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Blue Men Moving Achieves 24.2% Conversion Rate with Handwritten Outreach to New Home Listings

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Blue Men Moving is a residential and commercial moving company. It is a locally owned family business with locations in Akron and Seville, to serve Northeast Ohio residents and businesses, as well as Pickerington, Ohio to service central Ohio. Blue Men Moving was looking to use IgnitePOST for cold lead outreach to potential customers who could use their service.


Blue Men Moving’s challenge was cold lead outreach in a competitive market. They wanted to differentiate themselves by sending a personalized touch point of a handwritten note to introduce themselves. They knew that there were a limited number of potential customers in need of moving services and the importance of breaking through to them. 

In June of 2023, moveBuddha conducted a Google Survey of 1,500 people in the U.S. asking, “If you have moved or were to move homes, how would you choose to move?” The responses were as follows:

  • Move yourself, but rent a moving truck: 37.5%
  • DIY-only move (no rentals or pro-services): 24.1%
  • Hire Full-Service Professional movers: 22.7%
  • Move yourself, but use moving containers: 15.7%

Those numbers indicate that 22-23% of people in the process of moving would use a full service moving company like Blue Men Moving. That figure highlights the importance of standing out from the competition when all moving companies are vying for the same 23% of the market.  

Approach and Results

Blue Men Moving had several different iterations of their campaign that changed based on learnings. They first gathered addresses from USA Home Listings which provided the addresses of homes and businesses that had recently sold or listed their home or building for sale. Their first message was a soft introduction to their company with their logo printed on the front of the card. They a/b tested the wording of the messaging and found there weren’t any significant changes in response rate. Both versions of the A/B test had approximately a 1.61% response rate.

Blue Men Moving Card Image

Then, they introduced a QR code printed on the front of their letter which linked to a landing page with some general information about the company. They saw an increase in response rate  and additional traffic generated from QR code scans.  This iteration resulted in a 1.78% conversion rate, which was slightly higher.  They knew they were moving in the right direction, so they decided to stay with this approach, but alter the timing of their mailings.

Blue Men Moving Iteration 2

The biggest learning Blue Men Moving gained was on the third iteration of their campaign where there was a focus on the timeliness of their letters being sent out. The idea was that if someone listed their home, Blue Men Moving should reach out to them as soon as possible. They worked with IgnitePOST to build a shared Google Sheet where they could copy and paste the contact information for new home listings. 

IgnitePOST integrated with that Google Sheet so that a handwritten note was triggered as soon as the contact information entered the sheet. This decreased the turnaround time of the letters getting sent out to 24 hours or less. The decreased time period from when the home or building was listed to when the handwritten note was sent in the mail resulted in a spiked conversion rate for Blue Men Moving. 

They were seeing a conversion rate of 1.6% in the first iteration of their campaign. However, by the final iteration of the campaign with notes being sent out as soon as listings hit the market, the conversion rate had jumped to 5.33%.... a 234% improvement!

But remember, according to the moveBuddha statistics, only 23% of the leads Blue Men Moving was reaching out to would ever use a full service moving company. So if we take that into account, the final conversion rate for the final iteration of Blue Men Moving’s campaign was 24.2%



There were significant learnings from Blue Men Moving’s IgnitePOST campaign. We found that the exact wording of the messaging wasn’t quite as important as having a strong call to action with a QR code that pointed recipients in the right direction. While we know that timeliness of outreach is important, it can be more vital depending on the industry. In this case, when a family or business is moving, it’s incredibly important to make contact as soon as possible. By implementing IgnitePOST’s integration with Google Sheets, Blue Men Moving was able to have a simple yet effective way to immediately generate letters in the mail at a moment’s notice.

​​If you’re interested in having IgnitePOST execute a similar strategy for your business, reach out to us today! We’d be happy to work with you to craft, execute, and measure a similar strategy for your business! 

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