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How to Create a Happy Client Base

Happy Home Cleaners enjoys using IgnitePost’s services because of the little time it takes to do something sincere for their customers.


Happy Home Cleaners was established by Debbie Shreenan in 1996 with a passion for cleaning and creating happy spaces for her clients. Happy Home Cleaners provides weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services with the core belief that a clean house is a happy home.

Founder of Happy Home Cleaners Debbie Shreenan

Happy Home Cleaners is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality services that meet each customers’ specific needs and budget. With a wide variety of cleaning services, Happy Home Cleaners values their customers’ time and takes the time to truly understand what their clients want. At every appointment, they provide you with flawless service, professionally trained staff with an eye for detail, and eco-friendly products to clean and purify your home.

Happy Home Cleaners is a proud partner of Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit organization that helps families battling cancer. Happy Home Cleaners has been donating cleaning services to cancer patients for the past three years. Through this partnership, Happy Home Cleaners provides two free cleanings for cancer patients. Founder Debbie Shreenan said, “Always having a passion for cleaning and serving the community, I started Happy Home Cleaners to do just that.”


In case you couldn’t tell from the company’s name, mission, and purpose, Happy Home Cleaners is all about making other people happy. Happy Home Cleaners uses IgnitePost’s handwritten letter services to thank their prospects and clients. Through personalized cards, they can make sure their satisfied customers feel valued and appreciated while also reaching out to prospective customers in an earnest and thoughtful way.

Happy Home Cleaners enjoys using IgnitePost’s services because of the little time it takes to do something sincere for their customers. Being a busy company that puts its client’s needs first, Happy Home Cleaners does not have the time to handwrite thank you notes. However, they do want to communicate their thankful sentiments to their customers in a meaningful way, and IgnitePost gives them a simple and time-saving opportunity to do so.

Happy Home Cleaners Employees holding an “Open For Business” sign


In today's world, communication is mostly digital, and that is why handwritten mail services stand out. Personalized cards add to the international and considerate values of Happy Home Cleaners. Kelli Wallin said, “Our customers love the special touch of getting cards in the mail.” Happy Home Cleaners have found that their customers enjoy the gratitude and personalized communication from them.

Learn more about how you can create personal, genuine, and memorable customer relationships with the help of IgnitePost on our website and with our integration services. For more information on our personalized handwritten card services, check out our handy guide.

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