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When a Postcard Handwritten by a Robot Makes Sense

A person’s mailbox is like a jungle. To weave through all that mail is a humongous task, and productivity coaches often refer to going through the mail as busywork that needs to be delegated so as not to take us away from the “important or creative work.”

A person’s mailbox is like a jungle. To weave through all that mail is a humongous task, and productivity coaches often refer to going through the mail as busywork that needs to be delegated so as not to take us away from the “important or creative work.”

As a company that wants to reach out to its client via traditional mail, how can you avoid being relegated to the “less important” mail that often gets sent straight to the trash?


Receiving a handwritten letter or note is a rare occasion, so actually getting one in the mail is surprisingly exciting. Especially for younger people that grew up primarily using texting and social media as communication.

The feel of actual paper on our fingers and not reading from a screen is uniquely experiential. Much like enjoying a good book on a cold day, reading a handwritten letter or card by the window with a cup of hot chocolate is as nostalgic as can be.

On the part of the customer, it is a delightful experience. But of course, as a company, handwriting letters and cards to thousands of clients is a nightmare. It’s an inefficient way of doing business no matter which way you look at it. No amount of client retention can make up for the lost time and energy spent on handwriting something that many times.

However, giving out postcards does not have to be a time-consuming and burdensome task. With today’s technology, handwritten postcards can be automated while still looking like they’re genuinely written by human hands.


As a reader, you enjoy reading a nicely written postcard or note, and as a sender, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy task either.  Take a look at the example below:


A lovely handwritten note that says “We thought of you” shows how much you as a company care for your clients. It’s a genuine yet strategic way to maintain a solid relationship with your customer base and encourage their continued patronage.

Now imagine how exciting it is to do all of this with a robot. No need to painstakingly write each letter by hand. Artificial intelligence has got you covered.

If you’re considering a handwritten note as part of your campaign, you no longer have to worry about the work that comes with it. Simple integrations with your existing websites and platforms will do the trick. You can choose from a wide array of available options to make sure it fits your campaign strategy.


There are several available integrations with your existing software and platforms to make it easier for you to implement your strategy of utilizing robotically handwritten cards. Integrations for e-commerce giants Amazon and Shopify can be achieved with just one click. You can also use Zapier, Google Sheets, and Salesforce for your process integrations.

With these integrations, you can be assured of seamless operations and functionalities. You can send handwritten mail to your customers once triggered by third party systems. The pre-made templates are also a great way of saving time when sending handwritten cards and posts.


With the kinds of messages we receive on a daily basis, the ones with all the bells and whistles, it can sometimes get distracting and overwhelming to the point that you just want to retreat to a quiet corner and be left alone.

Everything is so in-your-face; buy now! Sale! Save on this! Last day! Hurry! So loud and demanding that one just wants to just shut everything out and wait to receive something authentic instead.

Handwritten postcards are like humble messengers obediently delivering the message from a sender to a receiver. Like a soldier doing its job to make sure the communication process is completed, a handwritten postcard cuts through all the noise and traffic, making it easier for a receiver to just enjoy the moment and the message.

With IgnitePost’s robotically handwritten postcard and messages, you can enjoy both business efficiency and client satisfaction.

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