Athenahealth Selects IgnitePost to aid in Sales Outreach

A case study of how Athenahealth is using IGNITEPOST to close more business.

Back Story

Athenahealth provides network-enabled services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps. To aid in their vision of building the healthcare internet, Athena turned to IgnitePost to help accelerate their sales prospecting.

The Challenge

Athenahealth aims to ‘let doctors be doctors’. Their goal is to unleash doctors from the repetitive and tedious tasks that take time away from them and their patients. The problem? Providers are already being pulled in many directions and are strapped for time! That’s the very reason why they would be such a great fit for Athena’s solution! As a result, Athenahealth needed a way for their outreach to cut through the noise and set themselves apart from everyone else.

The Solution

Athena’s solution involved using IgnitePost as a prospecting mechanism to connect with the decision makers in a way that captured their full attention. The approach? Send physical outreach to the decision makers at their target hospitals with a both a personalized image as well as a personalized message. This combination was specifically designed to accomplish both of Athena’s goals. The physical outreach ensured that the target decision maker was actually reached. As we’ve mentioned prior, physical outreach is 30X more effective than digital outreach when it comes to getting a response back. There was no way for something physical to get lost in the sea of email and digital marketing that is so prevalent today. The personalized image added a connection component so that the decision maker took the outreach seriously. This came in the form of a recent image from one of the company’s social media profiles which was instantly recognizable. Lastly, the personalized message in the IgnitePost had a specific ask / call to action suggesting how the person could follow up with Athena.

The result? Athenahealth was able to cut through the digital noise and actually reach their prospective customers in a much more effective way. The best part? By using IgnitePost, it didn’t impose any extra workload on the team at Athena! IgnitePost’s solution does all of the selecting, personalization, and shipping on your behalf!

About IgnitePost


IgnitePost helps businesses accelerate their sales and revenue without adding any workload to your existing team. By using personalized physical outreach on your behalf, we open conversations with your prospective clients, activate your sales leads, and drive referrals from current customers … all without requiring any work from you!

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