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Different Ways to Use Handwritten Notes for Holiday Marketing

Learn how to use handwritten notes and direct mail for holiday marketing to cut through the noise and reach your customers.

As the holiday season approaches, businesses everywhere are looking for innovative ways to connect with their customers. 

With businesses hustling to roll out flashy promotions and attractive marketing campaigns, there's one time-tested strategy that still manages to stand out in a digital age: handwritten notes. 

In a digital age, where emails flood inboxes and ads are a mere click away, this old-school marketing strategy is making a comeback. Personal, authentic, and brimming with heart, handwritten notes can elevate your holiday marketing to new heights. 

Let's dive deep into how you can leverage handwritten notes for holiday marketing.

8 Ways to Use Handwritten Notes for Holiday Marketing

While there are many ways to use handwritten notes, and we do encourage experimenting with the channel based on your target audience, here are some ideas for your campaigns: 

1. Join in the Celebrations

Holidays evoke feelings of warmth, family, and togetherness. Tapping into this emotion, businesses can send personalized handwritten notes during occasions like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas. It’s more than just a marketing gimmick; it’s a way of saying, “We’re celebrating with you.” Including a modest discount can make the note feel like a present, fostering goodwill and urging the recipient to make a purchase.

Example: "Dear [Customer's Name], Wishing you joyous moments with loved ones this [Holiday]. As a token of our gratitude, enjoy a 10% discount on your next purchase. Happy [Holidays]!"

2. Share Loyalty Points

Loyalty programs, at their core, are heartfelt thank-yous to your customers for choosing you time and again. Elevate this sentiment by taking a more personal route this holiday season. A handwritten note not only notifies them of their accrued points but also exudes warmth and appreciation. Such gestures can reignite their interest, nudging them to redeem their points and maybe even make additional purchases.


"Dear [Customer's Name], 

Did you know you've amassed [X points] with us? Consider this a nudge to indulge a little! Warm wishes for the festive season and a heartfelt thank you for being a cherished part of our community."

3. Promote Holiday Deals and Discounts

Digital inboxes are often swamped with promotional emails, many of which go unread. By making your holiday deals feel like an exclusive invitation rather than just another sales pitch, you're tapping into the genuine spirit of the season. This tactile touch not only captivates the reader but also invokes a sense of exclusivity and appreciation that's bound to turn those deals into delightful purchases.


"Dear [Customer's Name], 

As the holidays approach, we've penned down something special just for you! Dive into our curated offers with an exclusive [X%] discount on select treasures. Warm wishes and joyful shopping!" 

4. Win Back Customers

Every brand has its cherished customers who, for various reasons, might have drifted away over time. This holiday season, revive those connections with the heartfelt charm of a handwritten note. Such a personalized gesture can evoke warm memories, bridge gaps, and offer a reason for them to re-engage. Pair this with an irresistible holiday deal, and you've got a recipe for a renewed and delightful brand relationship.


"Hello [Customer's Name], 

It's been a while, hasn't it? As the festive season unfolds, we fondly remember our times together. To rekindle that spirit, here's an exclusive 15% holiday discount crafted especially for you. May this season be filled with joy, togetherness, and cherished memories." 

5. Seek Referrals

​​Referrals are not merely about acquiring new customers but weaving a larger community around your brand. A handwritten note, brimming with sincerity and appreciation, can be a powerful catalyst in encouraging your customers to become brand advocates. It's not just a referral request; it's a personal appeal that entwines genuine appreciation with a delightful incentive, creating a blend that's hard to resist.


"Dear [Customer's Name], 

Your support has been our greatest gift. If you love our products, spread the joy! Refer a friend and unwrap delightful treats for both of you on your upcoming indulgences. Together, let’s spread the festive cheer a little farther this season!" 

6. Share Holiday Gifting Ideas

The holiday season, while joyous, brings with it the perennial dilemma - selecting the perfect gifts for loved ones. Your brand can be the gentle guide your customers need during this bustling period by sharing handpicked gifting ideas through handwritten notes. These notes, rich with thought and care, can turn the often overwhelming task of gift selection into a joyous journey. 

Plus, a personalized suggestion not only highlights your products but also demonstrates a genuine understanding and commitment to your customer's needs during the festive rush.


