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10 Must-Have Automations to Set Up in Klaviyo for Sending Handwritten Cards

Do you have segments of customers in your email lists on Klaviyo? Set up these 10 automations to use handwritten notes alongwith email marketing to boost engagement.

In the era of digital saturation, where emails, social media campaigns, and digital content flood the marketing landscape, a handwritten card shines like a beacon of personalization that stands out in the crowd. 

Handwritten cards have experienced a significant resurgence, captivating businesses worldwide as they integrate this personalized touch into their marketing strategies to forge deeper connections with their customers.

The Power and Allure of Handwritten Notes

Why are handwritten cards making such a profound impact in this rapidly evolving digital landscape? The answer lies in our innate human desire for authenticity and personal connection.

A handwritten card is an expression of care and consideration, signifying that someone took the time to craft a message solely for the recipient. Amidst ubiquitous digital marketing tactics, a physical note stands out, offering a refreshing and personal touch.

Recognizing this unique impact, businesses worldwide are reincorporating this traditional approach into their marketing strategies. The old-school charm of handwritten cards is being harnessed to foster deeper customer relationships and engagement.

However, it's not enough to simply send out handwritten cards — their impact significantly depends on timing. Sending these tokens of appreciation at the right moment can amplify the intended impact and ensure your message resonates deeply with the recipient. 

Whether it's a timely birthday wish, a note of appreciation after a big purchase, or a gentle nudge towards a forgotten cart, the perfect timing of your handwritten card can turn a simple gesture into a powerful engagement tool.

The good news? 

If you're leveraging Klaviyo's powerful marketing platform, you're already halfway there! In this blog, we'll take you through the top 10 must-have Klaviyo automations for sending handwritten cards, empowering your business to seamlessly blend the traditional charm of handwritten notes with the precision and scalability of modern marketing automation.

10 Must-Have Klaviyo Automations for Handwritten Notes

Let’s delve into 10 powerful Klaviyo automations that can enrich your handwritten notes:

1. Welcome Series Based on Acquisition Source

The welcome series in e-commerce is akin to a store greeter—it sets the first impression. With Klaviyo automations, brands can optimize this by tailoring messages based on where customers come from, whether it's social media, referrals, or email campaigns.

Adding a handwritten note to this digital process can significantly elevate its impact. In today's digital-heavy era, a tangible note stands out, offering a personal touch that resonates with new subscribers.

Additionally, consider exclusive offers for new subscribers. When communicated through a handwritten note, such gestures reinforce the brand value and encourage deeper engagement. 

2. Browse Abandonment Based on Cart Value

Every abandoned cart represents potential revenue left on the table. With Klaviyo's automation, brands can identify and segment customers based on their browsing patterns and cart values. This insight is invaluable for targeting high-intent users who showed interest in products but didn't finalize the purchase.

A smart strategy is to automate timely reminders nudging these prospects about their unpurchased items. However, in a saturated digital landscape, standing out is key. That's where the inclusion of a handwritten note can significantly differentiate your brand. A simple note recognizing their interest and offering assistance can bridge the gap between consideration and conversion.

Additionally, if the cart value indicates a high-spending potential, consider coupling your outreach with exclusive offers or promotions. Such gestures, especially when articulated in a handwritten format, can motivate these high-value prospects to revisit and complete their purchases. Leveraging Klaviyo's automation with a personal touch can turn browsing activity into tangible business outcomes.

3. Win-Back Inactive Contacts

Reactivating dormant customers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. With Klaviyo's advanced segmentation, you can identify contacts who've disengaged over time. Targeting these contacts through a win-back campaign can reignite their interest in your offerings.

However, merely sending a generic "We Miss You" message might not suffice. The key is to craft a personalized re-engagement strategy that addresses the specific reasons they might have become inactive. Did they find a better alternative? Was there an issue with a past purchase? Addressing these concerns directly can make your outreach more effective.

A handwritten note in this context can be a game-changer. It sends a clear message: "We value you." By taking the time to pen down a personal message, you're demonstrating genuine effort to reconnect and understand their needs.

Pair this note with a unique incentive tailored to their past browsing or purchase behavior. Such gestures, especially when reinforced through a tangible note, can effectively stir emotions, renew trust, and motivate inactive contacts to rekindle their relationship with your brand.

4. Cross-Sell Opportunities

Increasing your average transaction value is essential for boosting overall revenue. 

However, the key to successful cross-selling isn't just presenting additional products; it's about making relevant suggestions that genuinely enhance the customer's initial purchase or meet another business need they might have. This demands a deep understanding of your customer's industry, challenges, and objectives.

