Step 1.) Take a look at how some of our customers have achieved success. On our call, please let us know which of these use cases resonate with you.

We helped Ian Blair, Founder of LaundrySauce, create an unforgettable experience for customers after their 1st purchase. Our handwritten note experience resulted in an increase in positive reviews, more revenue, and even prevented negative customer experiences.
testimonial from dry sauce image
Sean, CEO of Healthy Meal Subscription brand Pure Plates, knew his average customer churn point was at the 6 month mark. He was struggling to keep subscribers around and the churn was preventing him from building a massive brand. We helped Sean create a churn prevention VIP experience at the 6 month point, leading to a 68% conversion rate that kept customers in a subscription for 50% longer. He saw an overall ROI of 11X!
“At Pure Plates, we’ve worked hard to build a loyal customer base. We opted to use IgnitePOST to send very personal handwritten cards to our VIP members, and they responded by making the campaign one of the best ROI initiatives we’ve ever done.”
Sean S. -  CEO, Pure Plates
Lauren from Point Broadband was struggling to get existing customers to upgrade from their basic cable package to a new streaming subscription plan. No small feat considering this involved a painful upgrade process with new hardware required and the scheduling of an installation appointment.We helped Lauren achieve a 73% conversion rate upselling her targeted customers to a larger subscription plan:

Step 2.) Review the 3 layers of human-like variation that leads to higher open rates, more realism, and more revenue

There are 3 layers of human like variation in every IgnitePOST card.  In this video, Anda from the IgnitePOST team reviews those layers:

Letter variation. Humans write characters differently depending on where they appear in words. For example, when we write the letter ‘t’ in the word ‘the’, it normally differs from how we write the double ‘tt’ in the word ‘cattle’. Our robots understand this and know to write characters differently based on human cadence.

Randomization of spacing between letters and words. Humans don’t measure out the distances between letters perfectly (we don’t write like computer fonts), so our robots know to vary the spacing between letters in words.

Slanting sentences. Most humans write sentences that slightly slant up or down. Especially on unlined paper, no one writes perfectly straight. Therefore our robots add a very slight slant to each sentence so that it looks truly authentic as if a human being really wrote out each sentence.

Step 3) How to Prepare For Your Demo

Please be in a quiet place without distractions. We will be on video so please be prepared, it's important to see each other in order to connect.

Invite your partners or other key players to the call. It will be important for everyone to be there to discuss the best strategies.

Naturally you may have questions about the platform and our services. Please have your questions ready in advance so we can make the most of our time.

Calculate your key metrics and KPIs. We will want to know where you are currently and what some of your goals are so that we can help you in the most effective way possible and set you up for success. 

Before the demo, please click below and create a free account so that we can explain how the platform works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recreate my handwriting style?
Yes! This is an optional service whereas we can recreate your handwriting style and only your account will have access to your personal handwriting style.
If I want to have the cards shipped from my local post office, can they be bulk shipped to me?
Absolutely! If you wish to have us send your cards either on a one time or regular basis, we can set that up for you.
Can you automate sending cards?
Yes, this is our #1 way our clients send IgnitePOST handwritten cards. We can integrate with just about any CRM or email marketing solution.
How can I check the quality of the cards and writing?
Easy, once you sign up for a new account you can send a FREE sample to yourself to get a taste of the notes and cards your customers will receive.

If you want to request more free samples to try out different styles and branding, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Can I have different designs for my cards? If so, does it cost extra for a new design?
Of course! You can have as many designs as your heart desires. There is not any additional cost for creating new designs and/or content, just the cost of the card.
Thousands of growing brands rely on IgnitePOST