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Why is IgnitePOST the Best Alternative to Audience.co

Learn why IgnitePOST is the best alternative to Audience.co for sending handwritten notes and automating direct mail marketing campaigns.

Handwritten notes and direct mail campaigns have emerged as powerful tools, cutting through digital noise to foster genuine customer engagement, and businesses, recognizing their effectiveness, are already using platforms like Audience. 

If you've used Audience in the past and are looking for the best alternative, this article explains why IgnitePOST is the best solution for you!

Recap: What is Audience? 

Audience as an AI-driven marketing solution, enabled businesses to automate creating handwritten notes and direct mail marketing campaigns. It specialized in handwritten notes for enhanced customer engagement and lead generation. The platform provided a comprehensive service—choosing templates, sequences, and graphics for maximum ROI. 

Audience also used a targeting database to streamline lead generation, ensuring personalized QR-coded notes are printed, handwritten, and sent via first-class mail. 

Key features included: 

  • AI-powered, proven templates
  • Pre-built campaigns 
  • Unlimited maps searches
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom graphics
  • AI-built email newsletters

Meet the best alternative to Audience - IgnitePOST 

IgnitePOST is a leading solution for the automated creation of pen and ink handwritten notes and cards on premium paper, crafted by custom robots in various styles, conveying a genuine human touch. IgnitePOST also offers easy integration with existing CRM and marketing platforms, and the platform's flexible pricing model caters to diverse business needs. 

Key features include: 

  • Handwritten cards & envelopes
  • Full-color professional-grade custom card image printing
  • Fulfillment, packing, and shipping
  • Integration & automation w/ API, Zapier, Shopify, or CRM
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Templates
  • Card insertions - Gift cards, stickers, business cards...etc. 
  • Duplication of your handwriting 

Why is IgnitePOST the best?

IgnitePOST stands out as a top choice for several reasons:

1. Easy migration 

We prioritize the safe migration of your campaigns and customer data, ensuring a smooth shift. Transitioning to IgnitePOST is seamless and supported by our dedicated customer success team. 

Our team collaborates with you to understand your business goals, leveraging insights from our extensive experience with over 1,000 brands. As you make the move from Audience to IgnitePOST, we aim to give you improved performance and better results.

2. Robust technology

IgnitePOST uses cutting-edge custom handwriting robots and advanced automation for the seamless scaling of direct mail campaigns. 

This technology ensures hyper-personalization and behavioral targeting, earning IgnitePOST recognition as a High Performer by G2 for its impactful technology and positive customer outcomes.

3. Powerful integrations 

IgnitePOST provides seamless integration with leading CMS, CRM, marketing automation, and other solutions such as Act-on, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, Close, and more. 

With pre-built integrations, out-of-the-box API options, and Zapier connections to 1,500+ apps, IgnitePOST ensures connected experiences for customers. Offering bespoke integrations with any platform, it stands out as the best alternative to Audience. 

Explore all integrations here

4. Support and concierge services 

IgnitePOST offers two levels of customer assistance: personalized 1:1 onboarding for easy setup and strategic campaign guidance, ensuring a smooth transition and improved results. 

The full Managed Services offering is a concierge service that manages every aspect of handwritten mail campaigns, providing access to extensive expertise from collaborations with numerous brands. IgnitePOST's unwavering commitment to unparalleled support, from onboarding to campaign analysis, ensures optimal utilization and positions it as the best alternative to Audience.

5. More customizations

IgnitePOST is the best alternative to Audience, providing unmatched customization. With options for brand colors, logos, diverse handwriting styles, and various stationery, IgnitePOST ensures your handwritten notes are both personalized and distinctive, enhancing brand recall.

6. Hyper-personalization

IgnitePOST's technology and automation go beyond using just the first name for personalization. With the ability to tailor messages based on user attributes and campaign goals, IgnitePOST stands out as the premier alternative to Audience. 

Leveraging your data, we enable hyper-personalized campaigns that align with the customer's journey. For example, you can trigger campaigns based on past behavior or customer feedback, ensuring messages are highly relevant.

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7. Behavioral targeting

IgnitePOST strategically targets recipients by addressing specific behaviors. This precision ensures that messages resonate, contributing to enhanced response rates. The result is an increase in response rate  and an overall boost in conversion rates.

Results when you work with IgnitePOST 

IgnitePOST is the choice of over a thousand businesses, and the outcomes speak to its promising effectiveness:

1. >99% Open Rate: Experience an impressive open rate, ensuring a high level of engagement and visibility for your handwritten notes, leading to increased recognition.