Here's where a handwritten note can amplify your cross-selling efforts. Imagine a scenario where, alongside an automated product recommendation, a customer receives a personal note. This note could highlight how the additional product can go well with their recent purchase.

For instance, if a customer has recently bought a stylish evening dress from your store, a handwritten note suggesting a matching clutch or piece of jewelry can underline the fashion statement they're aiming for. By highlighting how the combination can create a complete and cohesive look for their next event, you're not merely upselling an accessory, but offering a curated style recommendation tailored just for them.

With Klaviyo's data-driven insights, you can identify products or services that complement your customers' recent purchases, opening up avenues for effective cross-selling.

5. Back-in-Stock and Price-Drop Alerts for VIPs

For an e-commerce brand, ensuring product availability and competitive pricing is crucial to retaining loyal customers. VIP customers, in particular, contribute significantly to your revenue and deserve special attention. 

Yet, in the sea of notifications that a customer receives daily, standing out is paramount. That’s where the element of personalization plays a pivotal role. Sending an automated alert is effective, but accompanying it with a handwritten note elevates the experience. It conveys appreciation, letting your customers know they're not just another order number.

For example, if a customer had previously shown interest in a limited-edition watch that went out of stock, receiving a personalized handwritten note along with the restock alert can make a huge difference. 

The note can express gratitude for their patience and perhaps offer a special discount as a gesture of goodwill. This not only brings the product back to their attention but also reinforces their special status with your brand. Klaviyo's automated alert system can inform these top-tier customers about restocks or price reductions on items they've shown interest in.

6. Special events Messages with a Discount

Special events hold sentimental value for customers, be it birthdays, purchase anniversaries, or festive holidays. Leveraging Klaviyo's automation, brands can ensure timely and personalized outreach during these significant moments.

While automated messages are effective in delivering personalized content, incorporating handwritten notes takes this automation to a whole new level.

  1. Personalized Birthday Wishes: Segment your audience based on birthdates in Klaviyo and trigger personalized birthday messages. Include handwritten notes to add an authentic touch that digital communication can't replicate. Consider offering exclusive discounts or promotions in the handwritten notes as a delightful surprise to make their birthday even more memorable.
  2. Commemorate Loyalty Anniversaries: Show appreciation for customer loyalty with personalized messages triggered by Klaviyo. Expressing gratitude through a handwritten card adds sincerity and personalization, making your customers feel valued for their continued support and fostering a sense of loyalty towards your brand.
  3. Home Goods Industry Engagement: Connect your customer with the artisan who created their product: Research shows that when customers can relate to the human side of your brand, they buy more frequently and spend more money with your brand. Handwritten notes are a great way to connect purchasers with the people at your brand! 

7. Order and Shipping Updates

Maintaining communication post-purchase is crucial for customer satisfaction. Informing customers about their orders and shipping status demonstrates transparency and professionalism. A handwritten note included in these updates can surprise and delight customers, enhancing the unboxing experience, and amplifying positive brand sentiment.

Customers will appreciate receiving timely updates on their orders, but the addition of a handwritten note takes it a step further. It shows that your brand cares about their purchase and is willing to go the extra mile to make their experience exceptional. Express gratitude for their support and assure them of your dedication to delivering a seamless shopping experience.

8. Direct Mail to Big Spenders

High-value customers are foundational, driving a substantial portion of overall profits. Using direct mail, especially personalized handwritten notes, to appreciate high-value customers is more than just a kind gesture. It's a strategic approach that not only fosters loyalty and strengthens brand connections but also underlines the ethos of a business that truly values its patrons.

Such a tangible touchpoint does more than just inform; it resonates emotionally. A handwritten note, filled with heartfelt gratitude, evokes feelings of value and exclusivity, thereby reinforcing powerful brand loyalty. Moreover, while the primary goal of such a note is to express appreciation, it can also be a subtle channel to spur further engagement. 

Exclusive previews or offers nestled within can incentivize further transactions, ensuring these high-value customers remain engaged and loyal.

9. Product review automation to grow customer loyalty

Product reviews are powerful tools for building trust and credibility. Klaviyo's automation can trigger emails requesting product reviews from recent customers. These reviews not only help potential buyers make informed decisions but also serve as valuable feedback for your business.

Include a handwritten note in the review request email to show genuine appreciation for their feedback. Express how much you value their opinion and how their input helps improve your products and services. This personal touch encourages customers to leave reviews and fosters a sense of loyalty, as they see that their opinions truly matter to your brand.

