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Cut through the digital noise to delight customers with IgnitePOST's handwritten cards.

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"Simple idea, well executed, low-cost barrier to entry."
Jeremy Lesniak - Consultant, Whistlekick
Brands ignited
> 99%
Open rate
More effective than email
Return on investment (and counting)
"We've had so many customers respond and thank us for the kind personalized notes they received via IgnitePOST."
Jack McNamara
Founder & CEO, Tru
"We've even sparked long conversations with customers who wrote back saying how impressed they were when they received the card sent through IgnitePOST."
CJ Forse
Co-founder, Feel Good Lab
"Handwritten cards are a crucial touchpoint in thanking our heroes and IgnitePOST has made it so easy and efficient for us."
Sarah deSimas
Operation and Project Manager, S/O/S
"IgnitePOST has been a game changer for us. We're in a business where no one expects a handwritten note, but doing so really blows people away."
Ian Blair
Founder, Laundrysauce.com
"Personal "handwritten" notes have made a tremendous impact with over a 260% hit rate. IgnitePOST has truly helped us cut through the clutter in our cold outreach."
Andrew Kahn - Head of Business Development at Elevate Women's Health
"Outstanding partners, seamless integration, knowledgeable team. We can now reach our customers in a relevant and personal way."
Kari Slater -  Head of Marketing, Cherry Blossom Intimates
Rating on G2.com reviews
87% of our customers say they'd recommend IgnitePOST.
Brands using IgnitePOST

Surprise and delight your customers

Build trust and appreciation for your brand with incredible handwritten notes that help you cut through the digital noise of email and ads.

IgnitePOST helps strengthen relationships with your customers with unique, personalized moments of delight, so you can create real business impact.

STAND OUT from the crowd

Help your brand skip the digital noise

Help your brand leapfrog the competition and go beyond the bulk nature of email and digital ads.

Personalized, handwritten notes and cards create a magical connection that digital channels just cannot replicate.

IgnitePOST notes and cards have a 99% open rate and are 30X more effective than email.

"IgnitePOST has been a game changer. It just blows people away."
Ian Blair - Founder, Laundrysauce.com

Klaviyo + IgnitePOST = insane results

IgnitePOST handwritten cards are created by special robots, using real ballpoint pens in 12+ beautiful handwriting styles.

The final cards look and feel as if they were written with love by humans to help you create a meaningful connection with your customers.

IgnitePOST has a direct integration to Klaviyo, making it super easy to automate your direct mail campaigns.

Brands ignited
> 99%
Open rate
More effective than email
Return on investment (and counting)
"During COVID, our emails weren't seeing any lift, so we decided to try handwritten cards. We liked their attribution best!"
Go-to-market Lead, SEMRush.com
"IgnitePOST drives loyalty and community in a way we haven't been able to accomplish with email or SMS."
Deven Davis - Owner, Roma Designer Jewelry

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