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Increase Customer Lifetime Value for Subscription Model Businesses

Subscriptions are an excellent service to implement since customers are committed to services that renew on a regular basis.

Subscription businesses are an excellent way for organizations to increase the lifetime value of their customers. There are many different ways to incorporate subscriptions into your business.  Subscriptions can be helpful to your business but also be beneficial for the customer. Having a higher lifetime value for each customer is a great way to grow your business.

What is a Subscription Model Business?

Subscriptions are an excellent service to implement since customers are committed to services that renew on a regular basis. If your business can offer subscriptions at a slightly discounted price compared to the standard products that will make customers even happier. This can help make things cheaper for your customers since they will be paying less for each product. It is also a great way to show them new products they may have never heard about before. Subscriptions are a great way to retain customers, as well. It will ease the burden of always having to try and find new ones since subscribers pay on a regular basis. IgnitePOST can also help you retain customers by sending them handwritten notes and letting them know about new or existing products. Plus, it gives them a more personal touch.

Subscriptions can also help your business since the revenue is steady, helping you predict how much you will make in each cycle. It can help with supply chain management as well; you’ll know just how many of each product you will need to ship in any given time frame which will improve efficiency. Using IgnitePOST can also save you time and make your customers happy.


What is Customer Life Time Value?

Customer lifetime value is the total profit you earn from the average customer over the time you are engaged with them. This can be a tremendous measurement tool for your business to see how fast your business is growing. When customers spend more on your products, they have a higher lifetime value. Subscriptions create a higher value since the purchase is recurring.  The reason subscriptions have taken off in the last ten years is because they create a higher lifetime value than one-off purchases. So keeping track of your subscriptions regularly is critical for any business. To calculate customer lifetime value, you can take the average expected value from each customer (per month) and divide it by the churn rate (per month). This can play a crucial role in revenue forecasting.

How Can IgnitePOST Help Your Subscription Model Business?

IgnitePOST can save you time, effort, and money as well as keep your subscribers happy. With handwritten notes, you can send a personalized message to each customer. This allows you to talk about the different products they bought in the past and make product recommendations. This, in addition to subscriptions, helps you build loyalty to your customers, so they feel like you are paying attention to their needs. Direct mail notes are also a great way to regain the accounts of old customers.

Having a subscription-based service can help increase your customer's lifetime value and be a great asset to your business. Be sure to keep track of customers' lifetime value and find new ways to keep them engaged for longer.

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