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Handwritten Holiday cards

Handwritten Holiday Cards - Done for You!

Think of that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you receive a handwritten card from someone you know.

It leaves a meaningful, lasting impact, doesn’t it?

We get it though - you’re busy and there are thousands of other things demanding your attention…

So we solved the problem for you with our Done for You handwritten card service!

Let our robots do the work (and save you the hand cramps).

You can use IgnitePOST to send holiday cards to your customers, employees or friends and family.

Top brands rely on IgnitePOST handwritten holiday cards

How it works

1. Choose your image
Choose one of our exclusive, original, artist-designed images for the front of your card or upload your own image.
2. Select your sentiment
Select from our expertly-crafted sentiments for the inside of the card or write your own.
3. Upload your mailing list
Upload the list of contacts you want to send the cards to and you're done! We will write and send the cards.

Send personalized holiday cards easily

We make sending personalized holiday cards easy.

We guide you through the process and then organize, print and mail the cards for you!

It's simple, fast and the final cards truly delight whoever receives them - your customers, employees or loved ones.


Create delight with professional images

Create a delightful experience for your customers and loved ones. All our cards use beautiful, professional-quality images that surprise and delight the receiver.

The message sentiments are also chosen carefully to create the right impact in time for the holiday season.

The insides are handwritten with real pen and ink keeping that personal touch.

Your holiday greetings will be loved and remembered!


Inked by robots, written for humans

We use specially designed robots to automatically handwrite your holiday cards with real pen and ink. It really is that easy.

- We do all the work: processing, writing, mailing

- No admin fees, signup fees, or other stuff like that

- No minimums or maximum number of cards

- Pricing includes handwritten card, envelope, full-color image, and USPS First Class postage

- Bulk discounts available

Just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to get started.


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