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13 Must-Have Automations to Set Up in Sendlane for Sending Handwritten Cards

Do you use Sendlane for email and SMS marketing campaigns? Here's how automating handwritten notes can help double the success.

In a world teeming with digital content, handwritten cards are genuine gems that radiate personal touch and stand out in the marketing milieu.

Businesses around the world are recognizing and embracing this resurgence, integrating handwritten cards into their marketing strategies to forge deeper, more meaningful connections with their clientele.

So if you’re using Sendlane for email and SMS marketing, this post is going to show you how you can get started too. 

The Power and Allure of Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes resonate deeply because they cater to our core human yearning for sincerity and genuine connection. In an environment dominated by digital marketing gimmicks, a tangible note rises above, offering a fresh, personal touch that is truly treasured.

This renewed allure of handwritten cards has prompted businesses everywhere to reintegrate this age-old tactic into their marketing mix. By leveraging the vintage charm of these notes, businesses can enhance customer connections and engagement.

However, the magic lies not just in sending these cards but in their timely delivery. The right moment can amplify the influence of these notes, making your message truly impactful.

Good news? If you're harnessing the prowess of Sendlane's formidable marketing platform, you're set! This article will guide you through the top 10 essential Sendlane automations to send handwritten cards, letting you seamlessly merge the vintage allure of handwritten notes with modern marketing automation's precision and scalability.

13 Must-Have Sendlane Automations for Handwritten Cards

Sendlane, a leading email marketing platform, offers a plethora of automation options to elevate the art of handwritten notes. Let’s delve into these powerful automations:

1. Welcome Series Tailored by Acquisition Source

  • Handwritten notes in the welcome series not only make a memorable first impression but also deeply resonate with new subscribers.
  • Acknowledging the platform through which they connected with your brand - whether social media, a referral, or an organic search - showcases attentive personalization, creating a deeper connection.
  • Make the initial engagement even more exciting by including an exclusive discount or offer within the handwritten note. This approach goes beyond a mere welcome; it's a clear message saying, "We recognize and appreciate your choice." 

2. Encourage Product Reviews

  • Product reviews are powerful tools for building trust and validation in e-commerce. With Sendlane's automation, prompt emails are dispatched to recent customers, urging them to share their insights and experiences. These reviews play a dual role: guiding potential buyers while also providing invaluable feedback to refine our offerings.
  • To amplify the impact of these requests, imagine integrating a handwritten note. This isn’t just a token of gratitude; it’s a testament to the immense value we place on their feedback. By emphasizing how their input shapes our products and enhances our services, we're inviting deeper engagement.
  • This personal touch encourages customers to leave reviews and fosters a sense of loyalty as they see that their opinions truly matter to your brand.

3. Enhance Cross-Sell Opportunities

  • Successful cross-selling goes beyond merely showcasing more products. It's anchored in presenting tailored suggestions that genuinely augment a customer's primary acquisition or address a distinct business requirement. This strategy hinges on a profound comprehension of the customer's industry, challenges, and aspirations.
  • This is where the power of a handwritten note comes into play. Visualize a scenario where, in tandem with a digital product recommendation, a customer receives a handwritten, personal note. Such a note doesn't merely list a product but highlights how it aligns seamlessly with their latest buy.
  • For example, if a customer has chosen an elegant evening gown from your collection, a handwritten note drawing their attention to a matching handbag or accessory not only complements their choice but reinforces their style quotient. By emphasizing how these paired items can cultivate a cohesive ensemble for their forthcoming occasion, you're transcending a simple upsell. You're crafting a personalized style narrative just for them.
  • Harnessing Sendlane's analytics, brands can discern products that align with a customer's recent selections, laying the groundwork for effective cross-selling strategies.

4. Revive Inactive Contacts

  • Inactive contacts represent untapped potential. Revitalizing connections with inactive clients often yields a higher ROI than attracting new ones. Utilizing Sendlane's sophisticated segmentation tools, you can spotlight those contacts who've gradually faded away. Initiating targeted win-back campaigns based on this segmentation offers a chance to re-spark their interest in your offerings.
  • A standard "We Miss You" email might get lost in the noise. This is where the subtlety and sincerity of a handwritten note come into play. It unequivocally communicates, "Your association matters to us." Such a deliberate gesture underscores a sincere commitment to re-establish the bond and cater to their preferences.
  • To make this reconnection even more compelling, combine the note with an incentive that resonates with their previous interactions or purchases. 

5. Targeted Outreach for Browse Abandonment

  • Every abandoned cart represents unrealized potential for your business. Introducing a handwritten note turns a routine cart reminder into an intimate nudge, capturing the recipient's attention in a cluttered digital world.
  • Leveraging Sendlane's advanced segmentation allows you to delve deep into specific browsing habits, helping identify carts brimming with unrealized potential and opportunity.
  • For high-ticket carts, augment the handwritten note with bespoke offers or incentives. This not only revives interest but also offers a compelling reason for customers to finalize their intended purchases. 

