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Top Shopify Apps For E-Commerce

There are thousands of Shopify apps that make life easier for ecommerce stores. But which Shopify apps are the best? Which are worth paying monthly subscription fees over using the free versions? Certain apps make operations run smoother while some draw in more traffic. Here are some of the best-reviewed Shopify Apps to benefit your Shopify store and boost your sales.

Ecommerce is an incredibly competitive market and running a Shopify store can be a lot to manage. There are so many Shopify apps out there to make life easier. But which Shopify apps are the best? Which are worth paying monthly subscription fees over using the free versions? Certain apps make operations run smoother while some draw in more traffic. Here are some of the best-reviewed Shopify Apps to benefit your Shopify store and boost your sales.


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Oblero is the app of all Shopify apps for finding a supplier. You can search their marketplace and add items to your Shopify store without having to hold any inventory yourself. Oblero has a wide array of items you can link to your store. As well as, Oblero can automatically fulfill and ship your orders as well as manage your inventory.

Oblero offers a free version for all basic dropshipping needs. They also offer a Basic Pack of $29.90 a month that offers a higher product limit, bulk orders, fulfillment monitoring, and more. Lastly, there is a Pro Pack for $79.90 a month that offers everything the Basic Pack offers with the addition of allowing multiple staff accounts.


Printful is similar to Oblero as it provides inventory for your Shopify store. Printful is another must-have Shopify app to make order fulfillment easy and painless. Specific to custom-apparel and other branded or logo products, Printful syncs with your Shopify store and automatically prints and ships the product to your customer when they make a purchase. Printful offers a wide range of products and creates mockups for your customers to view.

Printful is a free app. You pay for printing and shipping whenever a customer places an order.


Yotpo is one of the best Shopify apps out there right now and is consistently gaining praise. Yotpo’s purpose is to drive sales by generating traffic to your website. This app allows you to send out requests to customers to review your products and services, and you can monitor those reviews. Covertize reported that having at least five reviews for a product increases the likelihood of purchase to 270%. The app also generates social media traffic for your store. This is a great app for creating social proof of the benefits of your store.

Yotpo offers a free version as well as a Pro Package, which requires you to request a quote for the pricing information. The Free version offers baseline features for request emails and content management. The Pro Package offers more advanced services such as multi-channel content generation, email customization, Google and Facebook integration, and more.


Aftership is the go-to Shopify app for all things shipping and returns. This app allows you to create an order tracking page that matches your brand and it updates customers throughout the shipping process. This app also manages returns, making things easy for customers by updating them on the status of their refunds and returns.  

This Shopify app has a free version as well as multiple paid versions starting at 9$ a month and capping at $999 a month. The prices are based on how many tracked shipments you have per month.


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The Pre-Order Manager app allows you to manage your inventory in a whole new way. You can add seasonal items to your store as a pre-order option. Offering pre-orders is a great way to generate buzz for upcoming products, as well as see what products are the most popular. Pre-Order Manager is also helpful in managing low inventory. Instead of marking products as "Sold Out," Pre-Order Manager lists these items as available for pre-order. With this function, you can still sell items instead of losing sales while you are restocking.

Pre-Order Manager offers a Free Plan that includes general settings and enhanced analytics. In addition to the Free Plan, the Unlimited Plan offers bulk operations and will manage an unlimited amount of products for $24.95 a month. The final plan, the Priority Support Plan, offers everything from the free and unlimited plan with the addition of 3 hours a month of customizations and priority support from the app for $33.95 a month.


SEO Image Optimizer is the app to get your shop optimized for search engines. The Search Engine Journal found that 20% of all searches in the US are through Google Images. It is imperative to have searchable images. Your shop is bound to have a lot of images on it, so this app will allow you to add alt-text optimization, unlimited image sync, and check new images with the free version.

The Pro Version is $24.99 a month and allows you to have metatag optimization, target keywords for images, and redirect broken URLs. This Shopify App is crucial for SEO success.


Plug in SEO acts as a personal SEO manager for your Shopify store. This app will identify and fix all SEO issues so that your store is more searchable. Plug in SEO automatically checks page title and descriptions, the speed and structure of your site, and will let you bulk edit things like meta descriptions and titles.  This app will also redirect links so that there are no broken links on your website.

Plug in SEO offers a free version with unlimited SEO problem checks, instructions, and email help and support. The Plus Plan is $20 a month and offers automatic SEO improvements, instruction videos, structured data, and premium support.


Top Shopify Apps For E-Commerce

Tidio Live Chat is the app to create communication with customers on your site. The app uses live chat, chatbots, and marketing automation. Customers can click on the “Chat Now” button to speak to a representative or a bot that is programmed to answer common questions. This app also has marketing automations that help recover abandoned carts, update delivery statuses, and checks whether products are available or not.

Tidio Live Chat Offers both Regular and Professional Plans that range from free to $18 a month. You can also set up a custom plan. The plans vary depending on the kind of communication you want to feature on your Shopify site.


PushOwl is an app that specializes in push notifications to retain sales. With this app you can create push notifications for abandoned carts, re-stocked products, and sales, as well as it will analyze how effective the notifications are for your site. Push notifications are one of many ways to improve your customer outreach. If your site gets lots of traffic but isn’t seeing the sales rates you want, this app could help your conversion rates by engaging visitors with notifications.

PushOwl offers a free plan that allows 500 impressions a month and allows basic push notifications. The Business Plan is $19 a month and allows 10,000 impressions per month. In addition to the basic features, this plan includes hero images, shipping notifications, and subscriber details. PushOwl also offers a customizable Enterprise Plan that offers subscriber segmentation, smart delivery, customer buttons, and a dedicated strategy manager. The price is custom to the client's needs.


Bold Upsell lets you cross-sell and upsell to customers when they visit your website. With this app, you can upsell customers from a single product to a bundle and cross-sell by suggesting items that are frequently bought together. Bold Upsell will track the performance of upselling and cross-selling on your site and will offer additional products based on customer’s responses.

Bold Upsell offers four different packages ranging from the Starter pack which is $9.99 a month to the Pro Pack which is $59.99 a month. The different packages are based on the upsell views per month you want to see on your Shopify site.


UserGems is an app that will notify you when influential customers are sharing your brand. The Digital Marketing Institute found that 49% of consumers rely on influencer’s product recommendations. UserGems understands the effectiveness of influencers and is ready to help your company leverage influencer marketing. Instead of having to hunt for an influencer, UserGems will identify influencers who are already using your products.

UserGems offers a free plan for 100 customers a month, but anything more than that requires a consultation and custom plan.


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Google Channel is another way to make sure your site is searchable. If you sync your Shopify store with Google Channel, your product information will be on Google search, Google Ads, and Youtube. You can also sync your store with Google Merchant Center with this app to create a Google Product Feed.

Google Channel is free to install and use. There are options to pay for Google Ads.  


Instafeed links your Shopify store to your Instagram account, creating social proof, keeping your content fresh, and brings more people to both your store and your Instagram account. This app also creates a shoppable Instagram feed, tagging products on your posts, and filtering your posts with hashtags.

Instafeed has a Free Package which is customizable, links your store and Instagram, and is available on all devices. There is also a Pro Package for $3.99 a month which displays the likes for every image on the website, tags products, and features up to 3 feeds, in addition to the Free Pack benefits. The Plus Package is $19.99 a month and, in addition to the benefits of the Free and Pro Packages, offers unlimited feeds and filters your posts by hashtags.


These Shopify apps will not only make your operations run smoother, but they will also make your site more searchable, improve customer experience and relationships, as well as boost traffic to your store. With so many Shopify apps to choose from, these are some true and tested aids.

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