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Pure Plates used IgnitePOST to grow their sales while making their VIP customers feel even more valued.

Pure Plates
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Pure Plates Case Study: Staying Top of Mind with VIP Customers

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Pure Plates is an eCommerce business whose mission is to reduce the time, money and effort it takes to eat right. They offer healthy options that allow you to choose meals based on your preferences, order online, and conveniently pick up your food at one of their locations. PurePlate meals are portable and are ready to eat whenever you are. Their customers are health conscious people looking to eat healthily on a meal plan while saving money in the process!

The Challenge: How to retain customers and generate repeat business

As a company that’s driven on retaining happy, healthy customers while also acquiring new users, Pure Plates especially wanted to ensure their top VIP members remained happy & loyal.

Before reaching out to IgnitePOST, Pure Plates had been reaching customers digitally through several channels, including email. For their VIP customers, they wanted an approach that was more personal and wouldn’t get lost in someone’s cluttered inbox.

Pure Plates turned to IgnitePOST's personalized handwritten mail outreach service as a solution.

Their goal with IgnitePOST was to grow their sales, while also making their top customers feel as though they were valued members of the Pure Plates community.  

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The Strategy: Personalized handwritten cards from the CEO

To accomplish their goal, Pure Plates chose to execute a personalized, handwritten card campaign on IgnitePOST where the CEO personally thanked each VIP member.

The strategy was to use IgnitePOST to create a touchpoint with past customers who had made purchases within the last month. They wanted to be top of mind for these users while also offering them the benefit of a discount for being “VIP customers”. Pure Plates wanted these customers to understand their business was important to them.

To track results, each IgnitePOST delivery had a personalized message and a unique discount code, redeemable on Pure Plates.

By taking this approach, IgnitePOST was able to create a highly personalized, trackable, mail campaign that would inspire past PurePlate customers to feel like valued customers.

By using IgnitePOST, Pure Plates was able to execute this campaign by hardly lifting a finger. The transition was seamless, especially considering Pure Plates uses Klaviyo, an eCommerce platform and point-of-sale program.

Set up was easy and extremely fast. Using Klaviyo, Pure Plates was able to create a targeted segment, pull a CSV file of that segment, and then upload the file directly to the IgnitePOST platform. We wrote up a helpful Klaviyo Integration Guide showing how to integrate Klaviyo and IgnitePOST with just a couple clicks.

Klaviyo’s segmentation abilities combined with IgnitePOST's personalized handwritten note service unlocked an entirely new channel for Pure Plates in a few clicks and the campaign was set up in just a couple of minutes.

“At Pure Plates, we’ve worked hard to build a loyal customer base. We value their business and wanted our outreach to top members to reflect our respect and appreciation. Sending emails or any type of digital outreach didn’t seem to carry the weight or meaning that we wanted. So we opted to use IgnitePOST to send very personal handwritten cards to our VIP members, and they responded by making the campaign one of the best ROI initiatives we’ve ever done.

— Tim T., Director of Marketing Operations, Pure Plates

“Using IgnitePOST, we were able to pull data from our existing services, execute, and track authentic handwritten note campaigns in the amount of time it takes to set up a typical email campaign. The setup was just as quick, but the results were an order of magnitude better than our usual email campaigns!

— Sean S., CEO, Pure Plates

Results and Analysis: 68% response rate and more than 11x ROI

After just a few months of using IgnitePOST, Pure Plates was able to grow their sales within the customer base they targeted. The goal was to be top of mind with their customers while also providing them the ability to take advantage of a discount code only available to them ... they hit their goals on both accounts!  The results speak for themselves:

  • An astounding 68% response rate from the VIP customer campaign!
  • Greater than 11x ROI!
  • Little to no work required on part of Pure Plates!

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In Their Own Words:

“IgnitePOST allowed us to easily reach our VIP members in an authentic way that produced amazing results! If you’re looking to unlock a new revenue channel that is unavailable to most businesses, then IgnitePOST is your all in one solution!

— Sean S., CEO, Pure Plates

“When it comes to high LTV users and VIP members of our community, it felt too impersonal to only thank them with an email. It’s obvious that our members appreciate the personalized gesture of sending them each a handwritten note. Using IgnitePOST allowed us to execute a personalized, handwritten note campaign which we correlated to an 11X ROI for that cohort!

— Tim T., Director of Marketing Operations, Pure Plates

PurePlates unlocks a new growth channel with IgnitePOST handwritten notes

Pure Plates was very successful in what they set out to do. Using IgnitePOST in conjunction with their existing services, they unlocked a brand new channel previously unavailable, and used it to produce an 11X ROI!

This is just a single example of the type of results IgnitePOST can have with eCommerce shops looking to target specific customer groups. Additionally, IgnitePOST fits in seamlessly with other platforms and can make new, powerful channels available with just a few clicks.

About IgnitePOST

IgnitePOST helps brands create magic moments for their customers. Our real pen and ink handwritten notes cut through the digital noise to surprise and delight customers exactly where they are in their shopping journeys.

Our intelligent software integrates with existing systems for easy set up and our robotics work at massive scale using ballpoint pens to give warmth to each note.

This software-hardware combination generates perfectly timed and crafted moments that drive customers to action as proven by our above industry average conversion rates.

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