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New Feature Announcement: Turn an Email into a Handwritten Card

Today, I’m excited to announce one of the biggest new features at IgnitePOST: the ability to send us an email, which we will convert into a real pen & ink handwritten card and deliver directly to your recipient’s doorstep!

Today, I’m excited to announce one of the biggest new features at IgnitePOST: the ability to send us an email, which we will convert into a real pen & ink handwritten card and deliver directly to your recipient’s doorstep!

That’s right! Using IgnitePOST, you can now send an email to our Operator Bot ( with an email subject of ‘handwritten’, and our Operator Bot will route your order to one of our handwriting robots who will write, pack, and ship your letter!

If you’re interested in seeing how easy it is to set up, we wrote a quick article detailing step by step instructions to get you started (hint: setup is easy and takes less than 10 mins).


Why did we do this? Simple… we listened to our customers!  After speaking with our users, we discovered that pretty much everyone leverages some type of marketing automation system that gives them the ability to create and send a personalized email anytime they want.

At IgnitePOST, automation and ease of use is at the core of everything we do.  Our goal is to provide the most effective & personalized outreach possible while doing all of the heavy lifting for you.  It seemed counter-intuitive for us to require customers to use our own proprietary API, or to choose a handful of the most popular integrations and marketing platforms for which we could build native integrations.

Instead, we wanted a solution that would work across the board, regardless of what technology or platforms our customers were using.  So we decided to do just that!

Simply put, the ability to turn an email into a handwritten card is a game changer in the world of marketing. Not only does it unlock a completely new channel for customers, it adds new functionality that can be retro-fit into any existing workflow with no overhead and very little set up.

To top it off,  customers now have an extra tool in their toolbox that is 3000% more effective than email, yet is just as easy as sending an email! By the way, that’s not a typo… IgnitePOST is 3,000% more effective than email (if you want to see for yourself, we’ve written previously about how handwritten letters outperform email marketing by a factor of 30X, and outperforms Direct Mail by a factor of 10X! Additionally, there are a variety of case studies you can read about as well.)

The ease of setup and flexibility that our email to handwritten card conversion feature provides allows almost limitless possibilities. If you’re able to send an email, you’re now able to automate a handwritten note!

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What existing workflows or emails do you have set up currently, which can be supercharged by sending a handwritten letter instead of an email?

Our customers have leveraged this ability in use cases ranging from lead acquisition to review collection!  Specifically, here are some example scenarios:

Here are some ideas from our customers:

Happy Birthday Cards - Create a more personal relationship with customers by having a handwritten birthday card show up instead of just an email.

Product Review / Cross Sell - Reach out with a personal handwritten card asking for a product review instead of just sending an email and hoping for the best. Handwritten letters have a conversion rate that is 30X higher than email.

Post Purchase Followup - Follow up after a customer has made a purchase with a tailor-made experience (can split this out to 1st time buyers, 2nd time buyers, 3+ …etc.)

Lead Prospecting - Reaching out to a list of prospects? Send handwritten letters to get your foot in the door instead of bombarding prospects with emails. You can now connect IgnitePOST to your CRM of choice just by sending us an email!

Reward Point Redemption - Reach out to customers who have unused reward points (or when rewards are about to expire), reminding them to come back and use their credits.

Churn Prevention & LTV Growth - We see this a lot with subscription businesses: reach out to customers the month before they typically churn with a personal note from the founder/CEO offering a discount for the next several months.

VIP Special Event Offers - Give your best customers the white glove treatment they deserve. Send them a personalized offer with a handwritten card for being one of your best customers. Pure Plates took this approach and saw an 11X ROI!

Do you have other ideas / suggestions of where you’d want to use a handwritten card instead of sending an email? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! We love hearing new ideas!

Interested in getting started? Just click the button below to contact us and we’ll follow up to help you out!


Arian Radmand
Verified writer

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