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Everything You Need to Know About Thank You Cards for Businesses in 2023

Successful businesses are built on rock-solid relationships with your employees, vendors, and, most importantly, customers. Your customers are the lifeline of your business. Maintaining a positive association with clients and business associates ensures success.

Sending thank you cards for your business is a simple and effective way to show gratitude to the people who play an integral role in growing your business. 

Thank you cards for customers are an effective marketing strategy to boost your business and build customer loyalty, ensuring they know how much you value their contributions.

In the digital age, handwritten thank-you cards are less common than they used to be. But isn't there something special about receiving a thank you card from someone who wrote down words of appreciation? So why not take the time to make someone feel special?

What are thank you cards for businesses?

Everyone loves being thanked. A heartfelt gesture of appreciation always encourages positive relationships. And what better way to express gratitude than a handwritten thank you card?

A personalized thank you card for business is a professional way to express appreciation from your business to an employee, current customer, or prospective client. 

The art of sending a thank you card is often overlooked, specifically when it comes to business. Sending customers a business thank you card is an excellent way to show thoughtfulness and make a lasting impression.

Why should your business send thank you cards?

Writing a thank you card is a simple gesture, but it can help build customer loyalty and make clients feel valued.

Sending handwritten thank-you cards for business is one of the simplest ways to nurture a long-term relationship with your customers. Here's why we believe thank you cards need to make a comeback: 

1. Shows Customers You Care

Make sure that your customers know they matter. They appreciate knowing that you sincerely valued and enjoyed collaborating with them. Sending a thank you for your order or thank you for your business is an excellent way to acknowledge and strengthen something valuable in your business relationship.

2. Offers a Personal Touch

One of the main reasons customers purchase from small businesses is because they value them and want to see them flourish. When small businesses send a thank you note to customers, it reiterates the value the customers place on them, appreciates the support, and offers a personal touch.

3. Builds Customer Loyalty

Sending thank you cards for business shows your appreciation and establishes strong relationships with your existing and potential customers. It makes your customers feel that someone appreciates them enough to take the time to write a thank you note, and the response and feelings are reciprocated. We all know that solid relationships matter more than social media sites or technology for customer loyalty and advocacy.

4. Sets you apart

Would you prefer receiving a generic social media text, email, or a personalized handwritten thank you card? As a business, if you want to stand out and be more valued, the simplest thing you can do is write that thank-you card. It's a small gesture, but it leaves a huge impression because it's acknowledging and saying thank you to someone who has believed in and valued your business. 

5. Customer Appreciation

Social media connections lack the personal touch that your customers want from you, and handwritten personalized thank you notes for customers do that job for you. They're one of the unique forms of communication other than face-to-face contact. What's more thoughtful than showing others how much you appreciate and acknowledge their contributions?

Thank You Cards are not just for small businesses; they are for everyone! 

Don't we all remember the beginnings and endings of an interaction? 

After all, the first impression is the last! 

But we often miss out on building a solid and memorable ending to a customer interaction, which is very important as the end of an exchange lingers in your customers' minds for a long time.

Ensuring a positive and memorable end to customer interaction is vital. Show that you care, the association matters to you, and you wish the customer continues the association and refers you to their friends.

Your heartfelt appreciation encourages positive relationships, loyalty, and reliable service in the future. Be genuine and sincere in expressing your gratitude and sincerity, and what better way to do that than a handwritten thank you card?  

Thank-you cards can portray your business in a more positive light, especially when you're making new contacts. For instance, sending festive greetings during the holiday season, or thanking business professionals for sharing ideas at corporate events that help build a new business relationship, make people value your business's personal touch.

Your business should send thank-you cards to everyone you interact with. After all, who wouldn't like to do business with someone that took the time to thank you?

Don't forget the people you interact with regularly, such as your business partners, contractors, and employees. Personalized thank-you cards can show these people that you acknowledge, appreciate, and value their efforts. Make it part of your company culture to write and send them regularly.

When should you send thank you cards? 

While handwritten thank you cards can be sent anytime, here are some standard occasions when people send them:

  • When other businesses meet with you to brainstorm ideas to work together in the future.
  • Whenever an employee works hard and puts in time and effort on a particular project.
  • Whenever an employee covers for someone because they have an emergency.
  • Thank the clients during the holiday season for their constant support throughout the year.
  • When a customer makes a purchase from your business. 
  • When a customer leaves a review on your product or service. 
  • When a customer has reached a VIP level/ status. 
  • When a vendor or supplier has gone beyond his way to be helpful.
  • Whenever your boss helps you solve a problem.
  • Whenever your boss does you a favor.
  • When someone announces they are leaving the company or moving to another department.
  • When you announce, you're leaving the company or moving to a different department.
  • Thank the person who interviewed you for their time and patience.
  • Thank the key participants after a meeting for attending and sharing their insights.
  • When someone refers a new client, thank them for showing your gratitude and encourage them to continue referring people to you.
  • Take a few moments and recognize the value of your long-term customers with a thank you card at the one-year, five-year, or 10-year mark.
  • If you have a customer who leaves you testimonials, you should thank them for endorsing your products and services.
  • Out of the blue. These are the best kinds of thank you notes, sent randomly throughout the year to remind customers how much they mean to you.

