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Top Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts Marketers Should Follow

Many marketers use their personal social media platforms as well as their company’s platforms to post helpful marketing content. Here is a list of the best Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for marketers to follow.

While websites and blog posts can be helpful when it comes to learning the newest, most efficient, or unique marketing strategies, social media platforms can offer a lot of insight as well. Different from websites and blogs, many marketers use their personal social media platforms as well as their company’s platforms to post helpful marketing content. Here is a list of the best Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for marketers to follow.

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Many marketers are familiar with Hubspot’s brand, but their Instagram is something to keep an eye on. While they post tips and information like many marketing company Instagrams, they are known for their colorful and comprehensive charts and infographics. Because of the thoughtful data they share on Instagram, they are well worth the follow.


Neil Patel is a well-known thought leader in the marketing world and is specifically renowned for his SEO and content marketing. He is a New York Times bestselling author and runs his own digital marketing agency. His Instagram is full of tips, video guides, and inspirational quotes, making him a useful account to follow.


Dain Walker is a sought-after brand strategist on Instagram, and his Instagram account is an excellent example of consistent and quality content. He is known for having a wide variety of savvy information ranging from the broad basics to very detailed information about specific topics. If you have even the slightest interest in branding, then Dain is your guy.


Gary Vee is the person to look to when it comes to building a personal brand. He is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and has founded his own media agency to help big-name brands with their storytelling. Even if you are not interested in personal brand building, Gary Vee is an excellent marketer when it comes to storytelling.

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Mari Smith is often called the Queen of Facebook strategy, and she is one of Forbes' Top Social Media Power Influencers. Facebook hired her to teach seminars in their Boost Your Business series. Smith is the go-to person to follow when it comes to contemporary practices, growth tactics, and updates with the platform.


Facebook Newsroom is an excellent resource for staying up to date with all things Facebook. Who would have guessed? On this account, you will find updated information on new features as well and beneficial tools and tips for marketers to implement on their platforms.


Sujan Patel is known for growth marketing. He is the CEO of Web Profits and specializes in helping brands grow. His social media is chock-full of advice on how to identify issues that may be inhibiting growth. He also publishes loads of information on how to grow your business.


Sprout Social is a company that specializes in social business and social media management. They post helpful information about social media messaging and management with blogs on their Facebook. They have many insightful tricks for managing social media across different media. They are a helpful account to follow as they know the ins and outs of managing social platforms.

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Rand Fishkin is a well-known industry leader when it comes to social data analysis and social media influencers. Fishkin's content is helpful for a better understanding of the role of SEO in digital marketing. He also puts out content on typical mistakes in the digital marketing world and what the modern life of a professional in digital marketing looks like. He is a great resource for anyone working with digital marketing.


Amy Porterfield is a social media strategist and trainer who is very well known in the digital marketing world. She provides insider information about how to grow your social media base. She posts online courses, webinars, and podcasts in addition to her social content. Porterfield releases helpful information on her twitter in formats that many other thought leaders do not, making her someone noteworthy to follow.


Ann Handley is the Head of Content at, as well as a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Handley shares her insight with the world through her Twitter, where she frequently produces reliable marketing content. Her posted content includes her own original insights, industry news, podcasts, articles, and other marketers’ posts.


Jay Bear specializes in content marketing and social media, influencer marketing, and customer experience. He is the President of Convince & Convert and uses his Twitter account as a place to post all of his podcasts, live recordings, and other forms of original content. He also interviews industry leaders in the marketing world. His Twitter page has numerous resources.


By following these accounts, you are getting insider tips from some of the world's leading marketers. The social content is easy to share and comprehend and unique from blog posts and marketing companies’ websites. These social media pages will continue to be relevant as they can quickly adapt and respond to changing marketing trends. Plus, at the end of the day, don’t you want the inside scoop from today’s best marketers?

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