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Partnership with University CoWork

Our new partner, University CoWork, is an innovative business accelerator on Chicago’s Southside. They provide a wide variety of offerings with a focus on business and community development.

We’re always looking for great businesses and organizations to work with. Sometimes we reach out to a potential customer or partner, and sometimes they reach out to us. How we establish contact doesn’t matter, but what does matter is finding some synergy that leads to building a relationship. It is the synergy we’re finding with University CoWork that has everyone excited.

University CoWork is an innovative business accelerator on Chicago’s Southside, providing a wide variety of offerings with a focus on business and community development. Some are obvious, as this is an award-winning coworking facility with offices, meeting, and event spaces. But others are less common, like some of the virtual offerings.

For example, their Virtual Mail offering has tremendous upside from a logistical and marketing perspective. Who knew that a commercial address with a unique suite could be leveraged to literally put a business on the map, increase SEO and SEM, and help businesses establish virtual locations near their prospective clients in less than 5 minutes?

And, as a bonus, it still fits with our philosophy surrounding the impact of physical mail. Their Virtual Accelerator offering connects top entrepreneurs all over the country with each other, educational resources, valuable perks, and capital opportunities.

Our initial conversations have shown kindred philosophies in an effort to support and grow organizational reach, stability, revenue, and much more. The time was full of conversation around how IgnitePOST can enhance retention, reduce outreach costs, and foster relationships. There is a great deal of symmetry in the ethos of the two organizations.

We’re excited to partner with University CoWork and offer the full IgnitePOST suite to their clientele in a way that everyone wins. We believe the best business relationships align goals and interests, and this is just that sort of relationship.

We can’t say what the future holds for this partnership, but everyone’s looking forward to it.

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