What should you include in your thank you card? 

1. Reason for sending the thank you card 

Generic thank-you cards by businesses may get lost in junk mail. But, a custom-made thank you card for your business with a handwritten note gives it a personal touch and is more likely to be opened and read.

A business thank you note doesn't have to be lengthy; keeping it short and specific is best. Make sure you use a sincere tone and describe in detail why you're sending the note and close with a call to action or end it on a polite note.

Your thank you card is also part of your marketing strategy. So, take caution while writing or designing your card as you expose your company's name, logo, and business to your customers.

2. Keep your note personalized 

Show the recipient that you remember details about them without sounding creepy. It should feel natural and make the recipient feel you care about them personally, not just for your business.

  • Start your thank-you card with a greeting containing the recipient's name. Depending on the tone and image of your business, you can also prefix the title with a salutation such as Hi, Dear, Hello.
  • The body of your card is the thank you itself, so do it right. Make it genuine and specific so the receiver knows you understand and value what they did for your organization. Don't add unnecessary humor or gush excessively in your card, as these may seem insincere.
  • Finally, add a closing statement. Choose whatever closing feels most natural for you, but make sure to end with a greeting that feels comfortable to both of you. You can close the note by saying, Best Wishes, Sincerely, Thanks again, With gratitude, Keep in touch.

3. Brand the card

Thank you cards are physical cards, so ensure that when the receiver holds it in their hands, they feel good about it. Ensure the card looks attractive and visually appealing, including the material, colors, logo, font, etc.

Also, consider choosing a standout envelope to influence the receiver's anticipation even before they even open it. Don't use the same kind of envelope you send invoices or statements in, as that'll not create the desired impact you want!

Choose block or cursive fonts with different variations of styles, from casual to formal, that match your business branding. Ensure that you upload a signature for that final personalized touch.

4. Ways to contact you 

The most important thing to remember is to include a way for the customer to contact you. Your goal should be to boost more business in the future. But handle it tactfully and don't make it seem like you're trying to promote your business rather than express genuine appreciation. 

Close your note with a CTA asking if they want to follow up and seek more information about your business.

5. Incentivize for another purchase 

You need not restrict yourself to sending cards saying "Thank You!" Feel free to offer discounts or incentives for frequent customers. You can encourage repeat sales by giving them a personalized discount or a reason to come back to your business again.

For instance, you can send a thank you card to subscription customers at the end of a year, showing gratitude and incentivizing them with exclusive benefits for extending the same. 

5 Examples of Thank You Cards from Businesses 

Now that you know what makes a great thank you card, here are 5 examples you can use as a reference to see how it’s done!

1. Stride

This handwritten thank-you note from a business called Stride is a fantastic example of the human touch. It starts with a casual "Howdy," goes on to say nice things, and closes with a smiley face.

If you notice, they're not being promotional and not trying to sell anything; instead, they have offered a discount code to share with their friends. It encourages word-of-mouth marketing without sounding salesy.

2. Jimyz Automotive 

Take a look at this handwritten thank you note from Jimyz Automotive. The customer who received this personalized thank you note is sure to remember it for a long time, and the next time they need a car service, it's no doubt that Jimyz Automotive will immediately come to their mind!

3. Casper

This heartfelt and playful thank you note congratulates the customer on their brand new purchase. Along with the sweet welcome, the little drawing of a pig is a nice, humorous touch that’s sure to make one chuckle.

4. Dr. Dawn Wehking

No one likes doctor's appointments, and a handwritten thank you card can certainly brighten up a patient’s day. This thank you message from Dr. Dawn Wehking, a dentist, is already ahead of the game. You can notice that she has also added a personal touch by welcoming her to the family and also asking about her Europe trip.

5. Sola Salon Studios

Sometimes even a basic thank-you message expressing gratitude for staying loyal goes a long way! This thank you card by Sola Salon Studios is short, sweet, and sure to make the customer happy. 

Wrapping it Up

Finding the time to write business cards may seem daunting, but sending them will help you make a positive impact in the minds of your clients. 

Unfortunately, you need loads of time and effort to handwrite each card personally, and doing so at scale for a business is more challenging.

This is where IgnitePOST comes into play. It uses the traditional pen and paper but with the help of robots.  It can also integrate with your CRM, facilitating the process of sending thank you cards to the right person at the right time.

Schedule a demo with IgnitePOST now to learn how to improve customer relationships in just a few clicks!

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