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Using IgnitePOST to Ask for Reviews in Real Estate

We live in a world where trust is not simply granted, but rather earned through genuine attempts at human connection.

The natural inclination to blindly trust any given organization, company, or person is an instinct of a bygone era. We live in a world where trust is not simply granted, but rather earned through genuine attempts at human connection. A growing majority of Americans (62%) admit to having a general sense of distrust in corporations. A strategic way to undermine this universal skepticism is by making use of reviews. Being able to see the candid and honest opinions of people who have already used the good or service you are currently debating using yourself is a helpful tool. However, reviews raise their own concerns of trustworthiness.


It is no surprise nor secret that all companies want their customers to leave them reviews, and glowingly positive ones at that. The problem is that when businesses begin to incentivize reviews, they risk compromising the integrity of the responses and, subsequently, their reputations. Companies such as Amazon have combatted this issue by devoting a great deal of time and effort to keeping review fraud to a minimum, and have gone so far as to sue several companies that participated in fraudulent reviews of their products. Google Reviews, unlike sites like Yelp, takes pride in its ability to take down reviews deemed inauthentic. It is often easier said than done, however, to detect this counterfeit content. Furthermore, getting past clients to agree to write reviews is a difficult task, especially when each and every business is constantly requesting them.


In order to build trust in your client base, as well as get people to actually want to write a review, you must demonstrate that you, as an agency, truly care. It is only after a client feels appreciated and appropriately thanked for their service that they might be willing to help out. With the help of IgnitePOST, you can turn a written note of thanks into a written review of praise from your clients. We have cracked the code of obtaining real, positive reviews and invite you to take advantage of what we have to offer.


Structuring the timing of your review requests can help you maximize the chances of your clients agreeing to write them. Sending a handwritten card at the right time during the customer lifecycle can be the cherry on top, bringing a relationship to the next level of mutual benefit. Opening the dialogue is important throughout the duration of your and your clients’ engagement. This sets the stage well for requesting a review upon the end of a deal. A potentially opportune time to ask for a review is after taking a client on their first or second house tour.

At this point, make an effort to mention your request in passing. The next step is to drive home both your customer appreciation and desire for their request through sending a letter or card. The handwritten medium will serve to make a lasting impression that is bound to result in the writing of a review and help you stand out amongst other agents. Most importantly, IgnitePOST helps you achieve that perfectly timed message in a completely automated, efficient manner. Integrating IgnitePOST into your existing business plan allows you to report, analyze, and improve data that is quite literally fed back to you. In short, you reap all the benefits of digital outreach but through a medium that performs 30x better. Waste no time -- enlist our help now so we can help you get those reviews.





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