6. VIP Alerts for Restocks and Price Drops

  • Product availability and keen pricing form the backbone of e-commerce loyalty, especially when catering to VIP customers who significantly bolster your bottom line. Given the volume of notifications inundating customers daily, differentiating your alerts becomes essential.
  • This is where tailored personalization shines. While automated alerts efficiently convey information, coupling them with a handwritten note transforms the message. It shifts from a mere notification to a gesture of genuine appreciation, emphasizing that the recipient is more than just a transaction reference.
  • Consider a VIP who had eyed a limited-edition item that was momentarily unavailable. As it returns to stock, an accompanying handwritten note can enhance the standard restock alert. This note could articulate gratitude for their patience, possibly sweetened with an exclusive discount. Such a gesture not only refocuses their attention on the desired item but also underscores their esteemed relationship with your brand.
  • Sendlane's automated alerts mechanism ensures these high-value patrons are promptly informed about the availability or price adjustments of their sought-after items, making these interactions even more impactful.

7. Prioritize Direct Mail for High-Value Customers

  • High-value customers are the backbone of a brand's success. In a world inundated with digital notifications, direct mail (and especially a handwritten note) emerges as a distinct, heartfelt gesture. Such tangible communication amplifies their significance, adding a layer of intimacy that digital means often lack.
  • But what amplifies this gesture is not just the personalized note itself, but also the inclusion of a tailor-made offer designed exclusively for them. Such offers, be it discounts, early access, or bespoke products, accentuate the message: "We recognize, value, and reward your loyalty." This twofold approach of a heartfelt note combined with a customized offer creates a compelling proposition they simply cannot ignore.

8. Order and Shipping Updates

Once a customer completes their purchase, the journey shouldn't end there. The post-purchase phase is ripe with opportunities to fortify your brand-customer relationship. And with order and shipping updates, you have a golden chance to make this phase memorable.

  • Transparency is Key: As customers eagerly await their orders, keeping them in the loop regarding the status of their purchase is non-negotiable. It sets clear expectations and builds trust. Sending them regular updates—be it an order confirmation, a dispatch notification, or a delivery date—highlights your brand's commitment to transparency and professionalism.
  • The Handwritten Touch: While email and SMS updates are standard, imagine the surprise and joy when a customer receives a handwritten note detailing their order status. This tangible, personal touch stands out in today’s digital-heavy world. Whether it's a simple "Your order is on its way!" or "Thank you for your patience; your order will reach you soon!", a handwritten message can significantly elevate the customer's anticipation and excitement.
  • Gratitude in Writing: Beyond just providing updates, use this touchpoint as a chance to express genuine gratitude. A line that acknowledges their choice in choosing your brand or thanking them for their patience can create lasting impressions. It's a nod to the fact that every customer matters, and your brand is genuinely thankful for their patronage.
  • Seamless Experience Commitment: By incorporating handwritten notes in order updates, you're also subtly assuring customers of your brand's unwavering commitment to a seamless shopping experience. It conveys that you're not just another company making a sale but a brand that deeply values its customer relationships.

9. Celebrate Special Events with Exclusive Offers

Special occasions always call for a little extra attention, and what better way to amplify that sentiment than with a handwritten note? With Sendlane’s robust automation features, brands can seamlessly integrate this old-world charm into their digital marketing strategies.

  • Personalized Birthday Greetings: By segmenting your audience based on their birthdates in Sendlane, you can automate the process of sending out heartfelt birthday messages. But here's where the magic happens: Instead of a standard email, dispatch a handwritten note. The tangible feel of the paper, combined with a penned message, conveys warmth and authenticity that digital messages simply can't. As a cherry on top, slip in a special discount code or an exclusive offer within the note. This small gesture can transform their birthday into an unforgettable experience.
  • Marking Loyalty Milestones: Celebrate the bond you've forged with your long standing customers. Set up automation triggers in Sendlane to recognize customer loyalty anniversaries. Whether it's their first purchase anniversary or their fifth, a handwritten card expressing gratitude carries a profound touch. Such gestures don’t just show appreciation but also reinforce the brand's commitment to its community. Throw in a loyalty discount, and you've made their day extra special!
  • Festival Bonanza: During festive seasons, when inboxes are flooded with generic promotional emails, stand out by sending a handwritten note. Segment your audience based on their celebration preferences, be it Christmas, Diwali, or Hanukkah, and customize your notes accordingly. A personalized festive greeting combined with a timely discount can spark joy and drive sales.

10. Express Gratitude to Bolster Loyalty

Another way to make your customers feel special is to occasionally reach out to say thank you, instead of the usual promotions. 

  • Thanking customers for their purchases is a simple yet impactful way to foster loyalty. While Sendlane's automation can trigger thank-you emails after a customer makes a purchase, take it a step further by adding a handwritten note in addition to this email, expressing your heartfelt gratitude for their support.
  • A handwritten thank-you note creates a sense of connection and reciprocity, making customers feel more valued and appreciated. It strengthens the customer-brand relationship and encourages repeat business. Whether it's a first-time customer or a long-time supporter, a sincere thank-you note can leave a lasting positive impression.

