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IgnitePOST for Shopify

IgnitePOST’s Shopify App allows you to send robotically-handwritten, real pen & ink cards based on actions users take on your Shopify store.

IgnitePOST app for Shopify stores




By connecting IgnitePOST to your Shopify store, you can now harness the effectiveness of real pen & ink handwritten notes that can be configured and sent in virtually any way you choose … all with zero coding, by just installing the IgnitePOST Shopify App!

IgnitePOST’s Shopify App allows you to send robotically-handwritten, real pen & ink cards based on actions users take on your Shopify shop!  Our cards are written with real ballpoint pens and are indistinguishable from actual human handwriting.  IgnitePOST regularly outperforms email by a factor of 30X and outperforms Direct Mail by a factor of 10X!

“Super cool concept and the team is easy to work with. In a digital marketing era, we found consumers felt a real connection when receiving real mail.

— Shopify App Store Review

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Our team does all of the work for you… we write, pack, and ship your handwritten cards directly to your customers, saving you countless hours AND increasings sales, reviews, and referrals!

The two main automated flows you can set up are:

  1. Post Purchase flows – which will trigger handwritten cards after someone has made a purchase on your shop.  
  2. Abandoned Cart flows – which will trigger when Shopify detects a customer has begun the checkout process bust stopped before completing the purchase.

In both flows above, IgnitePOST allows you to set specific rules to control exactly when and to whom cards will be sent.  You can easily:

  • Ensure Customers Only Get One Card from You
  • Target Customers Based on the Number of Times They’ve Purchased
  • Target Customers Based on Order Value
  • Delay the Sending of Cards by a Specified Number of Days
  • Use Klaviyo to Target Specific Customer Segments
  • Send Perfectly Timed Follow Up Emails with IgnitePOST Webhooks

Want to target other lists & segments? Take a look at how you can do so by using Klaviyo in conjunction with IgnitePOST: IgnitePOST & Klaviyo Integration.

For an extensive detailed list of all app abilities, integrations, and best practices check out our Blog Post Introducing the IgnitePOST Shopify App Version 2.0 !



30x More Powerful Than Email - Our handwritten notes have a 99% open rate and are acted on more often than any other medium. Expect results like you've never seen before!

Industry-Leading ROI - There's no better way to engage customers and get additional sales & reviews. Don't just build loyalty, build raving fans!

Proven Solution - IgnitePOST is continually chosen by companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 businesses.

Integration Overview

IgnitePOST is plug and play with Shopify, which means you can install IgnitePOST onto your Shopify store simply with one click, and start increasing sales immediately!

1.) Install the IgnitePOST Shopify app for FREE with one click!

2.) Create a triggered flow to send cards according to your rules & settings.

3.) Type a personalized message to be written & sent when your flow is triggered (We provide examples, so feel free to just alter our messaging and make it your own).

That’s it! You’re done!

Why it Works

As humans, we are wired to give high sentimental value to things we touch & hold (such as personalized mail outreach).

Humans have evolved to learn about their environment through tactile feedback.  In fact, when you communicate with handwritten notes, that communication method will outperform email by a factor of 30X and will outperform Direct Mail by a factor of 10X!

This is fantastic news if you already use these channels (and even better news if you don’t)!  Using the IgnitePOST Shopify App, you can now leverage the power of real handwritten notes in a way that is integrated and triggered based on user behavior from YOUR SHOP!


About Shopify

Shopify is the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform for online businesses. Merchants can use the software to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.

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