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Annyeonghaseyo! Greetings from Across the World!

Reporting from South Korea, here’s an exclusive feature on one of IgnitePost’s founding members: Leo Kim!

Reporting from South Korea, here’s an exclusive feature on one of IgnitePost’s founding members: Leo Kim!

Born and raised in South Korea, Leo eventually moved to America for middle school and stayed in Boston after graduating from Boston University. As active as his partner Arian, Leo’s hobbies include playing various sports including basketball and tennis. He’s even added biking to his list recently. For those of you in the Boston area, Leo recommends biking around the Charles River for an excellent view and a great workout! As a person striving to maintain a well-balanced and active life, Leo definitely tries to eat as healthy as he can. That being said, he’s not going to be eating chicken breast every day regardless of the advice of some health gurus. Leo is also not picky, enjoying everything he is served and trying out new dishes when he can. Dare him to eat something, and he is sure to take you up on it!

Leo’s enjoyment of a challenge - be it physical or mental - is definitely one of the reasons why he’s working at IgnitePost. What better place to feel the adrenaline of constant, rapid change that a young start-up? Leo loves bringing something new to the table that other people don’t think they can do. Testing limits and stretching the boundaries of imagination are his bread and butter. Every day he focuses on how he can bring his abilities to the next level.

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Currently, Leo works as the Director of Fulfillment and Operations at IgnitePost. He’s in charge of getting orders ready, controlling quality, and managing all the handwriting machines in the office. He’s also responsible for sending all card orders to clients, manages inventory, and identifies prospective customers. If that doesn’t sound like enough, Leo also has his hands in social media management, HR, and other aspects of the organization. With such busy days, the coffee machine at the office is sometimes the only reason he stays on his feet. Since Leo headed to South Korea, others had to cover for him, and the fact that it took multiple people says a lot about not only his workload but also a lot about his capabilities.

Just like everyone else, the pandemic had a huge impact on Leo’s life. Many of his friends left Boston and he was suddenly feeling lonely. Many of the stores, restaurants, and services that he frequently visited were also closed. But not to worry! Leo has been applying one of the lessons he’s learned from Arian (how to stay positive) and he’s begun appreciating more things in his life. For example, Leo’s been watching more movies in his free time and relaxing when he can.

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As the world bounces back from the impacts of COVID-19, Leo is looking forward to growing IgnitePost alongside Arian and the rest of the team. And personally, Leo’s hoping that when a new normal is finally established, he can continue working towards his goal of running the Boston Marathon. Fingers crossed Leo! We’re in this with you!

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