11. Prevent churn with meaningful engagement 

Using Sendlane, you can automatically trigger a handwritten card to users who are about to churn from a subscription they may have purchased.  Set up an automation that reaches out to the customer with a handwritten card when they reach your average churn point. 

You can further use Sendlane’s segments to get even more detailed and specific about who you reach out to and when a handwritten note is sent. This means you can send a handwritten note at different customer experience points during a subscription - eg. at the start, after their second box is delivered, 2 weeks before their last box gets sent, and so on; helping you keep them engaged. 

12. Win back customers with handwritten notes 

Sending handwritten cards to past customers, people who have stopped opening your emails, or to people who have canceled their accounts is a great way to cut through the noise and re-engage their interest in what your brand has to offer. 

In fact, if customers have unsubscribed from your email or SMS list, you no longer have any way of reaching them. Handwritten notes or letters provide a sure way for you to reach these customers again and win them back!

13. Increase your SMS opt-ins 

Everyone knows there are extremely strict laws in place dictating when you can solicit customers via SMS or a text message marketing campaign. If a customer has opted out from your SMS list, sending a handwritten note is the best way to get them to opt back in. 

The personalized nature of a handwritten card will cut through the digital clutter asking your audience to subscribe for updates. Further, since your note is handwritten, customers are more likely to actually text you back when you tell them to do so. Setting up a handwritten card automation to get people back in your SMS opt-in list works much better than email.

Setting Up Automated Workflows in Sendlane: A Step-by-Step Guide

Incorporating handwritten cards into your marketing strategies has never been simpler. With Sendlane and IgnitePOST’s integration, you can enhance your marketing automation efforts with a personal touch.

Here's a quick, step-by-step guide to setting up these automated workflows:

1. Create Your IgnitePOST Account and Letter Template 

Start by logging in to your IgnitePOST Account or creating one if you haven't already. Navigate to the 'Letter Templates' area and click the 'Create Letter Template' button. You'll use IgnitePOST's intuitive letter template designer to create your handwritten card template.

2. Design Your Handwritten Card 

Give your Letter template a descriptive name to easily distinguish it from others. Design the aesthetic elements of your card to align with your brand and the intended message.

3. Set Default Values 

Next, fill in the default values for your Return Address and card message. Take into account the limited space on the cards and preview your message to ensure it fits well. The default values can be overwritten when triggering the card from your Sendlane flow.

4. Choose Your Card Image 

Select an image for the front of your card. IgnitePOST provides a wide array of card images, or you can upload a custom one. Don't forget to make a note of your template ID after saving your template, as you'll need it later.

5. Integrate Your Letter Template with Sendlane 

With your IgnitePOST letter template ready, head over to Sendlane to set up the trigger for your handwritten card. Identify the Flow where you want the card to be sent out.

6. Establish a Webhook 

Sendlane's Webhook feature allows you to trigger the IgnitePOST card. Simply drag the 'Webhook' option to the desired spot in the flow where you want the card to be triggered.

7. Use Zapier to catch your webhook

Set up a webhook on Zapier to catch the webhook you just created in Sendlane. When a contact reaches your desired point in your flow, Sendlane will send Zapier a webhook request containing the information necessary to send the contact a handwritten card

8. Use IgnitePOST's Zapier App to Trigger a Handwritten Card

In Zapier, add IgnitePOST's Zapier App in your Zapier flow to trigger a handwritten card. Use the information from Sendlane's webhook request to fill in and personalize the details in your card.

9. Verify Your Handwritten Card 

Once a test request is triggered, you will receive a Test Order Preview to your registered email address. Check the preview to make sure everything looks as expected. If any changes are needed, you can adjust the message in the webhook notification on your Sendlane flow.

Ready to Step Up Your Marketing Game with Handwritten Notes?

In today's high-paced digital marketing arena, a handwritten note provides a refreshing touch of authenticity. When combined with Sendlane's state-of-the-art automation prowess, these personal touches emerge as significant connectors, enhancing rapport with customers and spurring improved conversion outcomes.

Harness the power of Sendlane's seamless functionalities to synergize with platforms like IgnitePOST, simplifying the delivery of these bespoke, handwritten messages.

From festive acknowledgments and heartfelt thanks to marking pivotal moments, ensure your brand consistently resonates, crafting memories in your customer's journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sendlane automation? 

Sendlane automation is a powerful feature that allows businesses to create automated workflows for their email marketing, SMS marketing, and more.

What are the benefits of Sendlane automation? 

Sendlane automation saves time, increases efficiency, and allows for personalized customer interaction at scale. It helps streamline your marketing efforts and improve overall customer engagement.

How do I create automation in Sendlane? 

Creating automation in Sendlane involves defining a trigger event, selecting filters for that event, setting up a flow of actions, specifying action timings, and testing before deployment.

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