The longer your wait, the more stressful the holiday season will be.  Stop waiting…

Here is a quick video where Anda explains the unique benefits IgnitePOST handwritten cards can bring to your brand. It covers:

How IgnitePost creates robotically handwritten cards using real pen and ink.

Performance: On average, IgnitePOST performs 11.2X better than traditional direct mail and 24.9X better than email.

How to increase revenue, increase retention, and build deeper relationships with prospects and clients without lifting a finger.

Full control over the design, message, and timing of sending these cards to your recipients.

The best use cases and times to send cards (we segment and talk about current customers, previous customers, potential clients).

How to cut through the digital noise and stand out from competitors, especially in crowded markets.

The difference between IgnitePOST and direct mail (they're very different).

Grab some time on our calendar so we can set you up for success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recreate my handwriting style?
Yes! This is an optional service whereas we can recreate your handwriting style and only your account will have access to your personal handwriting style.
If I want to have the cards shipped from my local post office, can they be bulk shipped to me?
Absolutely! If you wish to have us send your cards either on a one time or regular basis, we can set that up for you.
Can you automate sending cards?
Yes, this is our #1 way our clients send IgnitePOST handwritten cards. We can integrate with just about any CRM or email marketing solution.
How can I check the quality of the cards and writing?
Easy, once you sign up for a new account you can send a FREE sample to yourself to get a taste of the notes and cards your customers will receive.

If you want to request more free samples to try out different styles and branding, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Can I have different designs for my cards? If so, does it cost extra for a new design?
Of course! You can have as many designs as your heart desires. There is not any additional cost for creating new designs and/or content, just the cost of the card.
Thousands of growing brands rely on IgnitePOST