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Roma Designer Jewelry

“To be quite honest, in this environment, the experience we were able to craft with IgnitePOST has kept us in business”.

Roma Designer Jewelry
Roma Designer Jewelry is a jewelry brand that imports jewelry from Italy directly to U.S. jewelry fans.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to Deven Davis, CEO at Roma Designer Jewelry, talk about:

  • How IgnitePOST lets Roma compete and win against larger jewelry brands with much larger budgets.
  • The ease of setting up handwritten cards from his Klaviyo flows so that his acquisition and retention engine runs on autopilot.
  • His playbook for using handwritten cards to create loyal customers that return again and again.


Roma Designer Jewelry is a jewelry brand that imports jewelry from Italy directly to U.S. jewelry fans.  Roma Designer Jewelry has become synonymous with unique and exclusive designs, quality material and craftsmanship, and the best value for "real" jewelry in the industry.



Roma wanted to find ways to engage customers that truly stood out. The goal was to create customer loyalty post purchase. In the jewelry industry, they compete against much larger brands who have deeper pockets and larger budgets.

To compete and win, Roma knew they had to figure out how to generate brand loyalty in creative ways that turned first time buyers into lifelong customers.


Roma used a combination of IgnitePOST handwritten cards and Klaviyo, their marketing automation tool, to create an effective engagement strategy that ran on autopilot. To do this, it all started with Roma’s brand.

The advertising, brand, and email persona for Roma is all done using the founder voice, Kim Davis. Therefore, the approach was to put together a handwritten card strategy such that customers received a personalized handwritten note from Kim (in Kim’s handwriting) at critical moments along the customer journey.

Why mail?  According to Deven, there is an inner yearning for authenticity as a consumer. As a smaller jewelry brand, they know they’re not going to compete on a budgetary scale with other jewelry brands that have absolutely gargantuan budgets.

So, they’re looking for a way to really build personal relationships and to be competitive with brands that they know can afford to spend a lot more than they can. IgnitePOST allows them to do this.

To do this it’s all about finding the inflection point for a brand.  Roma knows where this point is for them and built their logic accordingly.  Here’s what they know and how they were able to calculate their critical inflection points:

After the 1st purchase, the goal is to get someone to come back and make a 2nd purchase pretty quickly.

After the 2nd purchase, their primary goal is to nurture the user along to their next purchase.

For Roma, the inflection point was purchase number 3.  They noticed that after purchase 3, there was a split that was happening with their customers and one of two things would happen…

At this point, either they were going to be a customer for life and come back to buy again and again…


They were going to drop off at this point and never purchase from Roma again.

So they identified this point as a pivotal crossroad for their business and inserted an IgnitePOST handwritten card trigger at this crucial point.

The card sent at this point is a simple thank you card. It’s a heartfelt thank you for being a customer.

Deven worked with the IgnitePOST team and used the IgnitePOST card designer to create the look and feel of the handwritten cards first.


Then, they used Klaviyo, their marketing automation tool, to drop in IgnitePOST handwritten cards at exactly the right point.

IgnitePOST has a native integration with Klaviyo to make these omnichannel experiences seamless to set up.


Roma crafted a cascading logic within Klaviyo to control exactly when the handwritten cards would be sent and delivered. 

"There is a complementary relationship between email with Klaviyo and Handwritten notes with IP. Ultimately, the two work together to let people know there are real people behind the brand."

- Deven Davis, CEO at Roma Designer Jewelry


In fact, it is scientifically proven that humanizing your brand and showing people that there is an actual person on the other side of the transaction leads to customers purchasing more frequently as well as in higher volumes. 

We covered this in our webinar where we explain how to craft customer journeys that generate more revenue and retain customers for life.


Roma continued to track customer churn and have noticed that people are now sticking around much later than that 3rd purchase pivotal point.

“To be quite honest, in this environment, the experience we were able to craft with IgnitePOST has kept us in business”.

 - Deven Davis, CEO at Roma Designer Jewelry

They know this approach is working because they have people mention it during customer service calls. Customers actually ask for Kim when they call in.

Additionally, Roma gets handwritten notes from customers in response for the handwritten notes they’ve been automatically sending out.

People mention them on social media and say how they just received a handwritten note from the brand and love it so much.

Although they haven’t quantified it with a number, Deven can see the energy the handwritten notes have created across their entire brand…from comments on social media and digital ads, to product reviews, they know the overall sentiment of how people are feeling about the brand is being energized and improved.

In fact, after seeing how effective IgnitePOST handwritten notes are after the 3rd purchase, Roma implemented a cascading strategy where customers receive a note from Kim after purchases 3, 6, and 9.  

They use segmentation within Klaviyo to do this and have been able to consistently create a customer experience that builds brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back for life.


In Deven’s own words:

“With the rising cost of customer acquisition, embracing personalization and speaking to people in an authentic way has been an absolute game changer for our brand.”

The cost of customer acquisition has risen by 60% over the past 5 years according to Bussinesswire. For brands to survive, they need to maximize their customer lifetime value (CLTV), and IgnitePOST plays a pivotal role in enabling brands to do this.

Deven’s advice to other brands:

“If you value your customer relationships, be creative and think of ways to show your customers that you care about them.  For us, IgnitePOST has been an incredible fit for accomplishing that. My suggestion for other brands is that you should do it.  Set it up on autopilot like we have and just let it run”.


 By focusing on the customer experience, it’s possible to compete and win against other companies that have larger budgets. In today’s world, brands need to take an omnichannel approach to engage customers since people often have different communication styles.

When brands come to us, they’re often focused on user acquisition as their primary goal. However, as we’ve shown from the case study here, improving customer retention and preventing customer churn is far more impactful.

If you're interested in having IgnitePOST execute a similar strategy for your business, reach out to us today! We’d be happy to work with you to craft, execute, and measure a similar strategy for your business!

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