as customers appreciate a more personal approach. By doing this, you are fostering a good relationship with them, gaining their loyalty and engagement to your brand – leading your business to greater open rates, and improved conversion rates.

A clever way to subtly personalize your marketing without running the risk of overselling is by using handwritten mail and messages.


Businesses nowadays often fail to consider the importance of having a segmented customer target list. It’s critical that you, as a brand owner, persuasively connect with your audience through marketing messages considered to have content based on their individual needs. You can divide a large target market into more distinct groups of consumers that possess the same characteristics and purchasing behavior.

Engaging in a target marketing strategy lets you have a better understanding of your audience and thus makes the brand’s marketing more effective. Valuing your consumer’s wants and feedback will also be your sure-fire way to attract potential customers and retain the loyal ones as you gain an advantage over your competitors.


Emails serve as a way to connect with your customers, and it can either make or break your brand. It might take extra time and effort to create a suitable email format for your campaign, but it will be worth every effort considering how it will help build up your brand.

With more than half of email campaigns being opened on mobile devices, optimizing a mobile-friendly design is no longer an optional step, but rather a necessity.

As marketers, our worries roam on how our emails would look like on several email clients but, with today’s explosion of technology, email opens on mobile devices have undeniably increased. And if you are not taking this seriously, your brand is missing out on the opportunity to engage your audience and drive results.


A marketing strategy is as important as the brand itself. With the absence of it, your business would not be able to stand in the market. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Many business owners fail to see the importance of incorporating a marketing strategy in the overall strategic brand process – resulting in the failure of the business.

Having a marketing strategy will help you reach and connect with your target audience – serving as a foundation for all your communication campaigns. Hence, it will also serve as a guide that will walk you through achieving your specific goals and objectives.

Enhance Email Marketing to Optimize Reach

Email marketing is still a preferred way of communicating with any audience and a strategy that is best known to out-perform nearly all other marketing methods. Preventing these common mistakes in your brand doesn’t have to be hard – you just need to know your target market’s wants and why.

Use the proper marketing strategy and avoiding the mishaps above will eventually give you a much better understanding of your company and your customers. Which, of course, leads to profit.

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