Zapier Integration with Ignite Post

Automate IgnitePost tasks using Zapier

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Seamless Integration

  • Zapier, being the powerful software integration tool it is, allows for you to weave together web applications seamlessly

  • There are over 1,500 web applications available in the Zapier directory

  • IgnitePost has developed “Actions” to work with CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, eCommerce shops, and other tools that work with Zapier including HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, Klaviyo, Close, and Amazon Sellers

  • There is so much that can be done through Zapier


How to make a zap incorporating google sheets and ignitepost through Zapier


Step 1: Choose Google Sheets as your app, and for this example we are going to make the Trigger Event to be when a new spreadsheet row is added to the Google Sheet.

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Step 2: From here, you want to choose the spreadsheet that you are going to use, along with what workbook within that spreadsheet.

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Step 3: You want to integrate this Trigger with our service, IgnitePost. Do this by searching IgnitePost and selecting it.


Step 4: You now want to choose an Action Event to occur when the Trigger Event from earlier happens. So now every time a new spreadsheet row is added, it will create a handwritten card for the person in that row.

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Step 5: The first time doing this, you are going to have to link your IgnitePost account. You will have to add the account you have with us at this step.

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Step 6: When you try to add a new account, this window will pop up. It is asking for you to enter you API Key. In order to access this API Key, you will now need to visit our dashboard at

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Step 7: In order to find your API Key, go to the top right corner where you name is and hover your mouse over the name. A drop down menu should appear, in that drop down menu you are going to click on API Keys.

Zapier Snippet 9.PNG

Step 8: You will now be taken to the page where you API Key is. You are going to have to press “Show” in order to make the key visible. Copy this API Key.

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Step 9: You are going to paste the API Key into the screen that asked for an API Key earlier. You account is now linked. This process only needs to be done the first time you are linking an account.


Step 10: From here, you can choose to completely customize this card by linking the information from your Google Sheet to the message, or you can pull in an existing letter template you have already made on our site.

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IgnitePost is a handwritten mail & analytics service.  It is the easiest, most convenient, and most effective way to send personalized handwritten cards to any client, customer, or prospect. Relationships are critical to sales.  We create the meaningful connections that enable more sales.  We do this by providing the best, highly personalized mail outreach service available in a turnkey manner!

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