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How to Personalize Handwritten Notes From Your Business to Win Over Customers

Personalization is non-negotiable when it comes to customer experience. Irrespective of the industry, consumers expect brands to deliver personalized and meaningful experiences throughout their customer journey consistently.

Aside from this, personalization has a marked impact on customer loyalty. Case in point, nearly 70% of customers feel that how well a brand understands their individual needs impacts their loyalty.

Of course, personalized communication and tailored messaging can be done in various ways. A unique way to approach this would be through handwritten notes. The only question is, can you really personalize handwritten notes when you send them individually?

With IgnitePOST, you can. Let’s take a look at how! 

What is personalization of handwritten notes?

In simple words, personalization is nothing but delivering tailored content to your audience by analyzing customer data in detail. The goal of personalized messaging is to capture the attention of prospective customers by interacting with them on an individual basis. This includes looking into their demographics, intent, interests, preferences and previous interactions/ engagement with your business. 

We can take these things into account and use them to personalize handwritten notes.

How to personalize handwritten notes?

If you’ve written personalized emails to your prospective customers, then you already know the nuances of tailored messaging. The great thing is that when you use a solution like IgnitePOST, you get to create and personalize handwritten notes just as you would do for an email and send them out to your customers.

To give you a better understanding, here are some ways to personalize handwritten notes: 

1. Personalize your handwritten note with the customer’s first name

When you address a customer by their first name, it tends to make them feel as though the message you’ve written is specifically meant for them. It makes the message seem far more personal and approachable.

2. Personalize with the name of the product they purchased

When sending out handwritten notes to customers, adding details about the product(s) they purchased (along with name-based personalization) makes customers feel as though a genuine effort was made to understand their individual needs and purchases. 

For instance, say you want to write out a thank you card for a customer. Adding the order details in the note, along with the name of the product they purchased, makes the note feel more intimate than a generic message.

3. Personalize handwritten notes based on engagement

In engagement-based personalization, you tailor your messaging based on the customer’s profile, behavior, and user journey.

For instance, say your existing customer Jack, has not purchased from your retail store in the last 90 days. You can send out a handwritten card to the customer saying that you noticed they hadn’t visited your store in a while and that you miss them. 

As an added bonus, you can offer them a discount on their next purchase. This is great for bringing back your customers and is a good example of how engagement-based personalization can help you win back lost customers.

4. Personalize based on intent and interest

In interest and intent based personalization, you leverage customer data to thoroughly understand user preferences. Based on this, you can then consider how you can upsell or cross-sell to a customer.

For instance, say a customer bought a very specific pair of shoes from your store. A few months later your business has launched a new category of running shoes which, based on your customer’s past preferences, may be something they might consider purchasing.

You can send out handwritten notes to your customers describing the new launch and how shoes from this category may actually be something they like. Aside from this, you can even recommend a pair of socks to go with it. This is how you can upsell using handwritten notes. 

Research shows that 80% of consumers are likely to buy from companies that provide similar tailored experiences.

5. Personalize by signing off with your name

If you have ever received thank you cards or handwritten notes from a company, you may have seen quite often, companies end such notes with their company name and logo.

The problem with such an approach is that they seem too formal and impersonal. It feels like just another advertisement and barely holds your attention.

Sending out handwritten notes that are signed off with your name makes them feel more human. Like a real person wrote it. Such a gesture can elevate the emotional connection a customer feels towards a brand.

6. Personalize by including direct mail

Now that you’ve created handwritten notes for your customers, you can add your touch a little further. You can use a picture that you’ve captured behind the scenes while making this card or the making of your products, and send it alongside the handwritten note as direct mail. 

This kind of visual personalization makes the whole experience more authentic.

Wrapping up

Personalization clearly can take different forms based on how you want to engage with your audience. The key is in understanding which kind of personalization best works with your audience. Once you figure this out, you can find that you can turn something as simple as handwritten notes into a robust channel for improved customer engagement and retention - boosting your business growth by leaps and bounds.  

A solution like IgnitePOST allows you to cut through the digital noise and engage with your customer through real pen and ink written cards and notes. 

If you’re curious to explore more, simply book a free demo with experts.

Frequently asked questions about personalized handwritten notes 

How do you personalize thank you cards?

You can personalize thank you cards in various ways. In name-based personalization, you address a customer by their first name. Similarly, you can use engagement, intent, behavior, and interest-based personalization when sending thank you cards to customers. 

Can I make my own thank you cards?

You can create your own personalized thank you card with ease. But creating them manually can be time-consuming and tough to scale. This is where leveraging solutions like IgnitePOST can come in handy - while you get to choose the handwriting style, message, card style and paper, the robots take care of writing out your messages. 

What should I write on a thank you card?

While writing your thank you card, you need to make sure to include the reason you’re sending the card, a personalized greeting and message, a few ways to contact you, and if possible an incentive to nudge the recipient to engage with your business again in some way. 

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