10. Thank you note to foster loyalty

Thanking customers for their purchases is a simple yet impactful way to foster loyalty. Klaviyo's automation can trigger thank-you emails after a customer makes a purchase. Take it a step further by adding a handwritten note to this email, expressing your heartfelt gratitude for their support.

A handwritten thank-you note creates a sense of connection and reciprocity, making customers feel more valued and appreciated. It strengthens the customer-brand relationship and encourages repeat business. Whether it's a first-time customer or a long-time supporter, a sincere thank-you note can leave a lasting positive impression.

Setting Up Automated Workflows in Klaviyo: A Step-by-Step Guide

Incorporating handwritten cards into your marketing strategies has never been simpler. With Klaviyo and IgnitePOST’s integration, you can enhance your marketing automation efforts with a personal touch. 

Here's a quick, step-by-step guide to setting up these automated workflows:

1. Create Your IgnitePOST Account and Letter Template 

Start by logging in to your IgnitePOST Account or creating one if you haven't already. Navigate to the 'Letter Templates' area and click the 'Create Letter Template' button. You'll be using IgnitePOST's intuitive letter template designer to create your handwritten card template.

2. Design Your Handwritten Card 

Give your Letter Template a descriptive name to easily distinguish it amongst others. Design the aesthetic elements of your card to align with your brand and the intended message.

3. Set Default Values 

Next, fill in the default values for your Return Address and card message. Take into account the limited space on the cards and preview your message to ensure it fits well. The default values can be overwritten when triggering the card from your Klaviyo flow.

4. Choose Your Card Image 

Select an image for the front of your card. IgnitePOST provides a wide array of card images, or you can upload a custom one. Don't forget to make a note of your template ID after saving your template, as you'll need it later.

5. Integrate Your Letter Template with Klaviyo 

With your IgnitePOST letter template ready, head over to Klaviyo to set up the trigger for your handwritten card. Identify the Flow where you want the card to be sent out.

6. Establish a Webhook 

Klaviyo's Webhook feature allows you to trigger the IgnitePOST card. Simply drag the 'Webhook' option to the desired spot in the flow where you want the card to be triggered.

7. Customize Your Webhook 

Assign your webhook a name for internal reference, then set up the destination URL as IgnitePOST's Order creation API endpoint. Under the header section, enter the Key/Value pair for your API key, ensuring the 'Value' field is your API key.

8. Define the Webhook JSON Body 

Use the preconfigured template provided by IgnitePOST to set up the JSON Body area. Remember to customize it as per your needs.

9. Customize Webhook Data 

Customize the JSON Body template to include the correct values, ensuring the webhook triggers the right IgnitePOST letter template. You can find your letter template ID from your IgnitePOST dashboard.

10. Verify Your Handwritten Card 

Once a test request is triggered, you will receive a Test Order Preview to your registered email address. Check the preview to make sure everything looks as expected. If any changes are needed, you can adjust the message in the webhook notification on your Klaviyo flow.

This step-by-step guide provides an overview of the process. For more detailed instructions, refer to this comprehensive guide on How to Send Handwritten Cards from a Klaviyo Flow.

Ready to Step Up Your Game with Handwritten Notes?

In the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape, the timeless appeal of a physical handwritten note remains unrivaled. When synced with Klaviyo's comprehensive automation capabilities, these handwritten notes become potent engagement drivers, promising to elevate customer relationships and boost conversion rates.

With Klaviyo automations, you can set up an integration with platforms like IgnitePOST to streamline the process of sending personalized, handwritten notes. So whether it's for a holiday greeting, a thank you note or a special event, you can ensure your brand remains at the forefront of your customer's minds, and your message arrives right on cue.

Whether it's welcoming new customers, acknowledging special occasions, appreciating high-value clientele, addressing cart abandonment, re-engaging inactive contacts, or updating order and shipping details - a personalized handwritten note can significantly enhance the impact of these communication touchpoints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Klaviyo automation? 

Klaviyo automation is a powerful feature that allows businesses to create automated workflows for their email marketing, SMS marketing, and more.

What are the benefits of Klaviyo automation? 

Klaviyo automation saves time, increases efficiency, and allows for personalized customer interaction at scale. It helps streamline your marketing efforts and improve overall customer engagement.

How do I create automation in Klaviyo? 

Creating automation in Klaviyo involves defining a trigger event, selecting filters for that event, setting up a flow of actions, specifying action timings, and testing before deployment.

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