"Warm Wishes, [Customer's Name]! 

As the festive tapestry unfolds, allow us to be your holiday helper. Enclosed, find carefully curated gift ideas to light up the faces of your loved ones. And because it's the season of joy, unwrap a special discount meticulously crafted for thoughtful shoppers like you. Happy Gifting!" 

7. Send Out Early Discounts

Early birds ought to be rewarded, especially those who have loyally chosen your brand time and again! By offering your top-tier customers an exclusive sneak-peek into your holiday discounts through a handwritten note, you're not merely promoting a sale. You're gifting an experience, a moment of exclusive privilege that speaks volumes more than mere appreciation. This gesture not only fosters a feeling of exclusivity and appreciation amongst your most valued patrons but also strategically paves the way for a robust start to your holiday sales season.


"Dearest [Customer's Name], 

A swirl of holiday magic comes early for you! Enjoy an exclusive first glance into our holiday sale, allowing you to select your cherished items before anyone else. Your continued loyalty lights up our season, and this is our little way of saying thank you. Happy early shopping!”

8. Recommend, Upsell, and Cross-sell

The sale might be sealed, but the opportunities to enchant your customers are plentiful. Handwritten notes can effortlessly weave into the post-purchase experience, gently guiding customers toward products that complement their recent buys. This isn’t merely an upsell; it’s a curated suggestion, a thought that counts, enhancing their festive celebrations while subtly amplifying their cart value. This personalized recommendation nurtures not only further sales but also blossoms into an enriched, ongoing relationship with your customers.


"Dear [Customer's Name], 

Your recent purchase warmed our hearts! We thought [Related Product] might add an extra twinkle to your [Holiday] celebrations. Consider it a little secret between us, a hidden gem to make your festivities even more splendid!" 🎁

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Why Should Brands Send Handwritten Notes During Holidays?

In an era dominated by screens and electronic notifications, a physical note possesses a unique charm that sets it apart. 

The sheer fact that the average household receives a mere ten pieces of personal mail annually provides an exceptional opportunity for businesses to stand out. It's a chance to engage your audience on a personal level, minus the promotional pitch, and foster genuine connections.

1. Endorsements by Influencers

The magic of handwritten notes isn't just a well-kept secret among marketers. Global icons such as Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Taylor Swift have tapped into this art, extending personal cards to their fans, employees, and connections. These notes aren't about promotions but genuine expressions of gratitude, appreciation, and connection.

2. Impressive Open Rates and Emotional Resonance

One of the notable strengths of “snail” mail is its impressive open rate. A study by the USPS highlighted that a whopping 77% of recipients immediately engage with their physical mail. 

What's even more fascinating is the emotional resonance these handwritten notes have with the younger generation. About 75% of Millennials feel a deep, meaningful emotional connection when they receive personal mail, a sentiment that is challenging to evoke through digital mediums like emails or texts.

3. Deepening Relationships Over Transactions

The holiday season isn't solely about closing deals; it's an opportunity to strengthen business relationships. Handwritten notes stand out as they don't just push for a sale. Instead, they express appreciation, offer support, suggest mutual referrals, or convey wishes for a successful upcoming year. By adopting this strategy, businesses can enhance long-term relationships and trust with their partners and clients.

4. Witnessing the Power of the Handwritten Touch

The potency of handwritten notes isn't anecdotal. Tom Bilyeu leveraged this strategy to sky-rocket Quest Nutrition's growth, registering a staggering 57,000% growth in its initial three years. His approach? Targeting health and fitness influencers with handwritten notes, urging them to sample and review his offerings.

In another striking example, marketer Stu Heinecke utilized oversized cartoons in his handwritten notes, achieving a 100% response rate. These weren't just opened but were shared, broadening the reach.

Ready to Craft Memorable Moments with Handwritten Notes?

While the digital age offers myriad channels to connect, sometimes, the most effective way to touch a heart is by going old school. This holiday season, remember that a personal touch can often speak louder than the fanciest of digital campaigns.

Ready to take your holiday marketing to the next level? IgnitePOST offers a seamless solution to plan, curate, and set up your handwritten notes campaign. With our services, you can easily send personalized messages to your clients or partners, helping your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Book a demo with IgnitePOST today and give your holiday marketing the personal touch it deserves.

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