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Complete Guide to Using Direct Mail Marketing for Moving Companies

Marketing has become increasingly challenging for companies in various industries in recent years - and moving companies are no different. 

As a result, businesses have been exploring new tactics to grab the attention of potential customers. One such approach gaining popularity all over again is the use of handwritten notes in direct mail campaigns. 

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of using direct mail marketing for moving companies and how handwritten notes can make a difference.

Direct mail marketing and handwritten notes for moving companies 

In the following sections, we’re going to take a quick look at the marketing strategies that moving companies currently use before deep diving into why direct mail marketing is the answer to their growth. 

What do moving companies use for marketing right now? 

Based on our conversations with moving companies, these are three major marketing strategies that they currently use to attract and retain customers. 

1. Postcards 

Moving companies often use postcards as a form of direct mail marketing to reach potential customers. 

These postcards typically feature eye-catching designs, information about the company's services, and special offers or promotions to entice recipients to consider the company for their upcoming move.

Postcards are a cost-effective marketing tool for moving companies to increase brand awareness, share company information, and generate leads with targeted audiences.

2. Door Tags

Another form of direct marketing used by moving companies is door tags. 

These are typically hung on the doors of homes or apartments in the target area, and they contain information about the company's services, contact information, and special offers. 

Door tags are an effective marketing tool for moving companies to target specific households with customized messaging, promotions, and offers, helping to generate leads and increase brand awareness.

3. Lawn Signs

Moving companies also use lawn signs as a way to promote their services to people in the area. 

These signs are typically placed on the lawns or in front of the homes of customers who are currently using the company's services. 

They often include the company's name, logo, and contact information, and they can help to build brand recognition and attract new customers who are in need of moving services.

Lawn signs are an impactful marketing tool for moving companies to increase visibility in local neighborhoods, generate leads, and promote brand awareness with eye-catching designs and messaging.

Why should moving companies use handwritten notes for marketing?

While postcards, lawn signs, and door tags are effective marketing tools for businesses, they are often considered tactics for mass marketing. In times when every consumer is looking for personalization, here’s how handwritten cards win the game: 

1. Handwritten cards are more personal 

Using IgnitePOST's handwritten cards in direct mail marketing for moving companies offers a personal touch that mass-produced postcards can't match. Even though there is automation and robotics involved, the use of the traditional pen and paper makes handwritten notes way more personal than printed digital copies of even the best of fonts! 

Studies have shown that the perceived effort and personalization of a handwritten note can significantly impact the recipient's response. 

2. Handwritten cards are better memorized than computer-generated text

Handwritten cards have a unique ability to be remembered and even treasured by recipients - think about how you kept all those birthday cards from friends and family due to the personal notes they wrote within.  

People tend to remember handwritten messages better than computer-generated text, as they engage more areas of the brain and leave a stronger impression. 

Studies show that people only usually remember WhatsApp messages and tweets for several hours, while sentimental letters stick with people for a lifetime.

This memorability can make a significant impact on the effectiveness of marketing efforts, particularly in a crowded and competitive market.

3. Handwritten notes are still rare 

Handwriting a note demonstrates that you took the time and effort to craft a message specifically for the recipient, which can leave a lasting impression and foster a connection. 

Using handwritten notes in direct mail marketing for moving companies helps cut through the noise and stand out from your competitors by providing a personal touch that digital marketing and mass-produced advertising can't replicate. 

When it comes to direct mail marketing for movers, utilizing handwritten notes can differentiate you from competitors who rely exclusively on mass-produced advertising, and demonstrate your focus on cultivating relationships with potential customers.

Additionally, the physical nature of a handwritten note can make it stand out in an age where digital communication is ubiquitous, further increasing its impact and effectiveness.

4. Handwritten cards get better open rates 

When your competitors send out mass-produced postcards, they are not only wasting their resources but also risking their brand image by sending something that might be perceived as spam by the recipients. 

As a result, many people tend to ignore such postcards, and surveys have found that in an average household, direct mail gets thrown out in 17 days

In contrast, a handwritten card sent in an envelope carries more value as it is perceived as a personal communication, rather than a generic marketing message. The recipient is more likely to open the envelope and read the message, as they feel the message is tailored specifically to them. 

The personalization factor of using a handwritten card in direct mail marketing for moving companies can go a long way in building a lasting relationship with your customers. The recipient is likely to remember the content of the message, the sender's name, and even the color of the ink used to write it.

So, by sending a handwritten card instead of a mass-produced postcard, you are not only standing out from your competitors but also creating a positive and lasting impression on your customers.

5. Handwritten notes need no hiring or maintenance 

Door tags and lawn signs are traditional methods of advertising that require physical labor to install and maintain. 

Hiring someone to handle these tasks can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you need to cover a large area. 

In contrast, using handwritten cards in direct mail marketing for moving companies is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach potential customers without the need for physical installations or maintenance.

6. Handwritten cards are not trashed 

Did you know that a handwritten piece of mail stays in the home for an average of 17 days?

Handwritten mail can create an emotional attachment between the sender and recipient. 

When someone takes the time to write a letter by hand, it shows that they care about the recipient and their relationship. This emotional attachment can make the recipient more likely to keep the mail as a memento.

This ensures that the details of your moving company find a home in the recipient’s home for a longer period of time - making them more likely to reach out to you when the need arises. 

How can moving companies use handwritten notes?

Handwritten notes can be used in several ways. Some of the leading use cases for moving companies include: 

1. Sales prospecting 

Sales prospecting is the process of identifying and reaching out to potential customers to create new business opportunities and generate revenue for a company. Handwritten notes can be used in the following ways for direct mail advertising:

  • When a house is put up for sale - Moving companies can use handwritten notes to prospect potential customers when they see that a house is put up for sale. The note can be addressed to the homeowner and express the company's interest in helping them with their move. By offering their services in a personalized way, the company can establish a connection with the homeowner and potentially secure their business.
  • When a house is put under contract - Similar to when a house is put up for sale, moving companies can also use handwritten notes  to reach out to homeowners who have just put their house under contract. The note can congratulate the homeowner on the sale and offer the company's moving services as a helpful option during the transition process. This can make the moving company stand out from its competitors and create a positive impression in the homeowner's mind.

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2. Post-Move 

Post-move refers to the period after the moving process is complete, where moving companies can use handwritten notes to request feedback and referrals from their customers. Handwritten notes can be used by moving companies post-move in the following ways:

  • Thank you post for requesting a Google or Yelp review - After the move is complete, moving companies can use handwritten notes to thank their customers for their business and request a Google or Yelp review. The note can express gratitude for the customer's trust in the company and ask for feedback on their experience. This can help the moving company improve its services and attract more customers through positive reviews on popular platforms.
  • Reaching out after the move to request referrals - Moving companies can also use handwritten notes to reach out to their customers after the move and request referrals. The message can thank the customer for their business and express the company's desire to help others in the community with their moving needs. By asking for referrals in a personalized way, the company can secure new business from satisfied customers who are willing to spread the word about their positive experiences.


We know that the sound of sending handwritten notes to prospects and customers may sound all too overwhelming and time consuming - especially between all the moving you actually have to do! 

Well, with IgnitePOST, it is not. 

We use technology to help you create handwritten notes at scale. With smart automation and a lot of help from robots, IgnitePOST helps you write out tens of thousands of handwritten notes using traditional pen and paper in no time! 

We’re seeing a number of moving companies now use handwritten notes in their direct mail marketing campaigns owing to the ROI they are able to deliver. 

Want to explore how handwritten notes can help your moving company grow? 

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