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Using IgnitePOST to Ask For Reviews in Ecommerce

Getting customer reviews is critical to modern businesses in the eCommerce industry.

Getting customer reviews is critical to modern businesses in the eCommerce industry. Using social proof is a great way to add external feedback to your website, building trust and credibility. People can be distrustful or skeptical of trying new companies, and with so many online shops, having a saturated market makes competing for customers even more difficult. That is why reviews are so vital to success.

Trustpilot reported that 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The weight that reviews hold is the reason so many companies place a significant emphasis on them. Amazon dedicates a lot of time and money to detect fraudulent or “hijacked” reviews on its site each year. Amazon understands that fake reviews can influence a seller’s success on their site, so they created a fraud initiative to try to reinstate trust in their review system. Reviews build social proof and credibility which builds trust for your business. Having reviews can help push skeptical or apprehensive customers over the edge to conversion.

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Many businesses have caught on to how vital reviews are, so many customers have inboxes full of requests for their reviews. Some businesses have restrictions on how to request reviews from customers. Amazon has numerous Community Guidelines for reviews, having several eligibility requirements and rules and regulations. Amazon monitors and deletes reviews that do not fit their guidelines because they know how much people trust reviews. Methods like incentivizing reviews can make existing customers distrust current and prior reviews because of the ulterior motive, putting the customer relationship at risk. While incentivizing customers to leave reviews may add reviews to your webpage, it risks your credibility and reputation.


A better way to effectively get reviews without risking your credibility is to let customers know you care about them and their experience. This does not mean sending them an email. Instead, sending a handwritten note thanking them for their business, and giving them a single and specific way they can help your business can be highly effective. There is no method more economical than IgnitePOST’s handwritten letter services to achieve your desired results.

IgnitePOST’s handwritten letter campaigns are structured to occur at just the right time in the customer lifecycle when they are most likely to leave a review. The handwritten note medium is so successful because it is so personal, using our human DNA to unlock subconscious areas in our brain that make recipients value this form of correspondence above all else.

IgnitePOST now gives you a way to automate this distinctly personal form of communication so that it is sent at precisely the right time. IgnitePOST's Shopify app integrates into your existing systems, and it feeds data back to you so you can report, analyze, and improve. Basically, you get all of the abilities you currently have with digital outreach, but in a medium that performs 30X better.

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The best way to get customer reviews is through handwritten card services. With fast, simple, and cost-effective services at IgnitePOST, you can send the perfect message to your customers. With handwritten messages, customers feel valued and sought after, driving them to leave a review. By acquiring reviews your SEO ranking and click-through rate will benefit as well as your reputation and trust-ability.



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