Gibson Sotheby's Case Study: Staying Top of Mind With IgnitePost Year-round

Gibson Sotheby's International Realty is a real estate company based in Boston that specializes in luxury real estate. One of Gibson Sotheby's real estate agents Madelyn reached out to IgnitePost seeking assistance in staying top of mind with her clients. In real estate, especially in Boston, it’s important to stand out from the competition.

Madelyn wanted to use IgnitePost to stand out in a more personal way. IgnitePost’s highly personalized handwritten note marketing campaigns seemed like a perfect fit for reaching out to Madelyn’s existing clients.

Using IgnitePost, Madelyn has been able to stay in touch with her clients on important dates such as closing anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. Real estate companies typically try to stay in touch with their clients around closing anniversaries to stay top of mind. By using IgnitePost, Madelyn was able to increase the number of important dates she reached out to her clients. She's also been able to show some more personality in her outreach with IgnitePost's personalized handwritten notes as opposed to what could be considered generic and impersonal direct mail.

She was able to send this personal outreach to her clients by taking only three simple steps. From there, she didn’t have to lift a finger.

As a real estate agent, relationships are critical to building my business. With IgnitePost, I’m able to stay top of mind throughout the year in a way that is both personal and effective... all without having to do any work at all!
— Madelyn K., Gibson Sotheby's

Step one was to set her preferences and goals. Step two was adding her contact list. Step three was sitting back and keeping track of the results.

Madelyn plans to continue running several outreach campaigns through IgnitePost to her clients. Her line of work depends so much on relationships, and IgnitePost helps keep her relationship with her clients top of mind year-round in a very personal way.

I’ve built my real estate business through referrals from past clients. IgnitePost allows me to stay in touch with clients in a personal, authentic way that leads to better relationships and more business!
— Madelyn K., Gibson Sotheby’s

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