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When is a Handwritten Card Service an Asset?

Go a step beyond email marketing and digital outreach with a Handwritten Card Service. With a Handwritten Card Service, you can send personalized handwritten cards to anyone.

Go a step beyond email marketing and digital outreach with a Handwritten Card Service. With a Handwritten Card Service, you can send personalized handwritten cards to anyone. In this ever-increasing digital age, your customers will feel valued and excited when they receive handwritten cards from you and your company. Email marketing may feel easy or normal in today’s marketing landscape, but here are some reasons why handwritten direct mail is an asset to your company.


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With the help of personalized handwritten cards, your company can begin to build new relationships, deepen existing relationships, and even win back old ones. Customers can tell that you are thinking about them and took the time and resources to send them a personalized handwritten note. Showing customers that you value them and see them as an integral part of your business will increase prospects’ interest and trust in your brand, as well as build customer loyalty with existing or previous customers.


When was the last time you got a handwritten card in the mail? Chances are it was from a loved one who is thinking about you and wishing you well. Today, email inboxes feel cluttered and full of spam, but a personalized letter stands out in the mailbox. Even if someone’s mailbox is full of bills and ads, a handwritten card always pops. Because of the sentiment that comes with handwritten letters, people get excited about mail because it feels rare and thoughtful. Having a handwritten direct mail service makes your brand memorable and favorable in customers’ eyes.


If you’re thinking that you don’t have time to handwrite personalized cards to your clientele, don’t worry about it! Services like IgnitePost are designed to do the heavy lifting for you. The only time you have to spend on your handwritten direct mail campaign is uploading your contact list and choosing a card template, or setting up one-time automation. IgnitePost robotically handwrites your personalized message with 100% accuracy and legible penmanship, and then packs and ships the notes on your behalf.


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By saving you time on your handwritten card service, you’re also saving money. Because of the templates at IgnitePost and the ability to simply upload your own images, as well as the packaging and shipping services, you are using a one-stop-shop and eliminating the need for additional resources. Better yet, handwritten direct mail services have been proven to boost ROI and increase sales.


A software development consultancy used IgnitePost’s services to win-back clients with their handwritten letter campaign. The consultancy saw a 10x ROI and multiple inbound requests for a proposal. With the handwritten letters from IgnitePost, the company also saw a 14% response rate; meanwhile, the consultancy didn’t have any additional work on their plate. Not only did the campaign benefit the company’s ROI and RFP, but the handwritten letters also created new business opportunities for existing clients. Mail outreach has been proven to be 30x more effective than digital and email outreach and is guaranteed to increase revenue.


Personalized mail outreach is the way to stand out from your competition while deepening and building relationships with customers. At the same time, the cost of a handwritten card service is minimal compared to how it saves your company time and money; while also boosting ROI, RFP, response rates, and overall revenue.

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