Founder Explains How to Build A Strong Network

Are you trying to build a stronger network? Do you struggle to maintain long-term customer/client relationships? It may be time to evaluate your strategy and implement new tactics into your game plan going forward. Steve Sims, author of BlueFish, offers tips on how to strengthen your network and reach clients in a more personal way.

In The Art of Charm podcast, Sims, enlightens us with his methodologies for better relationships. The mantra of Steve Sim’s is simple: “Dig your well before you’re thirsty.”

  • Before asking something of someone, you need to have to have a good relationship with them. Relationships are very important. They take awhile to develop, and only a small time to destroy.

  • They are fragile, rarely have second chances, and in one moment can be soured.

  • Your network can go a long way. When you use your network effectively, you can break into other networks. An introduction to someone outside of your network → connected by a warm lead through someone credible in your network.

  • Refresh your network constantly: update new contacts, and thoroughly check your old ones.

  • Keep your contacts on an excel spreadsheet.

  • Check in with clients every 3-6 months, and give them a call.

  • Record what you talk about in your calendar - at the end of the call, reschedule a call for 3 or 6 months in the future → this way, you can refer to your conversation on the next call and make a more personal connection.

  • When you make this a habit, it becomes one of the most efficient ways to build and strengthen your network.

Ensure that you are top of mind in your network by sending physical mail

  • Sims advises to “go where it is quieter” and send mail to clients because an email takes one finger to delete and with a letter it takes much more than that to throw away.

  • It can be more effective because you are getting more of the senses (sight, AND touch) involved and you are standing out among a much smaller pile, as opposed to the 100s of emails coming through an inbox each day.

  • Communicating via physical mail allows you to break out of the digitized, highly cluttered and distracting online world. It is a tactic that many preach, but few practice.

Measuring success through the network you create and maintain

  • When you start looking at your network and begin to feel as though you are more connected, you will feel more accomplished.

  • Another aspect of refurbishing your network is removing people who have become strangers, or have made negative impressions on you. When someone is no longer an asset, on your side, or is getting in your way - cut them out and remove them from the list. You will have more time to focus on new client introductions.

  • As your you fine-tune your network, it will become stronger and your business will grow.

Strengthening relationships with IgnitePost

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