How Realtors Can Leverage IgnitePost to Build Better Client Relationships

Working as a realtor involves maintaining consistent relations with clients throughout the year. Much of the real estate industry focuses on relationships with people that are either in stressful situations or on emotional roller coasters. As a result, it is important to consistently check in with clients.

However, many methods, such as email, that were once useful at doing so have now become ineffective. According to Statista, almost 320 billion marketing emails are expecting to be sent daily by 2021. As a result, inboxes are overflowing, making it increasingly difficult to get the attention of prospects.

Keller Williams’ 33 Touch plan

Within the 33 Touch Plan, realtors reach out to potential clients 33 times a year, 12 of which involve sending direct mail to clients. However, regular direct mail has also become ineffective, with 20% of direct mail being thrown away without being opened. This can be overcome though.

What better way is there to do that than sending handwritten notes?

The content of handwritten notes has a high chance of reaching the recipient due to the personalization and unique touch.

When to Send Handwritten Notes

  1. Closing anniversaries

    A house is more than just a physical structure. Aside from providing shelter, a house can provide a sense of belonging to the buyer and is the setting of many memories to be made.

    Handwritten notes are a great way to add a personalized touch when it comes to celebrating the anniversaries of your clients’ home purchases.

  2. Birthdays

    Sending a handwritten birthday card to your clients is a great way to show you care about them as people. Birthday cards are a great way to maintain a good relationship with buyers. With so many messages being sent out nowadays, it is important to focus on personalization and avoid making the relationship seem transactional only. This can help cut through the noise.

  3. Holidays

    The holidays are a great way to reconnect with clients. Stay top of mind by letting your clients know how thankful you are for them.

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