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Building Customer Loyalty in Ecommerce with IgnitePOST

To build customer loyalty, you have to foster a relationship with your customers. There are several ways to build customer loyalty and numerous benefits to increasing it.

Customer loyalty is essential to business success in today’s relationship-centric era. If you’ve already got people through the sales funnel, you need to ensure they will stay to maximize profitability. To build customer loyalty, you have to foster a relationship with your customers. There are several ways to build customer loyalty and numerous benefits to increasing it.


Having loyal customers is immensely beneficial to businesses, as retaining customers is 25 times less expensive than attaining new ones. At the same time, loyal customers will likely make up 20% of your clientele, yet they will provide up to 80% of your revenue, as reported by Emarsys. Loyal customers can also suggest your brand to others, leave positive reviews and create social proof for your brand, and help you build your reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

Messaging campaigns can be effective ways to build a relationship with your customers to foster a relationship. However, many people have inboxes full of companies trying to get their attention and convert them into loyal customers. So, use a more effective method instead! Handwritten mail outreach has been proven to be 30x more effective than digital and email outreach and is guaranteed to increase revenue.

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Most companies use emails to reach out to customers. The Point reported that the average response rate is a mere 7% for email campaigns. IgnitePost found that its handwritten direct mail campaigns saw 21.3x higher response rates than email campaigns. IgnitePOST client, PurePlates, saw a 68% response rate with the help of IgnitePOST’s services. As emails are free, and it’s very easy to create mass email campaigns, they have no perceived value. Handwritten cards have obvious value as they take time, consideration, and more money than email.


There are many ways to use handwritten letter services to retain loyal customers. Abandoned cart reminders can be very successful. An email of the same message can be easily disregarded, but a letter with an abandoned cart reminder shows shoppers that you value their business enough to write them. Gratitude for VIP customers or subscription invites also see success through this platform. Again, a mass email inviting you to a subscription speaks of no sincerity. However, a handwritten card will encourage people to subscribe to your company or join a VIP or a customer loyalty program because they see the time and effort you afford to your customers. Lastly, letters asking for reviews or thanking customers for their business are seen as simple and genuine and always hit the mark.

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Using handwritten letter services is a sure-fire way to build customer loyalty. The time and effort you give to your customers are the keys to building a relationship. Nothing speaks of that more than a handwritten card in the mail. With IgnitePOST’s services, you can build your loyal customer base in a fast, simple, and cost-effective way that is 30x more effective than its digital counterparts. This method will show that your company is thoughtful, reliable, and noteworthy.



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