2. 30X More Effective Than Email: Enjoy an outstanding 30-fold increase in effectiveness compared to traditional email campaigns, enhancing lead engagement and interaction significantly.

3. 11.2X Return on Investment (and counting): Witness a substantial return on investment, showcasing profitability and success in generating revenue for businesses while continuously improving performance.

Case studies 

Here are three compelling case studies showcasing IgnitePOST's transformative impact on diverse businesses:

#1 Case Study: Point Broadband


Point Broadband stands at the forefront of providing high-speed, reliable fiber broadband services to rural and suburban America. 


Point Broadband wanted customers to transition from legacy cable to their advanced fiber streaming service. This required educating customers about the benefits of the new fiber streaming plan. Recognizing the limitations of digital-only channels, Point Broadband sought a more personal and reliable medium.


Point Broadband partnered with IgnitePOST, leveraging their Managed Services to devise and execute a comprehensive omnichannel engagement strategy. The approach involved sending personalized handwritten cards to customers, followed by a targeted email outreach campaign. 

IgnitePOST split the engagement into two cohorts, allowing for insights gained from the first cohort to optimize results in the second.

Services provided by IgnitePOST to Point Broadband:

  • Customer discovery
  • Handwritten message creation
  • Card design
  • Email sequence creation
  • A / B testing strategy
  • Response tracking and analysis
  • Reporting KPI metrics for optimization


  • Cohort 1 showcased impressive results with a 62.63% total conversion rate.
  • Cohort 2 achieved an extraordinary 73.5% total conversion rate. 

#2 Case Study: Blue Men Moving


Blue Men Moving is a distinguished player in the home services industry, specializing in local and long-distance moving, packing, and storage. 


Blue Men Moving faced the challenge of cold lead outreach and sought to leverage IgnitePOST for a unique and personalized approach. 

The goal was to establish a connection with potential customers through handwritten notes, acknowledging the limited pool of individuals in need of moving services and the importance of making a lasting impression.


Blue Men Moving adopted a multi-phase approach to their campaign, adapting based on learnings from different iterations. The first outreach involved a soft introduction on a card with the company's logo, resulting in a 1.61% response rate.

In subsequent iterations, Blue Men Moving introduced a QR code on the front of their handwritten notes, linking to a landing page with general company information. 

The critical breakthrough, however, came in the third iteration, emphasizing the timeliness of outreach. Integrating IgnitePOST with Google Sheets allowed them to trigger handwritten notes within 24 hours of a property listing.


  • This QR modification led to an increased response rate of 1.78%. 
  • Google Sheets integration boosted the conversion rate from 1.6% to an impressive 5.33%, marking a 234% improvement.
  • The campaign achieved an outstanding 24.2% conversion rate.

#3 Case Study: Legion


Legion Athletics is a prominent player in the e-commerce industry, specializing in all-natural sports supplements. The brand offers a diverse range of products, including protein powders, bars, protein cookies, vitamins, and various supplements.  


Legion Athletics faced the challenge of retaining supplement memberships and sought to extend the duration of customer subscriptions. Recognizing the significant impact of customer retention on profitability, the goal was to experiment with strategies to prevent churn and foster a longer-lasting commitment from subscribers.


Legion implemented a personalized handwritten note outreach strategy through IgnitePOST. Leveraging data on average subscription lengths, Legion identified the critical churn point and strategically sent handwritten notes one month before this period. 

Also, Legion seamlessly integrated IgnitePOST with Klaviyo, their marketing automation tool. This allowed them to effortlessly incorporate the handwritten notes into their existing marketing flows. 


  • The conversion rate from the triggered handwritten notes stood at an impressive 6.4%. 
  • Legion's subscriber base grew by a remarkable 52.4%.
  • Taking advantage of IgnitePOST's Exclusive Klaviyo Offer, Legion benefited from a $1,000 credit,
  • The automation seamlessly ran each month, consistently recovering 6.4% of customers at risk of churning. 

Embrace the handwritten revolution with IgnitePOST

IgnitePOST is not just an alternative; it's a transformative force in the realm of personalized customer engagement. 

With exceptional results and a commitment to innovation, IgnitePOST stands as the best choice for businesses seeking authentic connections with their audience. Whether your campaigns are already running or on the horizon, we'll seamlessly transition you from Audience. 

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