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The Art of Handwriting

Handwritten mail conveys weight and meaning like nothing else. Capable of an 11x ROI and 68% response rate, it is “one of the best ROI initiatives” PurePlates has ever invested in.

Handwritten mail conveys weight and meaning like nothing else. Capable of an 11x ROI and 68% response rate, it is “one of the best ROI initiatives” PurePlates has ever invested in.

With the right strategy, it’s simple to take your results from decent to jaw-dropping. Today, we’ll be breaking down all the best tactics, worst mistakes, and hidden keys that IgnitePost has uncovered to succeed with handwritten notes.


When composing a handwritten note, you’re forced to get your point across in a bite-sized piece. This is a good thing; it helps deter you from writing too much. So, plan to be as concise as possible with your letter. It will save you editing time, and ensure your customers quickly digest your message.

Also, do not write about more than one subject per letter. While it may be tempting to sneak a quick product announcement in with your review requests, this annoys your customer and dampens the effect. It doesn’t matter if both subjects fit; if you need to make another point, send another letter.


A handwritten note is inherently unique. Your customers receive less than 8 pieces of handwritten mail per year. When your message is one of them, it automatically stands out. A few simple tactics will allow you to further capitalize on the authenticity.

To start, add short, custom URLs when prompting your customers to take action on your website. Include their name. Not only does this help make them feel special, it makes it easy for you to track your results. For loyalty and organic growth, use custom referral codes.

Adding company branding to your cards helps them appear more professional. If your goal is a carefree, informal card, make it fun with a custom image instead. Both of these can be automatically applied to cards within IgnitePost.

Finally, don’t forget a great stamp. Stamps reassure your customers that the card was mailed by another person, adding to its perceived value and authenticity. Choosing a stamp that is relevant to your customers or company makes the card seem all the more friendly.


When launching a campaign, remember that your focus is on emotions, not just statistics. IgnitePost isn’t about sending 1000 notes and trying to get 573 responses; it’s about sending 1000 notes and making 1000 customers smile. Making hundreds love your brand.

Write with an amiable presence, as if the letter was meant for a close friend. Your customers will quickly become as loyal as friends if you treat them as such. Understand that you do not have to be selling something--at least, directly--in every letter you send. This sounds counterintuitive, but do not be afraid to occasionally skip the CTA altogether. IgnitePost’s customers already report amazing responses to sale-related cards. Imagine the kind of reaction you’d get by sending a card solely to make your customer smile. Pose as a friend, sell your brand name rather than your products, and the sales will take care of themselves.

In short: Your writing should be friendly, personalized, and concise. Treat your customers like friends, carefully foster trust, and the revenue will resolve itself.

When you’re ready to master the art of handwriting for yourself, IgnitePost is here to help.

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